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Satisfying women in and out of bed can be sometimes quite challenging. Yet this has not deterred guys from trying to learn how to be good in bed.


In trying to give the woman they love the kind of pleasure that drives her completely crazy, some guys try to apply all the lovemaking techniques they read from sex guide book on their women. A lot of them are quite taken by surprise when their girl gets turned off by their ‘new found skills’.


What these guys do not realize is, great sex is always unconscious and it is neither logical nor rational. Concentrating too hard on technique like the exact pressure or angle of your hand, the direction of your thrusts or the ‘proper’ sequence of actions can actually inhibit pleasure during sex. This is because no matter how much practice you have done, no two women react in the same way to being touched in certain way and even the same woman could have different responses on different occasions. Mastering specific maneuvers is therefore a practice in futility if you do not understand this important fact about women sexuality.


Today, I am going to share with you, the BEST sexual approach that I know which can be applicable to ALL women.


Any guy can learn some technique from a self-help book. But this does not set you apart in any way. You have to give her what no one else can which is YOUR UNIQUENESS. Your attention is the secret ingredient to the very best technique that can drive a woman wild. To master this technique, you have to learn this one important principle: PAY ATTENTION.


What I mean exactly is paying attention to her. Paying attention to her body. Besides her obvious hot spots – the clitoris and the G-spot – you take your time to gently explore and touch her other possible hot spots like her ears, neck, lower back, buttocks, knees and feet in order to find out where are her own hot spots. You do this by paying attention to what she says, how she sounds, how she is breathing and observing how she moves and how the texture of her skin changes. You need to pay attention to her feeling and emotions. In order to pay attention to her, you need to make use of your five senses: sound (ears), sight (eyes), touch (hands), smell (nose), taste (tongue). This is in fact the best advice on sex that can be applicable to any woman.


There are a few reasons why this approach is so incredibly powerful:


(1)   Every woman is different


One of the reasons that ‘technique’ fail so miserably is that every woman is different and what works on one woman may not work on the next. But what works on every woman is paying attention. When you tune into the way she reacts to your kisses and sexual touch, you will be able to know exactly where she likes you to touch her and whether she wants it slow or fast, hard or gentle, teasing or direct.


(2)   Boosts your sexual confidence


Nothing is more of a turn-on for women than a man who is sexually confident – a guy who knows exactly what he is doing, and is not tentative, shy, insecure, or anxious about his sexuality. By being deeply engrossed in her body, in the way she moves and sounds and breathes, you will be too busy to think about your insecurities, your shyness, or any anxiety you may have about sex. You will then come across to her as a guy who is sexually confident. The added benefit is you will also get turn on by her sexual responses.


(3)   Builds intimacy and connection


The most powerful sexual organ in a woman’s body is not between her legs. It is in her head. When a woman feels trust and connection with the man she is with, she can completely allow her own self to surrender to you. When this happens, she is capable of experiencing orgasms that are far more powerful than anything she has ever had. She may not even realize that she is capable of this level pleasure.


When you really master the art of Paying Attention, what begins to happen is that she feels the intimacy of your attention. In return, she will tune into you and your body. This tuning-in serves as the bridge between sex and passionate love-making. When she enters this emotional state, she will have the most powerful sexual experience of her life.


Paying attention is therefore the best technique to become the most incredible lover that she could ever imagine. If you are really sincere in giving her the most mind-blowing experience in the bedroom, you can check this out at Hot Sex and What She Wants.

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