How to Get Perfect Youthful Skin in 5 Simple Steps



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You may come across many ads that claim to help you maintain a youthful skin. One ad will tell you to try this cream for wrinkles, the next ad will get you to get this cream for age spots and the other ad will say this particular cream can help you to get rid of dark circles. What if I tell you that you get all this and more in just one complete skin rejuvenation system? You may ask where you can get this from.


Well the answer is simpler than you realized. All this can be had in one simple anti-aging cream – Kollagen Intensiv. This amazing revolutionary cream is all you will need to start looking younger. How does this cream work in helping you to maintain a youthful skin? Well the answer is simple – there are five complete steps that will start to work from the first application.


Step 1 – Kollagen Intensiv stimulates the natural production of collagen in your body, which is essential for your skin to remain firm and subtle. This anti-aging cream has been especially formulated for this purpose. As we get older, our bodies experience a decline in the production of collagen, and less collagen means more wrinkles.


Kollagen Intensiv has used the latest medical research to come out with a cream that promotes the natural production of collagen for a visible reduction in wrinkles, fine lines, age spots and more.


Step 2 – Kollagen Intensive helps to boost the moisture content in your skin which is very important to keep skin looking younger. Water retained in the epidermis prevents the skin from getting too dry. Dry skin looks older and less supple.


Kollagen Intensive has been specially formulated to include natural moisturizing factors that will help to retain moisture in your skin which is important to keep the skin hydrated and looking younger.


Step 3 – Kollagen Intensiv protects your skin against photo-aging which is caused by damage from the sun’s powerful rays. Photo-aging is the result of prolonged exposure under the sun or even just from normal exposure to UV radiation. As we age, our skin is more susceptible to photo-aging, and the effects can be seen by more fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, increased skin roughness and more.


Kollagen Intensiv offers protection against photo-aging with various UV protecting ingredients, as well as factors that help to rejuvenate and repair any damage to the skin from sun exposure.


Step 4 – Kollagen Intensiv protects against wrinkles caused by glycation. Glycation is a chemical reaction that occurs, when glucose molecules (sugar, that is) contained in what we eat interact with protein molecular structure, thereby causing dermis disruption in the skin. The glycation process also produces larger proteins, known as “glycated proteins”, which are detrimental to the body on account of their inability to be destroyed or evacuated by it.


As we grow older, glycated proteins build up in our cells and end up destroying the skin’s support mattress formed by collagen and elastin. In other words, glucose wraps itself around collagen and elastin fibres, which rigidify and can break overtime. This very slow process affects all of the body’s proteins over the course of life, slowing tissue regeneration, causing stiffening and wrinkling of the skin and reducing overall healing potential.


Kollagen Intensiv helps your skin to counteract any effects from glycation on your skin which helps skin retain its elasticity, youthful contours, and even tone.


Step 5 – Kollagen Intensiv does something else that every woman is looking for and that is to also help reduce those unsightly dark under eye circles, puffiness and crow’s feet. Nothing shows age faster than our eyes and those signs of aging all make you look and feel way older.


Kollagen Intensiv has been specially formulated to be your total facial “anti-aging” and skin rejuvenation solution – taking years of aging signs off your eyes by firming and plumping this sensitive skin to reduce the appearance of crow’s feet. It also helps to reduce the occurrence of dark, under-eye circles. What great news!


For more information on how to have perfect youthful skin, please visit the Kollagen Intensiv Homepage.


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