What is proper scar prevention?



Though reducing the visibility of scars is possible, proper scar prevention is always better. This requires proper treatment of fresh scars to shorten the healing time so that they will not leave behind any permanent marks on your skin.
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Nobody likes to have scars on them. But some people are not so lucky and are quite prone to scarring. Scars are a normal part of healing process for the skin. Scarring is seldom a health concern but it can affect one’s confidence and self-esteem.


Most scars fade or improve within two years of injury, but severe injuries or improper treatment of wounds may leave permanent marks on your skin. Due to this reason, it is better to deal with a fresh cut properly to prevent scars from forming and becoming permanent.


However, what is considered to be proper scar prevention is still hotly debated. So, how then can you know if you are doing the right thing in preventing scars formation? Doing the wrong thing can only slow down the healing process of your wound and worsen the scar.


However, if you want to practise proper scar prevention so that you will have scar-free skin later, here are some tips to follow:


1) Do not over-use hydrogen peroxide. You can use alcohol or hydrogen peroxide to clean your fresh wound. But you can only do this for once, because repeat applying of hydrogen peroxide to a wound will kill the newly forming skin cells. This will slow down the healing process and make your scar much worse in the end. The proper way is to clean the wound once with hydrogen peroxide, then apply an antibacterial ointment such as  Neosporin to keep the wound moist and clean.


2) Cover your wound with some gauze or an adhesive bandage. This is very important to prevent your wound from being infected. During the initial healing stage, you should keep the wound moist by covering it in an antibacterial ointment. This will allow the wound to heal faster and prevent scar from appearing later.


As your wound heals, there is going to be a scab formation. Scabs are meant to shelter a wound while it is still healing. You should not peel away the scab because this will leave you with permanent scar later.


3) Avoid exposing your wound to the sun. Fresh wounds and scars are very sensitive to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. They can get burnt very easily by the sunlight and will ultimately become discoloured, making the scars much more visible. To prevent this from happening, you should apply sun block or sunscreen on the wounds and scars.


4) Avoid using Vitamin E. Recent studies have shown that vitamin E applied to a wound may actually impair healing.


There are many more methods to prevent and treat scarring that can keep you scar-free after skin damage. Proper treatment of fresh scars can shorten the healing time and reduce the visibility of scars.


If you are already beyond this point, do not give up hope yet, because you can still get rid of scars at any age with the proper treatment program.  Natural scar removal is always possible, but preventing it from appearing and becoming permanent is of course better.


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