8 Anti-Aging Beverage Recipes for a Glowing Healthy Skin


8 Anti-Aging Beverage Recipes for a Glowing Healthy Skin -  Here are 8 anti-aging beverage recipes for you to keep your skin looking young and fresh and glowing naturally all over.
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Good health is the secret ingredient of a glowing skin.  By becoming healthy and staying fit all the time, people would eventually notice that their skin looks better.  It won’t be dry and scaly, but has a natural glow to it.


The way your skin looks today comes down to a few things: genetics, environment, what you eat, and what you drink. If your mother and grandmother had great skin, chances are you do, too. That’s genetics. You have no control over genetics. And the environment may be hard for you to change, but you have complete control over what you eat and drink daily. That control can make the difference in what your skin looks like tomorrow and even thirty years from now.


Keeping skin looking young and healthy is easier when you stick with a consistent skincare regimen. Natural products including fruit, fresh juices, oatmeal and honey all have several anti-aging benefits and can be used in many different ways. Whether you want to brighten dull looking skin, ward off the signs of aging or freshen up your look, use the following Glowing Skin Juice Recipes to keep skin healthy and youthful season after season!


Anti-Aging Beverage Recipe #1 – Honey Lemon Juice

The ingredients that you need for this recipe are 2½ teaspoons good quality honey, 1 slice lemon, and 1 cup of hot water.

To prepare this drink for giving you healthy skin, you first add honey to the boiling mug of water, stir till completely dissolved.  Next you will add the slice of lemon and allow it to brew for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Now you can just sit back and enjoy the drink.

This is a great simple drink to detox impurities from your body, have one drink before breakfast and bed time.


Anti- Aging Beverage Recipe #2 – Fresh Spinach Juice


Fresh spinach juice made with apple is far more pleasurable and drinkable compared with plain and pure juice of spinach. It is known for its cleansing abilities as it purifies the blood and eliminates accumulated toxins from the cells and if that’s not all, it also helps to regenerate and rebuild the body. Follow this simple and easy recipe to make detoxifying juice at home.


The ingredients that you need for this juice recipe are 2 cups chopped Baby Spinach, tightly packed and2 Granny Smith Apples, cored and chopped. The first thing to do is to place spinach and apple in juicer and process them through it. Then you pour the extracted juice into serving glasses, garnish with apple wedge and serve it for immediate consumption.


You should only choose fresh and dark green spinach for best results.

If you don’t like the flavor of only spinach, then mix any other green vegetables like celery, cucumber, beet, tomato, carrot, etc with it to prepare a flavorful healthy drink.


To get maximum benefits of spinach juice, you should have it once or twice a week in the morning. It is also recommended for healthy hair growth, glowing skin and to detoxify the body.


Anti-Aging Beverage Recipe #3 – Blueberry Apple Juice


The ingredients that are needed for this juice recipe are 2 cups of blue berries and 2 apples.


You juice the blueberries first, then apples, because this will help remove all those valuable anthocyanin pigments remaining in the juicer. You will need to drink this juice within a half an hour or the pectin in the blueberries will thicken the juice into an unappetizing jell


This juice is rich in nutrients such as pectin (has skin healing properties), anthocyanin pigments (powerful antioxidant), chlorogenic acid (another antioxidant which can slow the release of glucose into the bloodstream after a meal).


Anti-Aging Beverage Recipe #4 – Carrot Lemon Juice


The needed ingredients are 6 carrots, 1 celery stalk, 1 apple and ½ of a lemon.


First, you will juice the lemon with skin on; the same goes for apple. Cut the carrots and celery stalk into small parts and grind them into juice. Then you mix this together with the lemon and apple juices to get the final juice mixture which you can drink now.


Carrot which is rich in beta-carotene has been shown to act as a natural protector for common skin cancers and can protect the skin from the damaging effects of the sun. Therefore this juice can help to prevent skin cancer, reduce risk of stroke, lower cholesterol levels, and reduce risk of cancer and anti-aging.


Anti-Aging Beverage Recipe #5 – Cucumber Apple Juice


Ingredients needed are 1 large cucumber, 2 carrots, 1 celery stalk and 2 apples


Make sure you juice the whole cucumber, skin and all; the same applies to apples. Cut the carrots and celery stalk into small parts and grind them into juice. Then you mix this together with the cucumber and apple juices to get the final juice mixture which you can drink now.


It is no secret that cucumber is good for the skin when applied directly, but drinking its juice is even better. This long, heavy vegetable was made for juicing; it fits perfectly in the hopper and produces buckets of juice. Cucumber is high in silicon, (mostly concentrated in its skin), and is known as “the beauty mineral.” The body uses this vital mineral for connective tissue, therefore increasing silicon in your diet will result in improved skin, nails, and hair.


This juice lowers cholesterol levels, anti-aging, good for complexion, improves nail and hair strength


Anti-Aging Beverage Recipe #6 – Honey Lemon Juice


Honey lemon drink is our anti-aging recipe today. The drink is easy to prepare. Regular consumption of honey lemon drink has whitening effect on your skin. Besides, honey lemon drink also has detoxification function and it helps our body to eliminate toxins from the blood.


To prepare honey lemon drink, first of all you have to get all the ingredients right. You will need 2 medium sized lemons and 500 milliliters of honey. Clean and cut them into halves. Then cut the lemons into slices. Next, prepare a clean glass jar.


Put lemon slices and honey layer after layer into the jar, that means 1 layer of lemon slice followed by 1 layer of honey and continue until you fill up the jar.

Close tight the jar and refrigerate it for 5 up to 7 days.


After 7 days, you can dilute 1 tablespoon of honey lemon with water to drink. Make yourself a glass of honey lemon drink every morning or between 3 to 4pm everyday as these are the times when your skin dehydrates the most.


Anti-Aging Beverage Recipe #7 – Apple Carrot Detox Juice
Ingredients needed are 1 Apple, 1 small slice Ginger, 1 Carrot, and ½ cup Water (optional)


Cut the apple and carrot into small cubes. Smash the ginger. Blend all the ingredients in a food processor. Add water if you wish to lighten the juice.

Strain and drink.
This juice is excellent for healthy skin. It also eliminates toxins from the body and results in glowing skin. Since, it revitalizes the skin it delays the formation of wrinkles.


Anti-Aging Beverage Recipe #8 – Orange Cucumber Juice


Ingredients needed are 2 oranges, 2 cucumbers and ½ part ginger. Cut the oranges into halves and squeeze some juices out of them. Then you juice the whole cucumber, skin and all. Smash the ginger. Blend all the ingredients in a food processor. Add water if you wish to lighten the juice. Strain and drink.


It is a very well- known fact that orange and cucumber are the most vital things to have if one is concerned about the skin. A combination of these two combined with ginger will act as a supper supplement for your skin. Its combined effect will improve the skin texture and moisture content in the skin. It is also a body heat reducing drink.


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