Female Orgasm – How To Make A Girl Want You A Lot More

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What is the trick of getting her want more? What is the key to the best female orgasm? Do you want to give any woman mind blowing, pillow biting, or toe curling orgasm?


You may care about your size, and you may think that big is better. But that is only for visual, when it comes to real deal intercourse. Even if you have a 1 inch or 10 inch-penis, you may fail or success. What do girls really like, big cock or big orgasm! Well hell yes big orgasm, and guess what if you can give her what she wants, you will be the king of sex. Do you like to be the king in her mind? Here are some ideas to help you achieve this.


(1)   It is always the mind game


Orgasm is not something that can be done with specific size or shape. The key to giving her the best orgasm of her life is her mind. You have to give her mental foreplay. The old saying is true:  99 percent of good sex happens between the ears. The main thing for a woman is to feel wanted, loved and appreciated. Making contact with her throughout the day randomly shows her you are thinking of her, showing affections for her, and giving sincere and specific compliment to show how much you appreciate and want her can help her to be much sexier for you.  Find out what makes her tick. Remember that romance is never over rated and can be seen in the smallest gesture.  You have to get into the mind of your woman so you can successfully get in other places. By the time you get the bedroom, you can just lie down and enjoy!


(2)   Stimulate her senses


If you really want to make her wet and horny, you have to target one or a few of her senses during sex. To get her hearing, you can whisper sweet words or talk dirty to her. Be as vocal as you can during intercourse. Moan when she hits the right spots during oral sex, gasp when you enter her. These sound effects will cue her feedback loop and rev up her arousal.


Strategically place some mirrors in the room so that she can see what you are doing to her. As you kiss her and touch her all over her body, she can see as well as feel the whole process. This will heighten her sense of both sight and touch, which is a surefire route to a mind-blowing orgasm.


The brain regions that control smell, memory, and sexual arousal are tightly linked.  You can spray some perfume across your bed. When she hits the pillow, it will trigger steamy, tension-busting memories of those romps from your early dating days.


Sweet treats on her tongue will ring her brain’s reward bells, making her ripe for arousal. You can seduce her by hand-feeding her fruits with curious textures, like pomegranates or lychees. The sugar and unique feel of the fruit on her lips and tongue can serve up an arousing double shot of pleasure.


To stimulate her sense of touch, you can pay attention to her erogenous zones. Besides this, you can give her some hot and cold treatment to enhance her sense of touch. You can hold an ice cube in your palm and as it melts, drip it down her abdomen. To touch off a heat wave, place a piece of candied ginger in your mouth and lick her inner thigh. You can also pamper her with a foot massage which can trigger the nerves that connect with her genitals.


(3)   Give her oral


Oral sex can be a very tender, intimate way to tell her you love her. For many women, oral sex is more intimate than penetration.


You start by kissing her vaginal lips as if you were kissing the lips on her face. Nuzzle your face in there. Lick her mound. Separate the outer lips, then the inner ones. Run your tongue around her vaginal lips. With a relaxed tongue, you lick up and around the clitoris – not on top of it. Do this gently and slowly. Remember, what you can see and feel is just the tip of the iceberg, so covering the surrounding areas is not a waste of time.


After a few long strokes that gently massage her whole vulva, add a tongue-tip flick at her clit. The combination of stimulation on her inner lips and the erotic tickle of your tongue tip send her into an extreme pleasure spin. As she gets quite close to the edge of orgasm, you can suck on her clitoris. Sucking on her clitoris and labia creates a unique feeling, and when contrasted with the usual friction can lead to more and better orgasms. But do it gently, and release it quickly. This is a very intense sensation.


You can, of course, insert your tongue into her vagina. A little of this goes a long way because the greatest concentration of nerve endings in this area is right at the opening, so spending your time and energy there makes the most sense. You can give a woman an orgasm without your hands, but with them, you can give her a much, much better one. A dildo or vibrator can be an excellent addition to oral sex.


One thing you need to remember is women orgasm through consistent rhythmical stimulation, so once she is enjoying a particular move, and do not change what you are doing. Many women do enjoy a variety of sensations, particularly at the beginning. Do not continue for too long with the same stroke unless she asks you to. But once you have hit something she likes, keep a constant repetitive motion going, and do not stop. If she suddenly freezes in a position, holding her hips up while tensing her abs to stay as she is, you are getting it spot on. Many women want to be stimulated all the way through, and misjudging this can severely upset her most sensitive moment.


(4)   Stimulate her with your penis


After you have helped to reach her first orgasm through oral sex, you can give her some more orgasms, by choosing those sex positions which give a lot of contact to her g-spot. You can try any of these positions.


Missionary with pillow and shoulder support – In the normal missionary, you will place one or two pillows or a love cushion under her lower back so that her buttocks are lifted off the bed. Then you let both of her legs to rest on your shoulders and enter her. After this, you place your hands under her lower back between her and the pillow to lift her up. In this way, as you trust into her, you are thrusting up and in so that you will be able to hit her g-spot.


Doggie with pillow support – You put a pillow or cushion under her stomach to lift up her buttocks. You position yourself so that you are thrusting down directly into her g-spot, which is sure to give her an orgasm.


Girl on top – You sit on a chair and have her get on top facing you. You get her to use both hands to hold on to the edge of the chair as she leans back. As she leans back and rides you, you will be thrusting up and in to hit on her g-spot. Throughout the rocking, you can talk dirty to get her turned on and reach orgasm.


Just remember the first thing is to work on her mind and senses before you get into real action. If you can do this, she will be able to reach orgasm easily. Her orgasms will be better and stronger as a result. For sure, in future, she will be the one who initiates sex most of the time. For more ideas and tips to make her orgasm, you can read on further at Give Her Ground-Shaking Orgasm

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