How To Avoid Premature Ejaculation – Are These 5 Myths Spoiling Your Endurance In Bedroom?

Have you ever wished that you could have lasted a bit longer to allow her to climax 1st? If you have this thinking, you are not alone because about 30-40% of men at certain times in their lives are faced with this occasional embarrassment of “game over” so soon in bed. The 1ststep to solve your own case of “coming too quickly” is to identify the myths of premature ejaculation (PE).


(1)   PE is an incurable disease


PE is not a disease or illness. Research is ongoing in trying to ascertain the real causes. However it is often considered to be the result of psychological issues, rather than physical ones. The good news is it can be curable without the use of drugs. What you need is patience and discipline because you cannot see immediate results. The way to treat PE includes a natural, time-tested training routine that conditions your body to withstand sexual stimulation and prolong your ejaculation.


(2)   If I try to distract myself into non-sexual matters, I can last longer


The best way in managing your ejaculation is to pay closer attention to your body. Try to distract yourself into other things may work for some people but it is not the best solution because it denies you the pleasure of enjoying sex. All you need is some practice to allow you to both experience full sexual pleasure and control ejaculation.


(3)   Some men have this in-born capability to control ejaculation while others do not have


No one is born to have some special capability to control ejaculation. They appear to have this is probably due to their early masturbating experiences and sexual experiences with certain partners that allow them to have greater awareness in how they can control their ejaculation. What is needed here is greater knowledge of own sexual responses and how to train your body to cool down slightly when about to reach climax in order to prolong the lovemaking time.


(4)   If you “release” a few minutes after entering, you are suffering from premature ejaculation


A lot of people based their definitions of PE based on a certain limit which can range from 30 seconds to 2 minutes after penetration or in some cases even before entering. Whereas others within a period too soon for them to satisfy themselves or their partners believe they have PE problems. As can be seen here this is quite subjective because PE may mean different thing to different people. The question here – is lasting longer always better, last longer for you or for your partner, which part of the lovemaking you want it longer? In fact, spending too long time up to 30 minutes inside her can cause pain to your partner. If your motive is to pleasure her, you only need to last just long enough for her to feel sexually fulfilled. Most women will not care how long you can last once they have their orgasm.


(5)   Taking pill is probably the best way to treat PE


There is a recently approved prescription drug called Priligy which works by increasing the serotonin level, a chemical that inhibits ejaculation. This allows men to better control the timing of ejaculation. This drug only relieves the symptom but does not cure it. At best, it provides a temporary quick fix without addressing the underlying psychological causes of PE. Getting into the habit of using drug besides enriching the drug manufacturers and hurting yourself financially also fosters drug dependency on your part. Behavioral methods to treat PE by working on the mental triggers of ejaculation are very effective. They have the benefits of allowing you to have better understanding of your own sexual response and to get you to look deeper into your sexual desires and motivations as well as helping you to tune in to these desire and wish.


I have listed out the myths of PE and if you need more inspiring ideas to jump-start your sex life, you can click on Last Long and Cure Premature Ejaculation.

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Causes And Ways To Cure Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation (PE) affects about 30% of men. Almost every man at some point in his life experience PE. But for some guys it occurs every time they have sex.


What is premature ejaculation?


Different researchers have different definitions for it. Some define it as ejaculation after 30 seconds into sexual intercourse while others give the timing as 2 minutes which is quite subjective.


How long is long enough and is lasting longer always better? The fact is there is no fixed time limit to determine PE. You only need to last long enough for her to get sexually satisfied. As long as she receives her orgasm, the length of time you spend inside her is not of great significance. You can stimulate her enough during foreplay to get her to reach climax before penetration. Even if you do not last 30 seconds after entering her, you have already accomplished your mission.


What are the causes of premature ejaculation?


There are many suspects and research is still ongoing in trying to pinpoint the factors that may influence PE. Yet other findings suspect stress, wrong ways of masturbating such as rushing through during self-gratification or masturbating too often and an overly sensitive nervous system.


How to cope with premature ejaculation?


Putting a stop to PE is possible. It can require more than a few exercises but more often it needs to be resolved not alone by the guy, but by the couple. Techniques to control PE which include a training routine to condition your body to withstand sexual stimulation and to delay ejaculation are very successful. What you need is the patience and discipline to follow through the techniques because you will not see immediate results. However, you will definitely experience the permanent effects of lasting longer in bed, every time you have sex.


Here are 4 ways you can try:


(1)   During masturbation, when you are about to climax, stop all stimulation and cool down for at least 15 seconds before you do it again. In the subsequent sessions, you can gradually drag the process to 15 to 20 minutes by alternating the start and stop action during each session.


(2)   During the lovemaking session, when you are about to reach climax, you pull out and squeeze the tip of your “little brother” or you can get her to do this. This will help to cool down things a bit for you to stimulate her and after which you can resume entering her as soon as she reaches orgasm.


(3)   If you do not like to pull out after entering her, you can gently pull your scrotum (the pouch of skin surrounding the testicles) or you can train your partner to do it.


(4)   While you urinating half-way, you stop and count up to three and then let go. This practice can help to strengthen your PC muscle and can get you to last longer.


How about drugs to treat premature ejaculation?


There is a recently-approved prescription drug called Priligy which works by increasing the serotonin level, a chemical that inhibits ejaculation. This comes quite costly and the damage is US$122 for a packet of three 30 mg tablets. The possible side effect of using it is headache.


In my opinion, using drugs is a temporary quick-fix which can only relieve PE but do not cure it. Getting into the habit of using drugs can in the long run foster dependency and hurt your confidence. Non-drug treatments for PE can not only eliminate the problem, they can enrich your sex life by getting you to look deeper into your sexual desires and motivations and allowing you to act in accordance with those desires and wishes. If you are keen to look for more ideas to spice up your sex life, you can click on Last Long and Cure Premature Ejaculation.

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Causes & Ways To Deal With Sexual Dysfunction

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There is not a guy in this world that has never had problems such as “getting it up” and/or “coming too fast” at least a few times in his life. According to the National Health & Social Life Survey, about 10% and 30% of men live with erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation respectively.


Sexual dysfunction affects both men and women. In men it covers a whole range of difficulties encounter during sexual intercourse and other problems that affect sex drive. This includes the ability to achieve and/or maintain erection, premature ejaculation and the capability to get orgasm.


Possible causes of inability to achieve and maintain an erection are disorders that narrow the arteries and decrease blood flow, for example diabetes. Abnormalities in the veins of the penis, nerve damage, hormonal disturbances and some drugs (such as those prescribed for high blood pressure) can interfere with the ability to have an erection.


Decreased libido (sex drive) can also affect erection. Causes of lower sex drive can be due to depression, physical illness, work-related or life stress and certain medications (anti depressants).


As for possible treatment, some doctors will prescribe drugs with the most popular one starts with a “V”. All these drugs work by allowing more blood tom flow into the genitals, helping to keep erection longer. But these drugs may not be suitable for people with heart problems. These people are likely to take medicines that treat heart attacks or chest pains and such medicines open up the veins of the heart. Mixing up of two kinds of drugs (for treating erection and heart attacks) can have undesirable effect on the body.


Alternative way is to use a vacuum pump device that forms a seal around the sexual organ and acting as a kind of air suction to help in maintaining erection. Another method requires surgery to install a small balloon into the sexual organ which is then pumped up with air just before intercourse. One most important that need to bear in mind, is before resorting to drugs, it is best to go to the doctor to check out your heart, because erectile dysfunction is a strong predictor of fatal heart ailments.


Additional ways to cope with erection problems are exercises, weight control, cutting down on smoking and drinking, a diet tilts towards more fruits and vegetables and mixing cayenne pepper with either raw garlic or ginseng tea.


Other studies indicate relationships problems also contribute greatly to erectile dysfunction (ED). Partners who cannot agree with each other on sex-related issues, anger and/or boredom with partner, extra-marital affairs, lack of communication and trust, power struggle and performance anxiety all can result in ED.


Enhancing relationships through therapy, role-playing, improving communication, building up the emotional connection and intimacy can provide benefits when ED is not due to medical cause. Couples must also learn to pay attention to each others needs. When out of bed, both partners can do the things that make him/her feels sexy, cherished and desired. This includes greater eye contact, touching, sexy talk, telling how her how much you love her, her character and her cheerfulness, doing something extraordinary, doing things together, buying each other sentimental gifts.


When in bed, both partners can take the time to find out each others pleasure points, how each other likes to be touched and what each partner finds pleasurable. This can help couples to tune into each others sexual side, which can increase emotional intimacy and sexual confidence that comes from greater awareness of each others needs.


Premature ejaculation (PE) occurs when ejaculation happens before or shortly after penetration. Many experts believe this is probably a result of anxiety about sex and whether they are performing correctly. But there are many suspected causes and research continues to dig deeper into factors that may influence PE.


Behavior modification therapy can help to treat PE. The therapist besides giving reassurance will explain the possible causes of PE and suggest ways to delay ejaculation. The Squeeze Technique use during lovemaking is another way couples can use to last longer in bed. Either you or you ask your partner to squeeze the tip of your sexual organ just before climax. This will force some blood out of your genitals and reduces the erection.


For couples, the best way to cope with performance anxiety issues is to sit down to discuss, talk, plan and execute the various preventive ways. If your problems are not due to medical causes and you are keen to look for more solutions, you can click on Last Long In Bed and Get An Erection.

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Understanding Her Sexual Response Cycle

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The best way to know more about female orgasm is to have better understanding of her sexual response. For women, achieving orgasm is a continuous process. Within this process, there are 4 phases of sexual response cycle.


Phase 1: Excitement


This happens after physical and/or psychological stimulation from kissing to fantasizing. You let your hands wander all over her body but avoiding direct contact with her clitoris. However, you can tease her a bit to build up the sexual tension by gently rubbing your palm over her vaginal lips. Her breathing gets slightly heavier than normal and her heart rate and blood pressure increases. Blood rushes to the genitals and other parts of her body, causing enlarged breasts, swollen labia, expanded clitoris, elevated uterus and lubricated vagina. Her muscles get tensed.


Phase 2: The Build-Up


The increased stimulation gets her heated up. Blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate and muscle tension continues to rise. You can make more direct contact with the clitoris by rubbing the head of the clitoris in a circular motion, but not for too long. Alternate this with rubbing the sides along the opening in an upward and downward movement.


Phase 3: Orgasmic


She will experience powerful contractions of the uterine, vaginal, anal and the lower abdominal muscles (about 5 to 12 synchronized contractions occur one second apart). Blood pressure, heart rate and respiratory rate reaches peak. She may hear her screaming to you, “Faster! Faster!” Now is the time to get in there and get the job done!


Phase 4: Resolution


After she has been sexually satisfied, blood in genitals begins to drain. Uterus returns to normal position. Breasts reduce in size. Heart rate, breathing rate and blood pressure decreases.


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Tips For Men & Women Who Have Difficulty In Orgasm

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“I have been with my girlfriend for a while now but I cannot make her have orgasm. This is the 1st time it has happened. I am trying to find a new answer. All the old tricks no longer work. I just do not feel I can pleasure her in bed!”


“I have tried many new things and I still cannot seem to have an orgasm. Many of my friends say their 1st was while masturbating, but that just does not turn me on at all.”


“I have been having sex with my girlfriend for about 7-8 months. I can give her 8 orgasms without even trying but I myself can never get one. She tries really hard and I am definitely attracted to her so I do not understand why I never get myself to reach orgasm.”


When two parties are physically and emotionally connected, sex can be wonderful, pleasurable and satisfying and the resulting orgasm can become very strong. However, some people have difficulty in achieving orgasm (as can be seen in the above 3 cases). Still, orgasm does not have to be an elusive thing. There are ways to experience a powerful orgasm which I am going to share with you. This only requires a little practice and a few helpful tips.


When you or your partner has difficulty in reaching orgasm, the 1st thing to do is not to focus too hard on it. When your mind becomes too concerned about the goal of reaching orgasm, your chances of actually reaching it, will decrease significantly. Sex is a wonderful activity that you should enjoy free of any hindrance and disturbing thoughts.


Instead focus on your partner and how his/her body connects with your own. You find out what feels great and keep doing it. You try to discover the place where your touch gives your partner the most sexual arousal. You get your mind to focus on the sensations and movements of your bodies. Your aim is to react instinctively without planning anything. The more you are able to let go and simply enjoy the lovemaking process, sex will get better.


If you are struggling with achieving a powerful orgasm, it may be because your foreplay is lacking. Sometimes in the excitement leading up to sex, there is a tendency to reduce the time spent on foreplay or to skip it altogether. Good and sufficient foreplay can lead to more powerful feelings of pleasure and raises your chances of orgasm. If you are able to slightly tease each other and come close to orgasm without actually achieving one, this will build up sexual tension, resulting in your final orgasmic moment being a spectacular experience.


Sometimes the best way to learn how to have orgasm is to practice on your own. This will involve taking the time to get to know your body and what sensations you find most pleasurable. For women, using a vibrator can be helpful. A vibrator is a way of raising your self-pleasure in a no pressure environment. There are no hard and fast rules on how to use a vibrator; the emphasis is on what feels good for you. Another way is to just touch your own body without worrying about whether or not you have an orgasm. The objective is to find out the place(s) you like to be touched; the way and the rhythm of touching that give you most sexual pleasure. The more you are able to achieve orgasm by yourself, the better you are able to recognize the signs of pleasure. When making love, you can guide your partner in how to stimulate you effectively with this new found knowledge.


For men, simply changing your way of masturbating can help you to achieve a more powerful orgasm. When pleasuring yourself, focus less on speed and take your time to enjoy the feeling.


Sex is fun when you can let your thoughts go, take more time and focus on the wonderful feeling between the both of you. When you stick to this way of approaching sex, orgasm can happen spontaneously. If you want to know more about how you can rock her world every time you lead her into the bedroom, you can click on Hot Sex and What She Wants.

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