10 Naughty Ideas To Give Women An Orgasm

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When talking about female orgasm, most guys are clueless. Many guys are not aware that women can experience different types of orgasms and can even have multiple orgasms. Partly due to this reason, many women can go for years without having an orgasm from their partner.


We all know how difficult it can be in working to improve a woman’s bedroom experience. Some guys may be trying too hard by applying indiscriminately the lovemaking techniques they have just read without understanding that not everyone woman is the same and each woman responds differently to those sexual trick(s). Complicating this matter is some women are not sure what can really satisfy them.


Here are the 10 ways you can work on to increase the possibilities of her reaching climax, including the secret to multiple orgasms:


(1)   Building intimacy outside of the bedroom


Women do not get automatically turn on during sex. The one indispensable element in getting women aroused is the existence of intimacy or closeness with their partners in the relationship. When was the last time you surprise her pleasantly by doing unexpected but appreciated things for her? This requires you to pay attention to her needs and communicating to understand what she needs in daily life. Believe it or not, creative and romantic gestures do turn women on because love and lovemaking are interconnected in a woman’s brain.


(2)   Make her feel comfortable


If she is not able to feel relaxed she will not be able to have orgasm. Take the time to give her a back rub, massage her shoulders, upper back and neck to melt away the tension.


(3)   Ignore the vagina


Do you know that extended foreplay can increase the possibilities of her coming? Spend time kissing, caressing and touching her will help to build up the sexual tension and usually the expectation will be very powerful.


(4)   Switch your focus


Stop worrying about what and how you can gratify her or concerning about you yourself may disappoint her. At the particular moment when you are with her, throw everything out of your mind and stay focus on her. If you are able to focus all your attention on her first, you will be able to make love to her much more passionately.


(5)   Take your own sweet time


Unlike men who can get aroused quickly and mechanically, women take a longer time to “heat up”, probably up to 20 minutes. The most effective way for a guy in helping her to reach orgasm is to delay his own orgasm first. The best way to do this is: penetrate as per normal and when you feel you are about to get high, simply move your hips in a circular motion as if you are swaying a hula hoop. When your “little brother” cools down again, continue stimulating her.


(6)   Avoid using lubricants


There is no need to use lubricants because women by themselves have a natural lubricant that fills the vagina when they are turned on. The use of lubricant can “distort the message” her body is trying to send you because you are not sure whether she is really in the mood yet. Of course for certain women especially those elderly ones who have problems of vagina dryness, the use of lubricants may be a necessity. But for most women, it is best not to resort to external aids.


(7)   Not too much attention on the clitoris


Once you have stimulated the clitoris for some time, a little thing called the clitoral hood will inflate and cover the clitoris to protect it from further direct stimulation. After the clitoris is fully stimulated, go and pleasure the G-spot.


(8)   Locate and stimulate the G-spot


The G-spot is a zone that feels like the roof of your mouth and can be found about 2 inches inside the vagina on the topside. There are 2 basic methods to stimulate the G-spot which are by using your fingers and adopting a lovemaking position that can effectively reach the G-spot. When using your fingers, make sure you cut your nails and lubricate your fingers first. You then curl your fingers into a “come here” gesture with your palm facing upwards when entering her to locate the G-spot. 2 possible lovemaking positions you can use are the doggie position (penetration from behind) and the missionary position with support under her hips that can tilt the lower part of her body at an angle to facilitate G-spot stimulation.


(9)   Adopting the best position


Not all lovemaking positions are equally good due to individual women preferences. Generally, the easiest position for a woman to climax is the reverse missionary position (woman on top) because she can control the friction to her clitoris and/or G-spot.


(10)  Offer her oral sex


This is much more satisfying for women than the intercourse itself due to the over 6,000 nerve endings in the clitoris. Just be careful not to apply too much pressure on her clitoris right away because this area is very sensitive, which may irritate her and turn her off. Take turns to lick the surrounding area of her opening and the clitoris from time to time.


Now you can use these 10 tips right away to give women the most ground-shaking experiences of their lives. If you are eager for more ideas to please the special woman of yours, you can check this out at Hot Sex and All That She Wants

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Understanding How Female Sexuality Works

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In contrast to the male orgasm which can occur mechanically, the female orgasm is a bit more complicated. There are different types of orgasms and stimulation that can be given in order to get her a ground-shaking orgasm.


What happens when a woman reaches orgasm?


For a woman, reaching orgasm involves a slow build-up of her excitement level up to a point that her vagina expands and contracts almost every second. The pleasure that a guy feels after he ejaculates is the same as when a woman reaches an orgasm minus the secretion of fluid. Some women are even capable of achieving multiple orgasms.


Though women react differently during orgasm, but in general, when she is having orgasm she feels:


(1)   The heart beats faster and breathing gets heavier

(2)   Rhythmic muscle contractions occur in the genitals and other parts of her body as blood is pumped to these areas

(3)   Muscle contractions may also occur elsewhere in her body. For example, the pelvic-floor muscles can contract between 5 and 15 times at 0.8-second intervals

(4)   She feels fun or euphoric (may moan, pant or scream) as hormones such as endorphins and oxytocin are pumped into her brain and body

(5)   The euphoria may cause her to release a silky fluid from her urethra which is often known as female ejaculation


There are 10 things every man needs to know about female orgasm:


(1)   A female needs an average of about 20 minutes of direct stimulation to reach orgasm and her partner has to be patient enough to give her at least 20 minutes of “warming up”

(2)   Like men, women also experience the “blue ball” syndrome which happens when the tension on her highly stimulated clitoris is not released by orgasm, the same discomfort as those experience by males on their genitals when sexual tension is not set free

(3)   Orgasm offers benefits such as relieving pain, stress and menstrual cramps, improving skin complexion, acting as natural tranquilizer helping women to sleep better and regulating appetite

(4)   There are broadly 3 types of female orgasm: clitoral, vaginal (G-spot) and blended (a combination of clitoral and vaginal orgasm)

(5)   Some women can experience multiple orgasms which are a series of orgasms occurring from 2 to 10 minutes apart or even one right after another

(6)   The easiest way for a woman to reach orgasm is to stimulate directly the clitoris either by her own hands (masturbation) which means orgasm for a woman can occur without penetration and without a man’s help; or her partner using his tongue, fingers and his genitals to rub/brush against it

(7)   Orgasm is not limited to genitals and stimulation of erogenous zones and a woman can also get sexually stimulated by massage, foreplay, talking and even a very small minority can will themselves to orgasm without being touched

(8)   Orgasm should not be the objective of sex and you cannot force a woman to have orgasm as some women (roughly 26%) though not the fault of their partners, have difficulty in reaching orgasm.

(9)   Sex can still be fulfilling and satisfying for her even without orgasm as long as she feels intimacy with her partner and the intensity of an orgasm is not an indication of sexual satisfaction

(10)                       A woman’s ability to reach orgasm is very dependent on her state of mind, how comfortable she feels about her body, how relaxed she is and her partner’s skill in creating a safe, comfortable and caring environment


There you have it – the 10 most important basic female orgasm facts that men need to know. If you are looking to sharpen your lovemaking techniques to give that special woman in your life an unforgettable orgasmic experience, do check this out at Hot Sex and All That She Wants

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The Most Effective Approach In Pleasing A Girl Sexually

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Any woman is able to orgasm quickly if she is being touched in the right places properly. Some women prefer fondling of their breasts while others like passionate kissing. However the most effective way to give women a quick orgasm is clitoral stimulation. This means any position where a part of your body (or other object such as pillow or toy) is touching and rubbing on her clitoris while stimulating her G-spot.


However, this is easier said than done. Some guys find it difficult to do more than one thing at the same time. A way to solve this problem is to get into sex positions that allows touching of the clitoris without much effort from the guy.


Here are 3 main lovemaking positions that will cause her to climax frequently and quickly:


(1)   Alignment Of Her Pubic Region With Yours


This is almost the same as the normal man on top and woman at the bottom position. However, in this position, a man’s pubic region is pressed against hers. This rocking to and fro or grinding on her clitoris will trigger orgasm quickly. To get greater pleasure, you can put a pillow under her buttocks to help in better positioning.


(2)   Woman On Top


(a)    When she is on top, she can have greater control of the angle, speed and depth of penetration as well as offering her maximum stimulation by rubbing her clitoris against your pubic bone and lower abdomen. She can lean her body forward, arch her back and keep her crotch in constant contact with the base of your pubic region.

(b)   An alternative woman on top position is instead of facing you; her back faces you while she straddles over your pubic region. Besides pleasuring her clitoris, this also offers G-spot stimulation for her.

(c)    A firm chair without arm rest can also offer good support for this position. She can use her hand to stimulate her clitoris while she positions herself in a way to allow her to control the depth and angle of penetration.


(3)   Doggie Style


While penetrating her from behind, this position allows you to stimulate her clitoris with your fingers at the same time. It can be better if she can do the clitoral stimulation but this can be a bit unsteady for her because she will only have one arm to hold herself up. Ask her which she prefers: you do the stimulation or she does. it herself


Getting her to reach orgasm involves stimulating the right areas, 2-way communication, coordination and experimenting to find which works on her. If you are very keen to give your woman the best orgasm of her life, you can take a look at Hot Sex and All That She Wants

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Female Orgasm – What Irritates Women And What Triggers Orgasms

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This may seems unbelievable and hard to understand for you. Men try to please their women sexually. They make an effort to read articles and books which tell them about the lovemaking techniques that can drive women crazy in the bedroom. After men ‘digest’ these tips they apply them on their women. But women find these recommended sex tips very irritating:


There can be 3 possible reasons for women to be annoyed:


(1)   Women are not sure what kind of lovemaking techniques can turn them on until a skilled lover knows how to use them


(2)   Women are afraid to let men know the actual type of lovemaking techniques that can turn them on because they do not want to be looked upon as weird or freakish if they tell the truth


(3)   Women read the same magazine articles and think they may be good sensible advice but just do not understand why these tips do not work on them


What are the things that men do in bed that irritate women?


(1)   Overly pamper her sexually


Some guys are too anxious to please their lovers. They bother their partners with questions like “What do you want me to do next?”, “What works for you?” or “Did you come yet?”. Besides irritating, women feel these questions put too much pressure on them and are big turn off. It is not that women want men to behave like a big bully in totally disregarding their needs. The main point is women want men to take the lead, to know what they are supposed to do and if they do not know to find out on their own by observing closely what really works on their women. While acting as a real man, women expect their men to be flexible and nice.


(2)   Blindly following those lovemaking techniques


A lot of guys after reading those making love ideas that claim and promise to drive all women wild, slavishly apply all of them on their women. They fail to realize that every woman is different and what turns a woman on can turn the other woman off. Without tailoring the lovemaking ‘trick’ specifically for their women, men indeed will be very successful in driving women crazy in another way – some women may kick the men out of the bed!


A very effective way to overcome this problem is to pay attention to what her body is telling you. Do observe closely her body signals – her breathing pace, her sound, the changes in the color and temperature of her skin, the way her hips rise to meet you when something feels sexy. Let her body do ‘the talking’ and guide you to the right moves.


(3)   Rushing to finish her off


Some men do not understand that women need time to ‘heat up’. The way to overcome this is when you discover the intensity and rhythm of your move working on her and she is moaning and getting closer to orgasm, you only need to continue doing exactly what you have been doing and do not stop or try to ‘get over with it’.


There are lots of other behaviors that men do assuming that women like it but actually irritates them. There are even more essential things – sex techniques, exercises, mental attitudes and ideas – that you are required to learn in order to give her the most mind-bending and transforming orgasmic experiences she ever comes across. You can find them at Hot Sex and Eternal Flame.


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Vaginal Orgasm Versus Clitoral Orgasm

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There has been a lot of confusion surrounding women and sex. So let’s clear up some of these misunderstandings.


(1)   Women need to have orgasm to get sexual satisfaction


Many women feel good with or without an orgasm. Although it is preferable to have an orgasm, many women can still feel physically and emotionally satisfied even when they do not have one, as long as there is sexual intimacy. Some women even prefer kissing, hugging and caressing to actual sex and orgasm.


(2)   Vaginal orgasms are more enjoyable than clitoral orgasms


The one most significant truth about women and sex is every woman is different. Some enjoy the sensation of a clitoral orgasm, while others prefer the intensity of vaginal orgasm. The probable reason that vaginal orgasms are deemed to be better than clitoral orgasms is because very few women (about 30%) experience vaginal orgasm. One erogenous zone is not necessary better than the other one. It is only a matter of individual preference.


(3)   Women desire a G-spot orgasm


The fact is some women find stimulation of the G-spot irritating. If the G-spot is stimulated correctly, it can make some women get uneasy because they feel like wanting to urinate immediately. As said before, how a woman likes to be stimulated is purely an individual preference.


(4)   Women cannot ejaculate


Women can definitely ejaculate (also known as squirting). Women ejaculate through the urethra, just like men. Female ejaculate contains the same substance male ejaculate contains. Not all women can and will experience ejaculation and those who do is usually as a result of direct stimulation of the G-spot.


(5)   Men need to have good sexual skill to give women an orgasm


Actually the most important skill a man needs to have is the ability to pay attention, to listen and observe her body ‘signals’ and to give her what she wants. Whether a woman can have orgasm is also dependent on her state of mind. Like men, some women have performance anxiety problems which can prevent them to have orgasms regardless of how skillful their men can be.


(6)   Circumcision can reduce the chances for her to get orgasm


While some men experience a lack or decrease in sensitivity during sex after circumcision, there is so far no evidence to show the connection between circumcision and a woman’s chance to get orgasm. In fact some women do not feel any difference between men who have and do not have circumcision.


(7)   Condoms lower the chance for her to experience orgasm


A lot of men are of the view that condoms cut down sensitivity during sex and make it difficult to give their women an orgasm. In general, the condom does not affect the ability of women to have orgasm, especially so for clitoral orgasm.


(8)   The bigger the size of male sexual organ, the higher the chance of orgasm


While only a few women care about size most women don’t. How she can achieve orgasm is very much dependent on her state of mind and a man’s ability to observe and understand what can turn her on.


(9)   A woman is not aroused if she does not get wet


Sexual physical changes happen when a woman is aroused: her heart beats faster, her blood pressure goes up, her skin flushes up, her nipples become erect and her sexual areas become swollen. Some women can get wet more than others and this alone is not enough to indicate a higher degree of sexual pleasure.


(10)  A woman will not get pregnant when having sex during menstruation


Normally during a woman’s menstruation period, the chance of getting pregnant is almost nil because there is no egg to be fertilized. However, the egg can live up to 3 days and sperm for up to 7 days. If a woman’s menses are not regular, there is a chance that the egg gets fertilized and she gets pregnant.


Hope what is said here can clear away some of your doubts about female orgasms. If you like to know more about women sexuality, you can check it out at Hot Sex and Eternal Flame.

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