What You Need To Know About Bondage Sex

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A Little Bonding Can Get You Closer To Your Partner

What is bondage? Bondage is any kind of physical restraint that restricts or controls someone’s movement to further the sexual pleasure of the players involved. It covers a very wide spectrum of sex acts and can mean different thing to each person. It may also involve deprivation of one of the senses; for example being blindfolded, or the ears being muffled. For others, it may involve inflicting a bit of ‘pleasurable’ pain such as being whipped or spanked or to use clamps on the nipples.


You don’t need to have a closet full of elaborate gear to engage in bondage – scarves, bungee cords or a couple of ties can be enough to get a good bondage session going, and if you have ever enjoyed having someone hold your wrists so you can’t move your hands during a sexual encounter, you may find that bondage could hold some pleasant surprises for you.


Some people find bondage thrilling and exciting and there is something very sexy about being ‘taken’ or ‘ravished’. Being restrained means your partner can tease and ease and you just have to lie back and receive the pleasure.


Others find bondage a relaxing, meditative experience; they feel calmed and relaxed, perhaps freed from responsibilities, while being tied up. Many high-powered business people enjoy being in a submissive role during sex because their jobs and their lives are filled with being in charge and making lots of important and eve stressful decisions.


Bondage is supposed to be fun and should not cause hurt. But it can cause harm in certain ways.

Someone who stumbles and falls will normally automatically put their hands out in front of them to catch themselves, but if their hands are tied they can easily bang their head against something and end up in the hospital with a very serious injury. Someone who is tied to a chair but whose feet are still on the floor may accidentally tip themselves over with no way to catch themselves. Limbs that are held in one position for too long can cause blood circulation to be cut off, or nerves to be pinched. Anything that obstructs breathing can be fatal. A life-threating situation such as a fire that someone could normally deal with easily can become a fatal situation if they aren’t free to handle it. Knots can get tangled in hair.


For this reason, bondage sex is not for one-night-stand encounters. It involves one of the partner willingly surrender himself/herself to all forms of restraints which mean there has to be total trust between two persons. It should only be used when relationship is not under severe strain. Bondage sex should not take place when one of you are tipsy or under the influence of drugs. This can cause misjudgment on how tightly to tie the knot or for the one being restrained, be unable to determine the accurate level of comfort.


In order to engage in bondage sex, you have to pay attention to safety. You also can’t force this on your partner. Communication is very important. Listen to him/her concerns and fears and assure him/her that it is just an idea to try something different to spice up sex. You also have to know your partner’s limits and boundaries and respect them.


When you are engaged in bondage, make sure you are prepared with scissors (to cut away the restraints) or keys (to release the cuff) when the need arises.


Make sure you both have a safe word which means all actions have to be stopped immediately. If you are unable to speak, have another signal that is easily picked up and/or seen i.e. finger snapping, humming, toe tapping, etc.


If any part of the body turns purple, blue, numb or cold to the touch, you should untie or loosen up the restraint. You should leave a finger’s width between the skin and the tie so as to avoid any damage to the nerve or cause excruciating pain.


When you choose ties, make sure you get those thicker ones because the more flesh they cover the safer they are. So, get those thick padded cuffs or thick rope, silk scarves and stockings. The thinner the restraint the more likely they can cut off blood circulation.


Never restrain your partner by the neck, or suspended him/her off the ground for too long. Make sure you plan for periods of time where your lover can move his/her limbs to get the blood circulating. At all times, make sure blood flow and breathing is not affected. Never leave your partner alone when his/her movement is being restricted.


Take your time to tease and pleasure him/her can make the experience deeper and more erotic. Your partner will appreciate the extra-special attention you shower on him/her and he/she will reciprocate by trying to please you in any way you want.


There are always many ways that couples can use their creativity to keep sex exciting and fun. Foreplay can be more than just soft kisses and oral sex. If you want more great sex tips to get your partner addicted to your sex appeal, you can click on Tough Love and/or Kinky Sex.



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The Sexy Moves That Trigger A Squirting Orgasm

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Do You Want Her To Get A Squirting Orgasm?


You love your girl so much and really like to please her. You want to know what you can do to be a guy that she will never forget. What sort of things can you do to make sex better and hotter? Here are some hot and sexy moves you can use to please your woman and make her think about sex when she is with you.


(1)   Spice Up Your Foreplay


Women love to be pampered and just can’t have enough of those sweet little moves or gestures that work up to sex. In fact you can sometimes make a woman orgasm easier during foreplay than sex.  If you are looking to spice foreplay up, then the best way to do is to vary your foreplay routine. You can pamper her with an erotic massage, whisper nice and dirty words into her ear or even to stimulate her senses by reading and watching sex-related stuff with her.


(2)   Spice Up With Massage


Massage is a wonderful way to get close and sensual with your lover. Make sure you have some type of massage oil. A lubricated body massage feels much better than a dry one. When you massage her, try to put a lot of your focus on the neck. You place one hand on either side of her neck and apply a small amount of pressure. Then you move your hands in a circular motion gently and slowly. This will help her to relax, resulting in more enjoyment later.


When you massage her back, you use both hands, one on each side of her spine and rub in a diagonal motion from the spine out. You use small, quick strokes. After that you lightly rub your hands all over her back.


You rub her buttock cheek in large circular motions one at a time using the inside of your forearm. After this, you make a fist and roll your knuckles one by one (applying moderate pressure) over the triangular bone at her lower back. 


When you massage her leg, you work your way from her ankle using your thumb and fingers. Do not use too much pressure behind the knees because it has sensitive veins there. Once you reach the thigh, you rub the place with your entire hands in a circular motion and knead the skin.

The best way to end a massage is by massaging your lover’s head and face. Before this, you need to wipe the massage oil off your hands. Start by gently stroking your fingers through her hair with your fingers, and gently knead the whole head. Work your way over to the temples and use the tips of your first two or three fingers. Gently rub in a circular motion. Then lightly run your fingers across her entire face. After which you use your fingertips to tap lightly on her face. With your thumb and first finger, rub your lover’s earlobes and ears. Then lightly run your hands over her eyes, eyebrows and lastly lips. If you want to get more intimate, gently kiss your lover on the eyelids, tip of nose and lips.

(3)   Spice Up With Dirty Talking


You can do this while you are massaging her. Tell her what you want to do to her. To make the dirty talk even sexier, follow through with what you are saying. For example, tell her “I’m going to lick all around your nipples.” Then, do it. The anticipation will arouse her even more.


You can make this creative by coming out with a scenario you want. You can talk about things you’d never really do in real life, such as a threesome, or you can talk about things you and your partner have done, such as that time you had sex in a restaurant bathroom.


When talking dirty and pleasuring your partner, give out a little moan every once in a while to show her you’re enjoying it. Breathe heavily and talk softly. This will get her more aroused and more likely to reciprocate.


(4)   Spice Up With Erotica 


Some may find watching porn before sex odd, but it is actually a great way to heat things up. You may want to start out with something more on the erotic side, instead of pure sex. You can choose those great titles for couples.  They are like real movies with good story lines, great costuming, great sets, plus they may have some of the hottest sex scenes. So you and your lover can actually get into the story and you are both already way too involved by the time the sex scene comes in. 


It is a smooth transition. Also the men in these movies are attractive as well, giving the woman attractive people to look at. You might want to try recreating some of the scenes with her to really add some spice. Women love to role play. This will be a nice sex move to please your woman and add some excitement into the relationship. Ask her what she wants to try or come up with something new on your own.


(5)   Pay Her Lip Service 


If you want to make her feel loved, admired, sexy and to drive her wild, making her cum like crazy, what better way to do than to give her oral?` If you get great at going down, the women in your life will make their way back into your bed again and again. 


To please a woman with your tongue you will need to take it slow. Her clit is very sensitive, just like the head of your penis, and you have to get her properly aroused before you can earnestly get to work. Start by nibbling around the vaginal lips, breathing on her to warm her skin in this area. Lick her slowly all around and not until you can tell that her clit is getting swollen and her breath is getting short should you start to lick her firmly.


You can try pleasing her with your tongue by taking the time to alternate your technique, drawing out the experience for her. Try alternate between slow and fast tongue flicks, work her up and down, side-to-side, draw circle around her clit, or move your tongue in and out of her vagina and of course, gently suck her clit into your mouth when it comes to a point where each lick or motion of your tongue can excite her.


Use your hand to supplement your action by caressing the insides of her thighs, rub her breasts and squeeze her nipples, and of course, gently penetrating her vagina while you lick her. To give a girl oral to complete satisfaction, you may want to give her the benefit of vaginal penetration (fingering her g-spot) while working over her clit.


To enhance her sensation, you can apply hot and cold treatment on her by sucking on an ice cube while giving her oral sex and then switching to drinking hot tea or coffee. The change from hot to cold will have her on sensory overload and she won’t know what to expect next.


You can send her over the edge into the pleasure abyss by using a bullet vibrator (make sure it has a cord attached to it) around her clitoris and sliding it along the vaginal lips for added stimulation. You can insert the vibrator into her vagina (making sure that the cord is outside of her body to allow you to pull it out later) to let her feel it deep inside her. The sensation inside of her will be wonderful as you increase the vibrating rate of the vibrator. Slowly make the toy go to off because she will be very sensitive. When she is ready to go again, turn it back on and keep playing with her.


As you sense that she is getting close, from her physical and vocal responses to you, find a nice rhythm on her clit and hold steady, providing consistent pressure. As she reaches her peak, don’t overdo it, but don’t ease off either, at least not until all her quivering and shaking comes to a standstill.


When in the bedroom, it helps if you use the above-mentioned moves to please your woman. When you can please her, she will be more than happy to do the same in return for you. This makes for a very exciting sex life. Are you keen for more ideas to keep her happy in bed? Click on Make Her Squirt.



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Sex Tips – How To Set The Mood For An Intimate Encounter

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Want To Turn Her On Tonight?

Have you ever wondered why at times you are just not in the mood to get frisky in bed? Or, when you stroke her, she either pretends she is asleep or telling you she needs to get up early the next day. Do you feel the spark is missing and the flavor getting bland as the intimate moments get shorter and less frequent? If you are facing these situations, it is time for you to reestablish the lost links for a more intimate encounter. Here are some ways you can bring these pleasuring moments you used to have with your lover.


(1)   Tidy Up Your Love Nest


Do you feel your bedroom look more like a storeroom? To create the mood, you have to spruce up the bedroom so that it feels sensual and inviting. Make the bed with softer, clean sheets. Indulge in extra pillows and warm colors curtain. Make the place more spacious by leaving all those things you hardly use in your locker rooms.


The lightings should not be those glaring ones and if there is air-conditioner in the room, make sure the temperature is just right for both of you. To evoke a certain mood, you can play some slow, soft romantic music as background tracks during your love scene.


(2)   Talking Dirty


Turning her on is not just kissing and touching. It has a lot to do with how you affect a woman’s mind. A few sentences may be all you need to get her mind venturing into a myriad of sexual fantasies before you take her clothes off. Reveal some of the things you fantasize about doing to her, or tell her how much you desire her body; or make her tell you about her inner most desires.


The key is to make her envision all the dirty things you want to do to her. It is not just what you talk but how you talk is equally important, meaning it has to be sound sexy to her. Maintain intense eye contact when you are talking to her.


(3)   Look Hot To Each Other


Buy her some sexy clothing and lingerie that will make her feel and look good. If you want her to smell good, mix her natural odor with fragrance can be an instant turn on for you. This works both ways. If you always make an effort to look great, your woman will appreciate you more than you do. Make it a habit to take care of your appearance. If you look good, you will feel good, and she will think you are hot. This will keep your love life at its peak.


(4)   Gradually Build Up The Mood


Start by taking a shower together which gives you a lot of chance to touch each other when you apply soap on her or when you wipe her dry with the towel.


There is nothing more seductive than a very long sensual kiss. Start with little pecks on the eyes, cheeks, chin, and nose and then outline her lips with the tip of your tongue. Spend about three full minutes kissing her mouth slowly and passionately. Put pressure then pull back, gently suck the bottom lip. This will turn her on like crazy and set the mood for later extravaganza.


The most important element for incredible lovemaking is to please her orally. Spread her legs and slowly make your way down to her sexy spot. You tease her clitoris with gentle, quick lick and then move your tongue to the surrounding area. At the same time you can use your hand to massage those areas that you lick earlier which can enrich her sensation.


(5)   After Play


Everyone knows foreplay is important to a woman. But if you want to make the session very wholesome to her, it is best not to end this abruptly. When you make love to a woman, she will feel more loved and adored if you stay awake to cuddle and talk to her after the whole episode. This makes your partner feel you want her more than just sex.


Getting your woman in the mood does not come naturally to most guys. It is a behavior that you must learn and practice. The above-mentioned tips will definitely work wonders to your sex life. You can read further from Get Her In The Mood to make your woman want you even more.


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Crazy Sex Ideas To Turn A Woman On

Inline image 1Do You Want Her To Enjoy Sex With You?

Are you looking for some really new crazy and sexy ideas to try on your lover? Do you want to try new things to spice up your sex life? Here are a few to get your started to turn an ordinary night into a night of incredibly hot sex.


(1)   Use Sexting


If you want to get your woman ready for a hot sexy night you should start the foreplay long before the actual action. The first thing to do is to prepare her mind by mentally warming her up. You can start with sexting. Technology is a great way to stay connected and build anticipation.


You can say something like, “I can’t stop thinking about how horny you make me!”, “I can’t believe just thinking of you is making me want you this much.”, “What are you wearing and what is the color of your panties?”, “I miss you so much. I need a picture.” Or, “Just a kiss isn’t going to be enough for me tonight. Start undressing now.”


If sex is getting routine, sending sexually explicit messages and pictures via text messages can set the tone for where you want the conversation to go. These can set off a chain of emotions including giggles as well as getting her hot, horny and wet.


(2)   Shower Together


Of course, this is more than just a shower. You can tease her by rubbing your penis against her buttocks, but do not penetrate yet. You take turns washing each other and have her give you a sensuous hand job while she applies soap on your penis. Don’t let her bring you to climax. Stop her when you are on the edge.


Then you reciprocate her effort by eating her pussy. You kneel down, spread her legs and lick her as if you are licking an ice cream cone. You suck her clitoris and insert your tongue into her pussy, darting in and out. At this stage, your purpose is to warm her up and not to make her orgasm yet. You stop before she comes. You will keep her in suspense and anticipation, driving her wild.


(3)   Give Her A Kinky Massage


If you really want to get a girl horny, give her a kinky massage. You can make this very visually stimulating by placing a mirror where both of you can get a view of what is going on from a different perspective. Use a little bit of massage oil and gently stroke her entire naked body. You can use food (such as whipped cream) to rub on her body or certain items such as cucumber, carrot and banana for inserting into some sexy places on her body.


You can bring in a variety of message-enhancing toys or sex toys such as vibrator or those improvised vibrators (back massager, electric toothbrush, and electric-powered razor) or even vibrating nipple clamps. You can take things further by blindfolding her and get her to guess the various types of objects you are using to touch her body. If she guesses it correctly, you will reward her by doing a certain sexual act she requests.


If you want to turn her on and pleasure her, make sure your massage covers all her sensitive areas such as her genitals, breasts and buttocks.


When massaging her buttock cheeks, you should also rub on the surrounding areas such as her hips, thighs and lower back. You can use your palms and fingers to vary the massage movement on the buttocks. You can slap on it once in a while to make this sexy buttock massage a little kinkier.


To caress her breasts, you can start by cupping your hand around her breast from underneath. Grab it and hold onto it up a little bit. You use your pointer finger and thumb to squeeze and rub the nipple. You can do this while you lick her clitoris. Or, you take turns to switch it up by sucking and licking on her nipples while you are fingering her down there. You can also encourage her to masturbate while you are working on her breasts.


(4)   Play Bedroom Games


A little bit of variety can go a long way to spice up your relationship. You can play some bedroom games to bring the erotic fun and excitement back to your relationship.


You can play this ‘Alphabet Game’ starting from A. You can both take turns going down the alphabet and kissing the body parts that begin with the letter you have.


A modified dice game will be fun with you and your partner assigning a sexual act for each number and combination of numbers on the pair of dice. You get to take turns rolling the dice and giving and receiving the sexual act as represented by the number you get.


You can try strip poker. Each time when someone loses, he/she has to remove an article of clothing.


(5)   Try Bondage


Bondage can be fun during sex if you use it correctly. You can add some silk scarves for gentle restraints to heighten her sexual desire. You have her hands confined or to blindfold her while you play and tease her. This will build her anticipation and have her begging for more.


Before playing bondage games, you have to make sure your partner is willing to give them a try. You do not want to whip out the handcuffs and all of sudden she just freaks out by this kind of rough sex. It is better to talk to each other the likes and dislikes before beginning any bondage sex.


Sex may become dull as a relationship matures, but it doesn’t have to be. Use these five tips to get more sexual pleasure and improve your overall sex life. When you are ready for more ideas to brush up your lovemaking skills, you can click on Kinky Sex.




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Female Orgasm – How To Tease And Turn A Woman On

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Women Love To Be Teased. Do You Want To Be Lucky With Women So That You Won’t Be Sleeping Alone?

You probably have known or heard a lot that sexual foreplay is an important factor in making love. This is because women take time to get their bodies heated up for sex and they adore men who can make them feel loved, wanted and appreciated totally as a person. So you have to learn to be patient and use all your senses to tease her and turn her on till she reaches the brink of climax, then you relax for a while before you start to tease her all over again. This involves self-control on the part of the guy and he must also know when is the right time to go all the way to make her have an explosive and squirting orgasm. Below are some ideas about how you can do it so that she will always be begging you to get inside her.


(1)   Be Unpredictable In A Pleasant Way


Being too predictable as a guy is always boring to women. At times, you have to confuse her, keep her guessing and wondering what you are up to or what you are going to do next. You have to be unpredictable to the extent that it surprises her pleasantly in order to turn a woman on. How to do it?


You can do it by using the two steps forward and one step backward way. For example, you kiss her when she does not expect it (one step forward); when she begins to respond aggressively, pull away (one step backward) or just walk away as if nothing happens and then you later come back to give her a naughty peck on her cheek (one step forward).


This also works well especially when she is doing certain thing such as washing dishes and unexpectedly, you give her a kiss from behind and walk away and later you do this again. You can even do this in a way so that it will look like she is the one initiating.


You do this kissing action or touching her in a non-sexual way which does not necessarily lead to sex at night to make this unpredictable since this may or may not lead to sex. You do this for a few days until one fine day; she cannot resist this anymore, so that she will turn the table and want you to satisfy her.


You heighten her arousal, stop and then you arouse her again.  Just as suddenly you arouse her and you hold off from further action abruptly and not yielding to her wishes. This will help you to gain a lot of control over the relationship in the bedroom. This will simply drive her crazy. In the end, she will ‘surrender’ to all your mischievous stimulation. She will love it because women love to be with a man who is in control.


(2)   Build Up The Sexual Tension And Expectation


When you are ready for action, you also have to get her mentally ready too. You do this by creating some sexual tension and expectation, gradually building this up and pushing her nearer to the brink of her climax. How to achieve this?


You do this by adopting the indirect approach. You do not go directly to the final objective. Instead you move first to the surrounding area near the objective and gradually inch your way to the target. By approaching the surrounding area first, you give her body ample time to warm up for penetrative sex. You are taking the time to turn her on.


For example, even if you are focusing on her breasts, you do not go straight for her nipples. Instead you focus on her outer breast, the top, the bottom and the sides. It is until she can’t stand it any longer that you work your way to her nipples.


Although women do not necessarily want lots of foreplay every time they have sex, but at times they do want you to take the time to tease and please them. Women love it when guys do not go straight for their hotspots and instead explore other, more subtle areas of their bodies.


You can do this in another way to warm her up mentally by telling her how you plan to undress her slowly while caressing each body part or telling her how you plan to use your tongue to arouse certain areas like her neck, back and inner thighs.


Or, better still, you can talk about everything besides sex, but in a sensual manner. You look deep into her eyes while discussing your day at work. You tell her how hard it was and that you can’t wait to come home. This will stimulate her mind, as well as her body.


(3)   Make It Last Longer


This requires a lot of self-control on your part in trying to delay your orgasm. Inside, you are actually quite desperate and can’t wait to finish her off, but on the surface, you appear cool. If you act desperate, you will turn her off.  


One of the best ways to tease your girl is to make foreplay, sex and everything in between last longer. When she spreads her legs wide apart to welcome you inside, you take the time and allow only the tip of your penis to gently rub against her vaginal lips.


Most probably, she will begin rubbing herself on you trying to get you inside her. You do not give in to her wish. When you see that she is about to go crazy with desire, you let only the tip of your penis enter her and thrust in and out slowly.


If she says “faster”, you go slowly. If she says “deeper”, you then stop altogether for a moment. The fact that you are not doing as she says will present her with a challenge and make her want you even more.


The problem is, once most guys begin they find it hard to stop. During intercourse, you try not to come as fast as you can and instead aim to last for around fifteen minutes (from foreplay to ejaculation).


You can train yourself to delay orgasm by doing Kegel exercises, which is to squeeze and release your PC muscles as if you are stopping and starting the flow of urine. This will help to tighten your PC muscles so that you can better control your ejaculation. When having sex, you use small, shallow movements rather than deep thrusts. This should help you to last longer.


First you arouse her out of the blue in a pleasant way (two steps forward and one step backward), then you escalate the arousal but you do this in a painstakingly slow way and the whole process needs you to exercise enough self-control to delay your orgasm. By doing this, this will stimulate her desire and she will want sex as much as you do.


Are you keen more tips to please a woman in bed? You can get the rest of the tips from Great Lover.



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