6 Eating Tips To Spice Up Your Sex Life

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Improving your sex life can be a lot easier. You do not need to stuff yourself with those mostly medically unproven aphrodisiacs. What you need to do to get a robust sex life is simply to let your body digest a broad range of vitamins and nutrients from your daily diet. The basic requirement for a healthy sex life is to have a well-balanced diet.


I am going to highlight the 6 things you need to take note of in your eating habits that can help to improve your romantic life as well as overall health


(1)   A balanced meal vs. a carbohydrate-heavy meal


Susan Kleiner, a registered dietician, recommends your meal should include protein and fiber, such as yogurt with fresh berries or peanut butter on whole wheat toast, soya food products (such as tofu or soybean curd), smoked salmon scramble, high protein oatmeal banana chocolate chip mookies (muffin and cookie combo), vegetables, high fiber fruits (guava, pineapple, green apple, lime, lemon), low sugar soya milk, low sugar red bean soup, low sugar barley soup. As this combination of protein- and fiber-laden food needs a longer time for your body to digest, you will be able to stay energetic most of the time, so you can enjoy the sensuous moment with your partner.


Avoiding eating too much of those refined carbohydrates foodstuff such as bagel with cream cheese, refined cereals, cookies, puddings, pasta, custards, processed grains, doughnuts, cakes, candies, soft drinks, soda which can quickly raise your blood sugar level and then shortly plunge causing you to feel lethargic and have less mood for sex.


(2)   Plain water and fruits vs. sugar-laden caffeinated drinks


When you wake up in the morning and/or after your normal workout, it is a good idea to drink enough of plain water to replenish the loss of fluid and to prevent yourself from getting dehydrated. How much of fluid is enough for you? The best guide is to look at the color of your urine. If it is yellowish, it means your body is still lack of water and this means you have to down a few more glasses of plain water. Throughout the day, you can supplement this with low-calorie beverages (e.g. green tea, Chinese tea, fruit juices) and fruits with high water content (e.g. water melons, lime, red grapes, lemon, carrot, tomato) to meet your body requirements. Keeping yourself hydrated can help you to stay mentally and physically alert most of the time to give you that “extra mileage” in bed.


A cup of coffee or tea can perk up your morning and help you to stay focused, but more than 2 cups can over-stimulate and get you feel tensed even at the end of the day. Avoid drinking too much of those sugar-laden beverages (natural fruit juice is okay) or soft drinks that can cause your blood sugar level to swing widely.


(3)   Eating unsaturated fats vs. red meat and processed baked food


If you stick strictly to a very low-fat diet, your body will be deprived off those fats that necessary to produce the sex hormones (testosterone, estrogen) which can dampen your sex desire. A way to overcome this is to eat healthy unsaturated fats (especially those with omega-3 fatty acids) that can be found in olive oil, fatty fish, nuts and cod liver oil. For women, omega-3 fatty acids can help to prevent premenstrual syndrome and post menopausal hot flashes.


Avoid eating too much of those unhealthy saturated and trans fats which can be found in red meat and processed baked food. They can clog up your blood vessels and restrict blood flow to the genitals. According to a study done by the University of South Carolina School of Medicine on the cholesterol levels and sex lives of 3,250 men between ages 26 and 83, high levels of total cholesterol and low levels of high-density lipoprotein (HDL which is the good cholesterol) are the major causes for erectile dysfunction.


(4)   Eating chicken, fish and lean protein vs. high calories junk food


Our bodies need enough of protein to maintain the dopamine level in the brains. Dopamine is associated with the feelings of happiness and romance and may help men with erectile dysfunction problem.


Avoid eating too much of those fast food, fried foodstuff (such as fried potato chips) that can cause unwanted accumulation of unhealthy fats in your body which can eventually hurt your sex drive. Should you feel the urge to nibble anything or snack out of boredom, you can consider melon seeds, low-fat frozen yoghurt, unsalted roasted pumpkin seeds, unsalted roasted sunflower seeds, unsalted roasted peanuts, and unsalted roasted cashew nuts.


(5)   Having a glass of wine after meal vs. over 2 glasses of wine, beer, or liquor


A glass of wine (especially red wine) can help in blood circulation which is good for the heart and also get you in the mood for intimacy and lovemaking by keeping you relaxed. However, too much of alcoholic beverages can depress your central nervous system, making you feel sleepy and dampening your mood for sex.


(6)   Munching on dark chocolates vs. having a heavy meal before sex


According to a German study published in the journal Appetite, chocolate can help to immediately boost the mood of most women and this effect can linger on for about 90 minutes. On the other hand, having a heavy meal will divert most of the blood flow to your digestive system and very little to your genitals which can hurt sexual performance.


So, you have here the 6 food tips for a healthy sex life. Basically, what is good for your overall health is good for sex. Especially for men, what is good for your heart will help in maintaining erection. If you are eager for more ideas to bring back the gusto in your sex life, you can click on Hot Sex and Rock Hard.

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Advanced Oral Sex Tips To Please Women Sexually

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If you have already mastered the basics of performing oral sex on women and are looking for some advanced tips to keep women sexually addicted to you, you may find new ideas below. You should not restrict yourself to just one technique in performing cunnilingus. In trying to bring a woman to orgasm, you should be adventurous, creative and be attentive to what your partner is telling you both verbally and non-verbally.


Here is how:


(1)   Writing ABCs with your tongue


To get her gradually into the orgasmic stage, you use your tongue to “write” from A to Z on your partner’s vulva and clitoris. While doing this, you need not follow strictly the sequence of the alphabets because your main objective here is getting both of you to enjoy the whole lovemaking process. This is a very creative way in using your tongue to drive her wild and in the process you will be able to find out which “alphabets” she prefers.


(2)   Maintain visual contact


While you are busily licking the area between her legs, once in a while, do make some eye contact with her. This gives you a sort of feedback loop for both of you to indicate how much you enjoy what is happening and to give her that naughty and lustful look that can turn her on.


(3)   Give her room for maneuver


It is important to allow her to adjust her body so that your tongue is on the right spot. Therefore you should not read too much on her occasional fidgeting as a sign of displeasure. It will be better if you can get her to tell you or show you what works and what does not work.


(4)   Get creative with your tongue


You can experiment with the way you use your tongue to see how she likes to be licked. A tongue that is curled up or rolled into a tube feels different from one which is wide and flat. The tip of your tongue feels different to her than the side edge or the middle flat part of the tongue.


(5)   Include other parts of your body to stimulate her


Besides using your tongue, you can use other parts of your body on your partner’s genitals as well. Your chin, your nose and cheeks create different sensations and pressures when each of these parts is rubbed against the vulva and clitoris.


(6)   Tongue penetration


Some women enjoy the sensation of her partner’s tongue going inside her. As always, every woman is different, therefore this tongue thrusting method may not be applicable to every woman. Even for women who like this, some like a fast in-out motion while others like slow penetration.


     (7) Make some noises


The noises or moaning that you make when you give her oral sex can let your partner feel you are enjoying and this can get her feel relaxed and progress into orgasm easily. In addition to this, the vibrations on your lips as well as your exhaling will serve to enrich her sensations and raise her arousal level.


(8)   Add in some sucking motion


You can intensify her enjoyment by taking her labia (lips) or even clitoris into your mouth and gently creating a sucking sensation. Some women prefer a powerful sucking while others may just be contented with a hint of it. You can add in some more stimulation by moving your tongue when part of her labia or clitoris is in your mouth.


(9)   Add in some ice cubes or sex toys


At some point when you give her oral sex, you can slip some ice cubes into your mouth to increase the sensation and sensitivity of your stimulation effort. Move the ice-cube(s) in your mouth so that sometimes it is in your cheek to provide the alternative hot and cold sensation. You can also either use a small vibrator for external stimulation or a dildo for penetration or even something to wear on your tongue to spice up your oral stimulation.


(10)  Use your fingers


When she is high and excited, apply some lubricants on your fingers and gently insert them into her vagina. Move them in and out using short but firm strokes while you are licking her clitoris. This may not be suitable for all women, but quite a lot of them enjoy the experience of clitoral stimulation and penetration.


Try these 10 oral sex tips tonight to give her an unforgettable orgasmic experience. The way to get her enjoy sex with you is to be observant and willing to try. If you want to be that great lover she can live without and if you are eager to explore further on how to achieve this, you can click on Eat Pussy and Oral Kit.

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6 Things You Do Not Know About Cunnilingus

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If you are able to give your girl oral sex properly, there are higher chances she will be able to orgasm easily. The main reason is a lot of girls out there love oral sex. It is often the only way for some women to orgasm even before actual sex. It therefore helps your sex life a lot if you can get the facts correct about cunnilingus.


(1)   Can women reach orgasm when giving her oral stimulation?


Indeed for many women, cunnilingus (oral stimulation of the female genitals) is the fastest route to orgasm. Most women can climax when they are being licked compared to penetration. This usually occurs as a result of stimulating the clitoris as well as the surrounding area. The sensation that a woman can feel from her clitoris is equivalent to just how sensitive the tip of the male sexual organ is, as the sole function of the clitoris is for sexual pleasure.


(2)   Should you touch the clitoris when performing oral sex on her?


Yes, you can do that but you must be careful in how you touch her clitoris. Women like it when a man takes the time to appreciate her and her body. What she does not like is an over-achiever who heads right to her clitoris with an overly aggressive tongue. Whether in using your hands or tongue you should not apply too much pressure to her clitoris right away because it may irritate her and turn her off.


When you use your hands to touch her clitoris, make sure you trim your finger nails and apply some lubricant on your hand. The proper way is to either use your hands or your tongue to stimulate the area around her clitoris until she gets used to the sensation before going for the “jack pot”.


(3)   Does giving her oral sex mean just using your mouth or tongue?


Just because it is called oral sex does not mean only using your lip and tongue to arouse her. There is nothing that a woman likes more than a multi-talented and creative man. While you are French kissing her clitoris, you can use finger to rub gently on it at the same time. You can use other parts of your body on her genitals as well. Your nose, cheeks, chin and even the tip of your “little brother” can definitely create different kinds of sensations and pressures or pleasures when each of these body parts are brushed against the clitoris and the surrounding region.


At times, your mouth or tongue gets tired; you can replace the stroking with a small vibrator for external stimulation or a dildo that you can use inside her. To give her additional sensation, you can have an ice cube in your mouth and alternating between having it touches her while you are using your mouth and then hiding it in your cheek. So, you can see here that your “working tools” are not just limited to mouth and tongue.


(4)   Is it enough just to focus on the clitoris and the surrounding area?


One most important thing to remember is you should not go immediately for her clitoris. In order to prepare a woman to take in some of your oral loving, there should preferably be a lot of foreplay involved. You begin by gently nibbling her ear lobes and doing a lot of kissing on her face and neck.


You should pay particular attention to her breasts and nipples in order to prepare her for the main event down under. The super sensitive nerves in her nipples are linked to the pleasure nerves in her clitoris, so just by gently pinching or nibbling her nipples will drive her absolutely wild. To tease her, you can begin by stimulating her nipples with your mouth and stimulating her clitoris with your fingers. After she becomes immensely aroused, switch to stimulating her nipples with your hands and using your mouth where your hands used to be. She will certainly love the varieties of sensations on each of her body parts. If you can keep your balance, you can finger G-spot as you lick her clitoris and pinch her nipples. These multiple sensations will give her an unforgettable orgasmic experience.


Other areas that can enrich her sensual sensations are the perineum and anus. These two areas are very sensitive to tongue licking for both sexes especially so for the tongue penetration of the anus.


(5)   Do all women smell down there and how to cope if she smells?


Some women do smell down there and this may not be due to her low hygiene standards. Her diet and a lot of other factors affecting her chemical make-up are probably the main factors. However, most women do have a more pleasant smell down there especially if they have washed well before jumping into bed with you. But there is still certain odor that no soap or fragrance can masked. This is because most of the smell comes from the love juice that she releases as she gets progressively aroused. The best solution to cope with her smell is to take a shower with her.


(6)   Will you get HIV or STDs through oral sex?


There is a risk of STDs, including genital herpes and warts contracted through oral sex. During menstruation, there is an increased risk of transmitting HIV if the woman is HIV positive. If you do not know her well, you should protect yourself using a dental dam or square piece of latex when you perform oral sex on her.


There you have it – the 6 basic facts about giving her oral sex. This is not a definitive oral sex guide, but it is a good place to start. There are plenty of other positions and techniques you can try to please her sexually and you can find out more by clicking on Eat Pussy and Oral Kit.

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5 Ways To Develop Stronger Vaginal Muscles For Greater Sexual Pleasure

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“My vagina has become so loose that during sex a penis cannot fill it. For this reason, I feel discomfort in having sex. Tell me what can I do?”


This is an embarrassing issue for many women who have the same concerns, particularly after having several children. A vagina usually loosens because of age or mood. Contrary to common belief, having sex or too much sex or giving birth does not normally loose the vagina because it is elastic and can revert to its original form after expansion.


It is difficult to know for sure if your vagina is loose because there is no standard tightness or size. Your sexual partner may feel that you are loose at down there but another guy does not hold the same view. However, if you have one of the following symptoms, it is an indication that your vagina is becoming loose:


(a)  You have trouble holding your urine and experience leak urine problem especially when you laugh, sneeze or cough


(b)  You have to insert larger objects inside you to feel the stimulation


(c)  You can insert three or more fingers inside you with little or no resistance


(d)  Your vagina does not completely close when you are not aroused


(e)  You have difficulty squeezing your vaginal wall against your index finger


(f)   You experience greater difficulties in reaching orgasm when you pleasure yourself


(g)  You cannot satisfy your partner like you used to


Before you try to tighten your vagina, you should get the facts clear about loose vagina and sex.


(1)  Does being tight is always a good thing?


For women, being tight is not always a good thing. This actually indicates you are not aroused or not ready for penetration. When a woman is sexually stimulated, her vagina naturally loosens as the cervix pulls up to allow for comfortable penetration. This means you should be looser instead of getting tighter during penetration.


(2)  Does active sex life cause your vagina to get loose?


The vagina is a muscular tube with elastic walls. Under normal condition, the vaginal walls touch each other. Your vagina may remain in its aroused state immediately after sex, but it will return to its tight state later. Having sex or the frequency of sex does not reduce the muscle tone of your vagina. On the contrary, sex should increase the muscle tone of your womanhood because this is a form of exercise. Your state of arousal determines the tightness of your vagina.


(3) Do pregnancy and sex cause permanent changes in the vagina?


With its elastic muscular walls, the vagina can change its size to accommodate any object inside it and then return to its original size prior to penetration. Giving birth should not cause much change to the vagina, unless there is some serious tearing after an episiotomy, a surgical procedure in which an incision is made through the perineum to enlarge the vagina during childbirth. As the average size of male sexual organ cannot be as big as a full-term baby, penetration will not loosen the vagina.


(4)  Does every man like his sexual partner to be tight down there?


Many women assume men like it tight. But some men may prefer a slightly loose vagina to facilitate harder thrusting and quickie sex. In any case, being tight is not good for you either because it can cause painful sex. Sometimes the problem does not lie with you, it can be due to the below average size of your partner’s sexual organ. The best way to overcome this is after penetration, you can close your legs together to create the gripping sensation against his manhood so as to provide greater friction and pleasure during intercourse.


How To Overcome The Problem Of A Loose Vagina?


Method Number 1: Pelvic muscles-strengthening exercises


You can learn how to do kegel exercises to strengthen your pelvic muscles which can help to increase their elasticity to give you greater sexual pleasure. They can improve your bladder tone so that you do not always leak urine. You can do the kegel exercises at any time and any where you want without anyone noticing and here is how:


(a)  When you are lying or sitting down, you contract the muscles that control your urination. You should feel the muscles squeezing your anus and urethra. If you are doing this correctly, your buttocks or stomach should not be feeling tight instead.


(b)  You squeeze (or contract) the pelvic muscles for 3 seconds and then relax for another 3 seconds


(c)  Repeat the exercise 10 to 15 times per session and do this at least 3 times a day


There is another way:


When you are peeing, you contract your muscles to stop the urine flow for about 3 seconds and then you relax to let the urine flow again. If you want to check whether you are using the right muscles, you insert one finger or two into your vagina and then tighten the muscles. If you feel your fingers being squeezed even slightly, you have located the pelvic muscles correctly.


In order to be effective, you need to do the kegel exercises regularly. You have to be patient because this can take 8 to 10 weeks to feel some noticeable improvement. If you feel you are not doing the exercises correctly, you can consult your doctor who will supplement the exercises with biofeedback that can measure muscle tension and offer quick feedback to track your performance and progress.


Method Number 2: Using vaginal cones or ben wa balls or oak gall


These are weighted devices about the size of tampons that you put inside you to offer some assistance when performing kegel exercises. When using vaginal cones, you start with the lightest cone, insert it into your vagina for about 15 minutes and then squeeze your muscles to hold it in place. You do this for twice a day while you carry on with your activities. After you are able to hold the first cone in place, you can then change into the next heavier one and gradually work your way up to the heaviest. The ben wa balls serve the same purpose in giving you a bit of resistance when doing kegel exercises.


Method Number 3: Using neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES)


This method places a probe (that generates electric current) inside the vagina. The electric current stimulates the pelvic muscles causing them to contract and relax. NMES is performed every 1 to 4 days and lasts for 20 minutes in each session. Some health care provides perform these sessions in their offices while others prescribe home units for their patients.


Method Number 4: Using Neocontrol chair


This is a special chair that uses magnetic fields to stimulate pelvic muscles. This is conducted by a nurse or technician in an urologist’s office. Each session lasts for 20 to 30 minutes and is done twice a week for about 8 weeks.


Method Number 5: Surgical/laser treatment


Vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure to restore the muscle tone of the vagina by removing the excess lining of the vaginal wall. The surgeon will also repair soft tissues to decrease the diameter of the vagina.


Laser treatment can also be used to treat structural defects and tighten muscles. This is a fairly bloodless procedure administered with local anesthesia and you can walk immediately after the surgery is over. There will be some mild swelling and light bleeding in the 1st 24 hours after the procedure and this should lessen or disappear within a day or two. Your doctor will probably advise you to abstain from sex, use tampons, or douche for at least 6 weeks.


Whatever treatment you choose, make sure you are doing this not just for your partner but also for your own good. Your goal should be for the purpose of a pleasurable and satisfying sexual experience.  Now is the time for you to get in touch with your sexuality again to enjoy better sex and achieve orgasm easily. For more information, you can click on Tighten Vagina and Kegel Exercisers.

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Oral Sex Tips For Men To Get Women Wanting For More

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Cunnilingus, the technical term for performing oral sex on women, can be quite a daunting task for an inexperienced guy. To be an expert on it, you have to be an observant person paying close attention to her body signals (her breathing, her movement, the changes in the color/temperature of her skin, her moaning), willing to experiment, going through trial and error to see what works as well as listen carefully to what she may be telling you. Whatever you do is for your partner in that moment and not based on what you saw in porn, or previous oral sex experiences. If you are looking for the fastest way to get her orgasm, it is through oral sex and not by way of penetration.


Here are 8 things to take note when you give her oral sex:


(1)   Keep yourself clean


You have to wash your hands and cut your nails to reduce the risk of infection on her. Unless she likes the feel of your moustache brushing against her skin, you should shave regularly too.


(2)   Coping with her smell


Some guys probably cannot bring themselves to face their partners’ genitals because of the smell down there. This can be due to her diet and other factors affecting her chemical makeup. If you are anxious about this, it will be good to have a shower together before you go down on her.


(3)   Get yourself familiarize with her body parts


Female genitals consist of the external genitals (which are the portion that are easier to see and touch) and the internal sexual and reproductive organs (which you may or may not be able to reach). The most visible part of the external genitals is collectively known as the vulva which includes the mons pubis, the outer and inner labia or lips, the clitoral hood and the vaginal opening.


The mons pubis is the area where most of the pubic hair is grown. The outer and inner labia or lips are the 2 “rings” of skin around the opening. The labia will meet at the top of her opening into a little hood that covers the clitoris.


The part of the clitoris which can be seen or felt is actually the tip of the clitoris which extends into the body and down in 2 roots to either side of the vagina. When she is fully aroused, the clitoris will look a bit like an erected male organ.


(4)   Proceed slowly


Most women do not like to be rushed because they need some warming up before they can get into the mood. Though this is all about performing oral sex on her, this does not mean going immediately for her clitoris. You start by kissing her lips, ears, neck and slowly move down to her breasts, licking and sucking her nipples to prepare her for the ultimate stimulation. You will next move to the belly, kissing around her navel before brushing your lips against her inner thighs.


(5)   Both of you should be physically comfortable


Besides using pillows, you choose an oral sex position that keep both of you comfortable and relaxed allowing you to move around easily. Depending on your preference you can go on your knees to stimulate her with her either standing in front of you, or sitting at the edge of bed or chair.


Or, you can get her knees bend or her legs rest on your shoulders. Another way is to position your head at right angle to her genitals so that you will be licking her side-to-side instead of the usual up-and-down motion when you use other oral sex positions. Other option is to get her adopt a squatting position so that the whole area between her legs will be just above your mouth. At all times it is perfectly alright to adjust and switch positions until you feel comfortable.


(6)   Do not neglect other parts of her body


As the clitoris (the biological equivalent of male sexual organ) is a highly sensitive area, you should not spend too much time licking directly on it. You move your tongue to explore the outer and inner labia. You can glide your tongue further down to the perineum (the area between the anus and vaginal opening) before you return to her clitoris.


(7)   Try with different kinds of strokes


Most women prefer repetitive motion of the tongue with firm pressure. Quick tongue flicks against the clitoris may irritate some women. It is best to ask about her preference whether she likes your tongue to lick in a circular motion or up-and-down or side-to-side.


An alternative good way to gauge her preference is to observe how she masturbates, where she touches, how much pressure she uses on each area and how fast she moves her fingers. You can ask her to place her hand on top of your hand to show you how she likes to be stroked. This should give you plenty of ideas in how you can drive her wild with your tongue and hands.


(8)   Maintain a steady space


Do not stop half way. If you are tired, switch to using your hand or a sex toy to stimulate her. Some women may need a little bit extra time to get sexually excited and in this case you just have to be patient and not to make her feel pressurized which can dampen her mood.


By now, you should have a rough idea about the basics of giving her oral sex. What you need to remember here is to choose a position that is comfortable to both of you, take your time and most important to check with her how she likes you to stroke and lick her. For more fun ideas to spice up your sex life, you can click on Lick Pussy and Oral Kit.

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