What Men Want In Oral Sex

Want To Impress Him With Your Bedroom Skill?

There are many paths to sexual gratification and no one approach is necessarily better than the rest. But there is one thing that most guys want more from their partners, that is to receive oral sex. Giving head, fellatio, blowjob, going downtown – whatever you call it – is a great way to please a man and which most guys are shy to ask from their women. For women who are too shy to ask and want to feel more confident with their oral skills, here are the things that a guy wants when you are giving him lip-loving service.


(1)   Turn Him On With Your Enthusiasm


One thing that turns guys on is enthusiasm. Sex and orgasms are 90% mental and the impression that you give your guy must be, “I love your penis and I love giving you head.” In fact, lots of guys have a hard time fully enjoying themselves because they are worried that their partner hates being down there.


If you give the impression that giving oral sex is a chore, a favor, or in some way not pleasurable for you, it takes so much away from the experience. Instead, let him know you like it by softly moaning as you take him into your mouth. Dirty talking also helps such as telling him how much you love sucking his penis and how sweet he tastes, etc.


(2)   To Know How Much Pressure Or Force You Can Use


Most women seem to suffer from the misconception that the penis is similar to the vagina, in terms of sensitivity. A lot of stuff women do such as the light kissing and soft touching with the tip of the tongue feels good to them but it does not deliver enough pressure and sensation to guys.


Whatever pressure you exert on him, this must be limited to your tongue, lips and hands except your teeth. Just cover the teeth with your lips and keep the opening firm, so it feels like his penis is entering a tight vagina. Do not yank his penis as though it is a stubborn slot machine handle.


(3)   Know The Hot Spots On His Genitals


It will be nice when a woman can take the entire penis in her mouth, but it is not essential. You only need to take in at about half of the shaft (or only one-third if he is huge). This is because the sensitive areas are at the hole on the tip of the penis (the meatus) and the frenulum (the thin nerve-rich membrane on the underside of the penis that attaches the foreskin to the head of the shaft).


Stick the tip of your tongue on the meatus and apply medium pressure on it. As for the frenulum, you just lick it slowly, delicately while maintaining a tight grip on his shaft with your hand. 


(4)   Using Your Hands


Most men like to be simultaneously stimulated by the hand and the mouth. You just hold the penis at the bottom of the shaft while your mouth moves up and down. The hand is also a good way to hide just how much of the penis you can take in your mouth. When your mouth moves down, the hand that is at the base of the shaft moves up to meet your lips and the feeling will be as good as you are taking his entire penis.


You don’t need to deep-throat but you can certainly do it if it is something you enjoy or think he may enjoy. In surveys of men, deep throating is not a technique that features high on any man’s wish list, except as a bit of novelty and fantasy.


(5)   Do Not Forget His Balls


Either you lick them or you put both of his balls in your mouth. Use on hand to circle the top of the sac and gently pull it down to bring the balls together into a neat ‘swallowable’ package.


(6)   Swallowing Will Be Nice


It is so erotic for a guy to ejaculate in a woman’s mouth. But if you do not enjoy swallowing, there are plenty of other ways to maximize his pleasure with your fingers, breasts and tongue. What is most important is to understand that men love being orally pleasured in a countless number of ways. A little fanciful finger work, plenty of talking, eye contact, teasing and squeezing can be just as erotic.


These are the things that you should take note when you are giving him head. Want to know more ways to please your man? Click on Blow By Blow and/or Give Him A Good Head.




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Sex Tips – Breast Stimulation Techniques To Turn A Girl On

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Want To Touch Her In Ways That Can Make Her Orgasm Fast?

You have touched her boobs before but she does not seem to enjoy it that much. You know she likes it but it is just the way you do it that does not appeal her much.  What are some good ways to touch her so that she likes it more? Read below.


Compliment Her Assets


According to a UCLA study, women unhappy with their breast size are 16 times more likely to hide their breasts during sex. Compliment her on how her breasts feel early in foreplay will heighten her responsiveness to stimulation.


To maximize your arousal, have her stretch during missionary-position sex, by straightening her arms above her head. Anything that makes her appear long and lithe will flatten her breasts and stroke your primal urges.


Start Slowly And Gently


Women love a man with a slow hand.  Do not be in a rush while fondling breasts. When fondling her breasts, do not be rough. Start with a soft and gentle touch. The breasts are usually very sensitive and strong or forceful squeezing may be painful or a big turn-off for a woman.


Handle them as if they were fragile at first and then increase the pressure as the fondling continues. Take your fingertips and gently run them all around her boobs. Start out slowly as if you are trying to tickle her boobs but with the force of making her giggle.


Cup And Caress


Touching her breasts is obviously a go-to move in the sack, but you have to make sure you are doing it right. Do not go straight for the nipples. This is especially so if she has just given birth. Her nipples will be tender, so focus on the breasts’ undersides, which are frequently neglected.


Gently cup and support her breasts in the palm of your hand from underneath. Apply slight pressure in an upward motion, feeling the weight of the breast in your hand. Very lightly squeeze the sides with your fingers.


Indirect Approach Works Best


The best way to fondle her nipples is to stimulate her entire breasts and work your way down to the nipples. The trick is to tease her until she cannot take it anymore. It will heighten the feeling you give her when you finally do decide to fondle her nipples.


Do you know that the areola—the dark-colored circle that surrounds the nipple—is actually more sensitive than the nipple itself?  So, focus especially on the upper quadrant of her breast, between 10 and 2 o’clock. It is the most sensitive part of the bull’s-eye.


Adjust Your Touch According To The Breast Size


Generally, large breasts are harder to stimulate. According to a research done by the University of Vienna, large breasts are about 24% less than sensitive than small ones. This is probably because the nerve that transmits sensation from the nipple is stretched. Stimulate the outer sides of her breasts, just below the armpits, with your tongue or fingertips. Make flipping motions with your tongue and even experiment with light nibbling. 


On the other hand, small breasts are easier to stimulate. This is because they are so small and the nipple is not far away from the boob. Gently place her boob in your hand and squeeze and rub up and down in a circular motion.


Use Nipple Clamps


To better prepare her for nipple stimulation, you can have her wear those non-piercing nipple clamps for hours before you fondle her breasts. This can make her more aroused when you first start groping and fondling, as she is more ready to be touched. This can definitely enhance animal pleasure and excitement for both of you.


Handle Her Nipples With Care


This is especially so if her nipples are big. Because big nipples have more nerve endings, they tend to be quite hypersensitive. Therefore do not be too aggressive when applying pressure. Use your index finger and your middle finger to make the nipple hard. Place the nipple between the two fingers and gently but softly pull forward stretching the nipple. This will help the nipple to become stimulated and become hard for you to suck on.  


Start Sucking


Let your lips and tongue go to work on her nipples. Pull on them with your lips. Wrap your tongue around them. Target the left boob first because generally speaking the left side of the body is less sensitive than the right. This applies to right-handed people. With left-handed women target the right side first.


While sucking on one nipple, you can use your hand to gently squeeze the other one. Pay attention to her responses and act accordingly. Ask her what she likes. If she likes her boobs sucked a certain way or find it a turn on by the specific way you touch them, and then follow what she says.


Do not forget to show your girl how much you are enjoying fondling her. Look at her sensually and let out little pleasure moans as you fondle her breasts with your hands, lips and tongue. Just knowing that you are enjoying yourself will get her even more aroused.


For more ideas and tips to arouse her and make sex fun and exciting for the both of you, click on Great Sex Guide.



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Oral Sex – Get Into These Positions To Make A Woman Orgasm

Make Her Beg You For More!

Do you want to know how you can give her great oral sex? She blows me and it is awesome but you are not sure if you are pleasuring her in the right way down there. Do you want to know what you can do to make her orgasm fast when eating her out? Do you want to know any more positions you can try, besides the normal missionary when you are giving her oral? Read below.


Take Your Time


Never go straight for her clitoris. Many women prefer to be aroused before you even head to that area. Get her warm up first. Kiss her deeply, nibble her ear and her neck and make your way down to her breasts. Lick and suck her nipples gently before you head even further south. You want to get her warmed up enough that she is craving your tongue before you ever touch her with it.

Compliment Her Goods

Now move your mouth down onto her stomach. Lick and kiss her navel and run your mouth and lips all over her stomach, round and round in circles. Work down towards her vulva but, at this stage, do not touch it – either with hands or mouth.


Some studies have shown that women who are more comfortable with their genitals not only more open to receiving oral sex, but they enjoy it more, they orgasm more, and they are just more sex positive all around. So, tell her how much you love the way she looks, tastes and feels. It will benefit the both of you in the long run.


Oral Sex Positions You Can Use


Woman on top – Lie on your back, keep your feet flat on the bed with your knees bent, and position a pillow underneath your neck and head for support. Have her sit on top of you, puther feet by your head, and rest her head on your bent knees. The advantage of this position is with your mouth right near her vulva, you will have easy access to her most sensitive parts and your hands will be free to do what they please.


Side by side – Both of you will lie on your sides, facing opposite directions. Have her support herself on a bent arm, and then position yourself between her outstretched legs. As you rest your head on her thigh that is closest to the bed, place her upper thigh over the top of your head, so both of your ears are covered by her legs. This position also gives you access to the entire vulva and it’s mighty comfortable, which means it’s easy to maintain for long periods of time.


Bending forward – As your partner stands in front of you, bend her over with her legs shoulder-width apart and have her place her hands around her ankles. Kneel behind her (add a pillow under your knees if needed) and help keep her stable by placing your hands on her hips. This is a very easy position for you to hold, and it allows you to manually stimulate her clitoris.


Against The Edge of Bed – You get her to lie down with her hips on the edge of the bed, her feet flat on the floor. You position between her thighs to kiss and rub her vulva and clitoris. As she becomes more excited, she can pull her thighs back to her chest, but still keeping them apart so that you can have access to her open vulva. This is an exceptionally good position for the woman who likes her man to insert his tongue into her vagina.


Against The Wall Or Table – With her back against the wall, you will position your mouth between her legs. Or you can get her to lean against the table, which is in many ways more comfortable for you because you can bend down less.


Doggy Style – Put pillows under her hips to prop her up. In this position, it is much easier for your girl to relax and reach orgasm, and it doesn’t take much to gain access to most of her vulva if she merely tilts her hips back and puts her head right down as far as she can. This position is great for you, as you too can use the pillows to prop yourself up. Plus, it allows for a fuller range of motion for both parties. A minor variation of this position is (without pillows) you lie on your back, sliding up underneath her clitoris and you give her oral in this position.


Sitting Position   You get her to sit on a couch or chair and spread her legs wide apart.  You will have access to her entire genital area. She can further help herself by using her fingers to spread the vaginal lips. To be at the right level with her vulva, you can sit on a stool. In this position, you can have absolute flexibility in using both your mouth and hands to pleasure her.


Lying Position – You get her to lie flat on the bed and lift her butt up and throw her legs back toward her head. This enables you to look straight down to her vagina. It will give you great access to pleasure her orally.


Use these tips to blow her mind, to keep her coming back for more. To get more ideas and tips to please a girl and make her want you more, click on Make Her Cum Fast And Hard and/or Lick By Lick.



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What You Need To Know About Female Orgasm

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Make Her Orgasm, Make Her Want You!

Do you want to make her have an orgasm? Are you looking for tips and ways to make this happen? Here are some ways you can try them out.


(1)   Tune In To Her Needs


You are a good boyfriend or partner. You may have read a lot from certain self-help guide on sexual techniques. But that alone is not enough because each woman has her own special needs and you can’t get this knowledge from any guides. This requires good communication which means you have to find some ways to get her to be more open about her sexual needs.


Good communication is critical in all areas of life, but it is especially important when it comes to love and sex because romantic relationships are often the catalyst to help you heal childhood wounds. This also means they bring up all your insecurities, fears and unconscious expectations about love.


Initially this may not be easy especially if your woman is those that are quite conservative or just refuse to talk about sex. In this case, you have to approach this on a gradual and indirect way. The first thing you need to do is to strengthen your emotional intimacy with her, which is the major need of most women. She has to get very comfortable and she has to trust her man enough to be open about her needs.


To a woman, a relationship without emotional intimacy is empty and totally unfulfilling. Her feelings for her husband start to die. She becomes less interested in sex. How to improve emotional intimacy with her?


You have to make an effort to listen to her feelings (about anything, not just sex) and you also must be prepared to share your feelings with her. You need to be disciplined to set aside times to allow this exchange of feelings. You also need to take the initiative to resolve any distance or conflict that sets into your relationship with your wife.


Once you are able to achieve this, you can then include sexual topics in your ongoing talk with her. You can rely on some props to make it easier. For example, you can get a self-help sex guide and read this with her, or you can view with her some educational video about sex and use this as a platform for your discussion about sex.


(2)   Master The Art Of Penetration


Intercourse is not just about thrusting in and out alone. Her g-spot will never get a good feeling if all you are doing is deep thrusting. If you just use shallow dips, she will not get the thrill of feeling you tucked deep inside her. The way to do is to use a mixture of shallow and deep thrusting during intercourse. If you are able to do this, you will be able to last longer and she will have higher chances of reaching orgasm. How to do it?


You make love using the nine shallow dips and one deep thrusting method. Stop thrusting when you feel you are near orgasm. Use three slightly curved fingers to apply pressure, not too light and not too hard, to the perineum point (the area between the base of the penis and anus) to delay ejaculation. Hold and embrace your partner closely and comfortably. Continue shallow thrusting.

When you feel ejaculation is imminent, stop thrusting the penis. Pull back to approximately one inch of penetration but do not withdraw the penis entirely. Flex the pelvic muscle and hold to a count of nine. Alternately, flex the pelvic muscle nine times in rapid succession instead of holding the count. To achieve this, you need to strengthen your pelvic muscles by way of doing kegel exercises regularly. It will take several months to develop strong pelvic muscles, but it is worth investing your time on it if you want to have good quality orgasm for both you and her.


(3)   Master The Art Of Breast Massage


Women’s nipples are highly sensitive areas that when touched and fondled just right will really get her juices flowing. Some women are even known to have orgasms directly from nipple stimulation. Just be sure to be aware of her personal sensitivity in these areas, going as far as checking in with her by asking what she likes and doesn’t like.


First you knead her breast with both hands and work your thumb and the edge of your palm in the direction of the nipple. Use indirect stimulation by not touching the nipple while kneading the breast; it builds up the sexual sensors in her body. Once you have thoroughly kissed and massaged the breasts, you can begin to shift your focus on her nipples.


Using your thumb and index finger, gently and directly massage her nipples in a rotating motion moving clockwise and counterclockwise. Next, place your hands flat over her nipples and roll around them using the palm of your hands. Now, taking your thumb and forefinger, gently pull up on her nipples to slightly elongate them. Switch around the above movements every so often and see which ones she likes and gets most excited over.


These are just some of the basic techniques to make sex fun for you and her. For more tips and ideas, you can click on Great Lover.



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Female Orgasm – How To Have More Sex Without Even Asking For It

Inline image 1Make Her Enjoy Sex

Are you looking for ways to make sex great for you and your girl? Are you looking for ways to keep her turned on most of the time? Looking for tips to be better in bed? If you are, try some of these tips and you will have high chances to turn your girl on every time.


Warm Her Up


Women take longer to become aroused. They do not like it when you blatantly want to have sex. Therefore if you want to get lucky later in the evening, start by piquing her interest early. To turn her on, you need to make her horny first. To do this, you should at all times be seducing your woman in some manner. It may be subtle, it may be obvious. But it must always be taking place.

Women absolutely love being seduced. They love the way it feels. They feel beautiful and sexy. They feel desired. They get to feel all the things that women love to feel. And it results in them wanting to celebrate being a sensuous woman.

Even in an ongoing relationship, a woman wants to be seduced by her man. Always keep an air of sensuality. When your woman thinks of you, she must think thoughts of being seduced. You can even do this when you two are apart. A great way to do it is to send text messages.


Sexting can be extremely hot for a woman. Women are much more auditory than men. Therefore reading something sexy like how badly you crave her taste will help to plant the seed of anticipation in her head.


At other times, when you are at home, you can start with an innocent rub on her back gently or a brush against her body with your hands or any part of your body. Then you walk away to do something else. You return after a while to kiss her and at the same time running your hands through her hair. You then stop to do other things and then come back to kiss her neck. You do this a few times a day or continuously do this only without sex for a few days and she may get so aroused and jump onto you.


A seduced woman can be sexually aroused just as quickly as a man. In fact, even faster when you continuously and properly seducing her mind. You do not need to force her to do anything. Instead you bring her sexuality out in her by leading her mentally to want it. Once you lead her mind and her body will follow. Make her hungry for it, and then when you feed her, satisfy her beyond what she even knows she is capable of, thus leaving her even hungrier for the next time. This will get her addicted to you mentally and sexually.


Make Her Orgasm


The more areas you stimulate, the more intense the orgasm will be. Therefore you should try to find out at least ten hot spots on your girl’s body that can drive her wild. The way to do is to take time to kiss every part of her body to see how she responses.


Though touching her breasts is an obvious choice, but you have to make sure you are doing it right. Do not just focus on the nipples; instead you pay attention to the whole breasts. Some research has discovered that the nipples are not the most sensitive part of the breasts.


In fact the degree of sensitivity is at its highest from the area around her areola and as you move closer to the nipple the sensitivity gets lesser. So you should not squeeze and turn the nipple as if it is a door knob.


The proper way is to pay attention to the tops of her breasts first (above the nipple), followed by the bottoms, the sides, and then the nipples. Many people do not realize that the tops of the breasts are actually the most sensitive part of the breast. Lick it. Nibble it. Caress it.


When you get down to between her legs, you do not just focus on the clitoris. You should stimulate the surrounding area as well. You treat the entire pubic region or vulva like a clock with her clitoris at noon position.


Many women are especially sensitive between the areas of 2 and 3 o’clock, so that’s a good place to start, she says. And don’t forget to use your fingers. By incorporating both tongue and manual stimulation, you will give her a variety of different sensations.


If you want her to enjoy oral sex, make sure she knows how crazy you are about her body, by telling her how much you love the way she looks, tastes, and smells. Research has shown that women who are more comfortable with their genitals are not only more open to receiving oral sex, but they enjoy it more and orgasm more.


Now that you have some ideas about how you should do to turn your woman on. You should put these ideas into practice and start having the wild sex life you deserve. For more ideas and tips to have a better sex life, you can click on Make Her Want You In Bed.



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