For Couples – How To Have Exciting Sex

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Want To Discover The Secrets Of Hot Sex?


Are you interested to know what other couples are doing to keep the level of excitement up, especially if you have been in a relationship for a long time? Do you want to know how to keep your relationship fresh and stave off boredom or complacency? How to keep your sex life as exciting as it is now? Here are some ideas you can use to spice up your sex life and better your relationship.


(1)   Keep The Communication Open


To keep a relationship alive, it is important to communicate and learn about each other, every single day. Your partner may be irritating you and may not be aware of it and if you can let him/her know about how you feel, this can help to resolve underlying issues in the relationship before they spillover to the bedroom. In the process of doing so, this can bring both of you closer to each other, emotionally and sexually. 


Withholding your frustration will not stop your partner from doing the same thing again. If something hurts you or is holding your partner back from achieving something better, talk about it over a cup of tea/coffee or even wine, or when both of you are in a relaxed  mood.


Finances and money issues play a big part in any long term relationship. Monetary satisfaction in a long term relationship can be achieved only if both of you discuss ways to save, invest and spend.


Discuss about family matters and how either of you can deal with it. Talk about kids and their lives ahead. If you don’t have kids yet, talk about when you intend to have them and how you can plan for them. Matters such as these are better spoken earlier than later.


Do talk about your dreams and aspirations with your partner and make sure you know your partner’s wants and dreams in life too.


To build effective communication in a relationship, you need to learn to be truthful. By lying or feeling suspicious about your partner, you are not helping the communication in the relationship. Be truthful with each other and never give your partner the opportunity to doubt you. To encourage the mood for communication, avoid ridiculing or criticizing each other’s views.


To increase communication in a relationship, make plans with your partner to go out at least one evening in a week and/or to find some activities to do together as a couple during the weekends.


(2)   Be Romantic


One of the disadvantages of long term relationship is the tendency for lovers or couples to take each other for granted. They are getting too complacent have stopped trying to be nice and to impress each other. They assume they know each other well. Even favors and special gestures are taken for granted. By doing so, those special gestures will not be special anymore and will become like obligations. Always remember to acknowledge a gesture, however small it may be if you want to understand the secret behind knowing how to keep love and sex alive in a relationship.


To keep the spark alive in your relationship, you have to treat your partner as if you are dating and to romance him/her outside the bedroom. You have to give each other pleasant surprises everything now and then. Once in a while, you pop into his/her workplace and go out for lunch together. You can surprise your partner by taking her to a weekend getaway to a nearby place. At times, on your way back home, you pick up your partner’s favorite dessert for a late night treat. You give each other inexpensive well wrapped gifts every now and then. It could be chocolates, flowers, a game CD, or even a potted plant.


You remember and celebrate with your partner those special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, anniversaries and birthdays. You take the initiative to please your partner and make him/her to feel special to keep the love alive in the relationship.


You dress to impress each other in bed and out of bed. A different style of clothing or different hairstyle or even a new tiny tattoo on any part of your body can trigger new feelings for each other. You can go out and buy some hot lingerie together. To look good to each other naked, you keep yourself physically fit and attractive. You watch your weight and diet and preferably exercise together.


(3)   Try Or Add Something New


Every now and then, do something different such as going to a new city, a new beach or to any place you haven’t been before, take a cooking class together, do yoga with each other, or take dancing lessons. If both of you like animals and like to take care of them, you can get a dog, a cat or even a goldfish. This will open up a wide range of new conversations, which is a great way to keep a long-term relationship interesting.


In bed, you try new sex positions; have sex in different places other than your bed, at different times of the day. You both make a trip to a sex shop or go online to get sex toys. You may also consider bringing in the whips, chains or cuffs, or pour some candle wax. If you are the one who are always taking charge in bed, once in a while you let your partner to take the lead and be his/her sex slave for a day. Just keep an open mind to explore the entire world of sex possibilities.


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Oral Sex – How To Eat Pussy

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Lick Her Till She Begs You For More


Cunnilingus (or oral sex) which is oral stimulation of the vulva and/or clitoris is one of the most wonderful things you can do for a woman. She may be too shy to tell you how much she loves oral sex, but nowadays most women expect to be orally stimulated prior to sexual intercourse. Oral sex, when performed masterfully on a girl can make her feel loved, sexy and horny with greater chances of achieving screaming orgasm. The rare man who can perform cunnilingus superbly will always be greatly appreciated, considered an incredible lover and will be the most sought after man. Here is how to give your lover amazing oral sex and be the best she ever had.


(1)   Take Your Time


A huge mistake that men make during cunnilingus is to rush through it. You should gradually build up the stimulating pressure and pleasure and let her reach orgasm naturally, without feeling being rushed. This will ensure that when she orgasms, it will be so much more powerful that she will keep coming back for more.


(2)   Tease Her First


Women love to be teased emotionally, physically and sexually. The better you tease her, the more she will enjoy your oral stimulation. Kiss and lick on her inner thigh which is a very tender area on her body. As you are getting quite close to her vaginal opening, you move away just when she expects you to stick your tongue inside her.


Instead you gently lick the surrounding areas such as the crease where her leg meets the pubic region, the area around her vaginal opening, the perineum (the area between the vaginal opening and anus) and the anus itself. There are hundreds of sensitive nerve endings in these areas. A few moments of licking on these surrounding areas and she will be bucking up and begging to get more of your face closer to her.


Gently kiss on top of her vaginal opening and then kiss a little harder. Use your tongue to lick on her inner vaginal lips. Continue to lick from her perineum up to her clitoris following the outer edges of her vagina along both sides. Treat her vagina like a juicy Popsicle and let her hear your sucking and licking sounds down there to show her you are enjoying every inch of hers. This will make her melt in your mouth.


(3)   Tongue Fuck Her


Expose her clitoris by spreading her vaginal lips and lightly pulling back the clitoral hood. Take her exposed clitoris into your mouth and gently suck on it, at the same time flicking your tongue over and around it. This can be done very lightly or very aggressive.


Get her to tell you what motion feels the best, what speed and what pressure can turn her on the most. Some women love an up-and-down licking motion; others like it to go from side to side like a windscreen wiper, and others may prefer a circular or pressing-down motion. Every woman is different and there is no one best way in doing this.


(4)   Finger Fuck Her


As you are licking and sucking her clitoris, insert your middle and index fingers about two inches inside her with the main aim to find and stimulate the g-spot. You will do this only when she is fully aroused because if she is very wet, her g-spot will be swollen which makes it easier for you to locate.


A woman can have an orgasm through stimulation of the clitoris alone, but you can give your partner an even more powerful orgasm by stimulating her g-spot with your fingers at the same time when you are giving her oral sex. This will either help her to have a g-spot orgasm or a combination of clitoral and g-spot orgasm at the same time.


(5)   Add In Some Props


Take a break if you need one, but avoid stopping suddenly because it can be very frustrating for the woman. You can use a vibrator to take over the job of stimulating the clitoris and g-spot. You can also use a variety of flavored gels, oils and lubricants which when rub on to her can offer extra stimulation. You can have a mint or cough drop in your mouth when performing cunnilingus to create a very tingling sensation for her to enhance your performance.


(6)   Hang In There When She Cums


When she starts to have an orgasm, continue licking on the clitoris, but gradually reduce the intensity of your stimulation. If your fingers are inside, do not pullout.


Remember that all things are subjective and the best way to please your woman is to read her body language to gauge her likes and dislikes. The real magic of oral pleasure is to do the unexpected and as you put these ideas to use, remember to be as creative as you can.


Read on more from Pussy Licking Joy and/or Oral Enhancement Kit for more tips to get a girl to enjoy sex with you.



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How To Spice Sex Up By Giving A Girl A Good Spanking

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Sometimes Love Isn’t Enough, She Needs Some Spanking Too!


Sometimes your girl is real naughty and she deserves to be spanked, or it may be you who are the naughty one who just want to give her a good spanking. Spanking is a great way to spice up your love life, adding a little kink and eroticism. Giving a girl a good spanking can increase blood flow to her genitals and leads to a greater state of arousal. Some women get so turned on by spanking that you may find your girl begging for it every time the lights go out. Here is how to spank properly and make her enjoy it.


(1) Talk To Her


Just don’t spank her out of the blue. If you haven’t at least given a hint that you plan on spanking her, this could lead to problems. She might not be in the mood or she might even have a sun burn where you plan to swat her. If spanking is your idea, discuss it thoroughly with your girl beforehand rather than springing it on her randomly. Or, you can just go for it and give your partner a light tap and gauge their reaction. Teasing your partner playfully throughout the day can be a good way to start.


(2) Add Role Playing


Spanking can be fun, and it is even better when there is role playing involved. Perhaps you can be an angry school master and she can be a naughty, disobeying student, you are the guard and she is the prisoner, you are the traffic cop and she is being caught for speeding, or you can be her boss and she can be a bumbling and incompetent employee. Let the scenario start and improvise the lines as you go along. This idea for including role play into spanking adds an extra layer of fantasy while making her go wild.

(3) Adventurous Locations.


Surprise your partner by taking your activities outside the bedroom and to a place slightly dangerous, with a chance of getting caught. Perhaps it is a public restroom, a trail in the woods, or a poorly-lit parking garage. The rush you both get from engaging in slapping sex will be heightened even more by the danger that at any second someone might find you.


(4) Start With Light Spanking.  


You don’t want to scare the crap out of your girlfriend with a full force slap to the butt. Doing it that way is just asking for you to get throw out of the bedroom and for your lady to never want to take a spanking again. Keep it light and playful, almost silly to get her into the whole idea of spanking. Never smack both buttock cheeks at the same time; not only will you not be able to do your spanking adequately, you may end up hurting her, in a bad way. Keep your hand tight and slightly cup to ensure a nice sound, a slight sting and a whole lot of pleasure.


(5) Choose A Position 


There are many positions in which to administer and give a spanking. It is up to you and your partner to discuss what is comfortable for her. Some of the positions include over the knee, bent over a chair, she stands with her hands against the wall, or you lay her down across your lap and place a pillow under her front side to get her butt as high in the air as possible. While you have the option of spanking a butt with a paddle, a whip, or an abundance of other props, I strongly recommend that you start off with your hand. Besides the hand is best as it allows you to get the full feel of the ass-spanking connection.

(6) Talk To Her While You Are Spanking


You want to keep up the dialogue during spanking to make it a truly interactive affair. This will also maintain the excitement for her throughout. Tell her how naughty she has been and that she is getting what she deserves! Part of the turn on for her during this is feeling like a “bad” girl, different than her standard role in the office or the house. Talking to her in the right way will add to her enjoyment.


(7) Do Not Stick To One Spot


If you just swat your partner over and over and over on the same spot on her butt or thigh, it’s going to eventually begin to hurt. And even thought she might like the pain, you might be doing damage to the skin or blood vessels without even knowing it. Vary your location a little bit, never landing too many spanks in a row on one spot. Always remain attentive to your partner the whole time. Listen to her emotions and respond to her feelings. If you feel she is not enjoying herself, be sure to stop or change your tactics.  


(8) Spice It Up


One tip for spanking your woman is to please her in other ways while the spanking is going on. She’s going to get very aroused, so you can halt your spanking to slide your hand—or your tongue—between her legs to give her clitoral stimulation. After not quite getting her off, resume your spanking, going back and forth, making her beg you for an orgasm.


(9) Let Her Spank You Back


It is not fair that you lay into her butt so hard that it has got red marks everywhere, now is it? How about letting her take a turn at you? Have a good spanking session, laugh your heads off and spank each other silly. If neither one of you are able to walk the next day, you’re doing it absolutely right.


If you are looking to take foreplay to the next level, you should include spanking as part of the act. It can be stimulating for both the male and female partner, but only if you do it the right way by following the above nine tips. So be creative, be rough, and give her a good spanking.


Are you looking for more great tips to improve your sex life? You can get the rest of them from Great Lover.

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What You Need To Know About Bondage Sex

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A Little Bonding Can Get You Closer To Your Partner

What is bondage? Bondage is any kind of physical restraint that restricts or controls someone’s movement to further the sexual pleasure of the players involved. It covers a very wide spectrum of sex acts and can mean different thing to each person. It may also involve deprivation of one of the senses; for example being blindfolded, or the ears being muffled. For others, it may involve inflicting a bit of ‘pleasurable’ pain such as being whipped or spanked or to use clamps on the nipples.


You don’t need to have a closet full of elaborate gear to engage in bondage – scarves, bungee cords or a couple of ties can be enough to get a good bondage session going, and if you have ever enjoyed having someone hold your wrists so you can’t move your hands during a sexual encounter, you may find that bondage could hold some pleasant surprises for you.


Some people find bondage thrilling and exciting and there is something very sexy about being ‘taken’ or ‘ravished’. Being restrained means your partner can tease and ease and you just have to lie back and receive the pleasure.


Others find bondage a relaxing, meditative experience; they feel calmed and relaxed, perhaps freed from responsibilities, while being tied up. Many high-powered business people enjoy being in a submissive role during sex because their jobs and their lives are filled with being in charge and making lots of important and eve stressful decisions.


Bondage is supposed to be fun and should not cause hurt. But it can cause harm in certain ways.

Someone who stumbles and falls will normally automatically put their hands out in front of them to catch themselves, but if their hands are tied they can easily bang their head against something and end up in the hospital with a very serious injury. Someone who is tied to a chair but whose feet are still on the floor may accidentally tip themselves over with no way to catch themselves. Limbs that are held in one position for too long can cause blood circulation to be cut off, or nerves to be pinched. Anything that obstructs breathing can be fatal. A life-threating situation such as a fire that someone could normally deal with easily can become a fatal situation if they aren’t free to handle it. Knots can get tangled in hair.


For this reason, bondage sex is not for one-night-stand encounters. It involves one of the partner willingly surrender himself/herself to all forms of restraints which mean there has to be total trust between two persons. It should only be used when relationship is not under severe strain. Bondage sex should not take place when one of you are tipsy or under the influence of drugs. This can cause misjudgment on how tightly to tie the knot or for the one being restrained, be unable to determine the accurate level of comfort.


In order to engage in bondage sex, you have to pay attention to safety. You also can’t force this on your partner. Communication is very important. Listen to him/her concerns and fears and assure him/her that it is just an idea to try something different to spice up sex. You also have to know your partner’s limits and boundaries and respect them.


When you are engaged in bondage, make sure you are prepared with scissors (to cut away the restraints) or keys (to release the cuff) when the need arises.


Make sure you both have a safe word which means all actions have to be stopped immediately. If you are unable to speak, have another signal that is easily picked up and/or seen i.e. finger snapping, humming, toe tapping, etc.


If any part of the body turns purple, blue, numb or cold to the touch, you should untie or loosen up the restraint. You should leave a finger’s width between the skin and the tie so as to avoid any damage to the nerve or cause excruciating pain.


When you choose ties, make sure you get those thicker ones because the more flesh they cover the safer they are. So, get those thick padded cuffs or thick rope, silk scarves and stockings. The thinner the restraint the more likely they can cut off blood circulation.


Never restrain your partner by the neck, or suspended him/her off the ground for too long. Make sure you plan for periods of time where your lover can move his/her limbs to get the blood circulating. At all times, make sure blood flow and breathing is not affected. Never leave your partner alone when his/her movement is being restricted.


Take your time to tease and pleasure him/her can make the experience deeper and more erotic. Your partner will appreciate the extra-special attention you shower on him/her and he/she will reciprocate by trying to please you in any way you want.


There are always many ways that couples can use their creativity to keep sex exciting and fun. Foreplay can be more than just soft kisses and oral sex. If you want more great sex tips to get your partner addicted to your sex appeal, you can click on Tough Love and/or Kinky Sex.



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The Sexy Moves That Trigger A Squirting Orgasm

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Do You Want Her To Get A Squirting Orgasm?


You love your girl so much and really like to please her. You want to know what you can do to be a guy that she will never forget. What sort of things can you do to make sex better and hotter? Here are some hot and sexy moves you can use to please your woman and make her think about sex when she is with you.


(1)   Spice Up Your Foreplay


Women love to be pampered and just can’t have enough of those sweet little moves or gestures that work up to sex. In fact you can sometimes make a woman orgasm easier during foreplay than sex.  If you are looking to spice foreplay up, then the best way to do is to vary your foreplay routine. You can pamper her with an erotic massage, whisper nice and dirty words into her ear or even to stimulate her senses by reading and watching sex-related stuff with her.


(2)   Spice Up With Massage


Massage is a wonderful way to get close and sensual with your lover. Make sure you have some type of massage oil. A lubricated body massage feels much better than a dry one. When you massage her, try to put a lot of your focus on the neck. You place one hand on either side of her neck and apply a small amount of pressure. Then you move your hands in a circular motion gently and slowly. This will help her to relax, resulting in more enjoyment later.


When you massage her back, you use both hands, one on each side of her spine and rub in a diagonal motion from the spine out. You use small, quick strokes. After that you lightly rub your hands all over her back.


You rub her buttock cheek in large circular motions one at a time using the inside of your forearm. After this, you make a fist and roll your knuckles one by one (applying moderate pressure) over the triangular bone at her lower back. 


When you massage her leg, you work your way from her ankle using your thumb and fingers. Do not use too much pressure behind the knees because it has sensitive veins there. Once you reach the thigh, you rub the place with your entire hands in a circular motion and knead the skin.

The best way to end a massage is by massaging your lover’s head and face. Before this, you need to wipe the massage oil off your hands. Start by gently stroking your fingers through her hair with your fingers, and gently knead the whole head. Work your way over to the temples and use the tips of your first two or three fingers. Gently rub in a circular motion. Then lightly run your fingers across her entire face. After which you use your fingertips to tap lightly on her face. With your thumb and first finger, rub your lover’s earlobes and ears. Then lightly run your hands over her eyes, eyebrows and lastly lips. If you want to get more intimate, gently kiss your lover on the eyelids, tip of nose and lips.

(3)   Spice Up With Dirty Talking


You can do this while you are massaging her. Tell her what you want to do to her. To make the dirty talk even sexier, follow through with what you are saying. For example, tell her “I’m going to lick all around your nipples.” Then, do it. The anticipation will arouse her even more.


You can make this creative by coming out with a scenario you want. You can talk about things you’d never really do in real life, such as a threesome, or you can talk about things you and your partner have done, such as that time you had sex in a restaurant bathroom.


When talking dirty and pleasuring your partner, give out a little moan every once in a while to show her you’re enjoying it. Breathe heavily and talk softly. This will get her more aroused and more likely to reciprocate.


(4)   Spice Up With Erotica 


Some may find watching porn before sex odd, but it is actually a great way to heat things up. You may want to start out with something more on the erotic side, instead of pure sex. You can choose those great titles for couples.  They are like real movies with good story lines, great costuming, great sets, plus they may have some of the hottest sex scenes. So you and your lover can actually get into the story and you are both already way too involved by the time the sex scene comes in. 


It is a smooth transition. Also the men in these movies are attractive as well, giving the woman attractive people to look at. You might want to try recreating some of the scenes with her to really add some spice. Women love to role play. This will be a nice sex move to please your woman and add some excitement into the relationship. Ask her what she wants to try or come up with something new on your own.


(5)   Pay Her Lip Service 


If you want to make her feel loved, admired, sexy and to drive her wild, making her cum like crazy, what better way to do than to give her oral?` If you get great at going down, the women in your life will make their way back into your bed again and again. 


To please a woman with your tongue you will need to take it slow. Her clit is very sensitive, just like the head of your penis, and you have to get her properly aroused before you can earnestly get to work. Start by nibbling around the vaginal lips, breathing on her to warm her skin in this area. Lick her slowly all around and not until you can tell that her clit is getting swollen and her breath is getting short should you start to lick her firmly.


You can try pleasing her with your tongue by taking the time to alternate your technique, drawing out the experience for her. Try alternate between slow and fast tongue flicks, work her up and down, side-to-side, draw circle around her clit, or move your tongue in and out of her vagina and of course, gently suck her clit into your mouth when it comes to a point where each lick or motion of your tongue can excite her.


Use your hand to supplement your action by caressing the insides of her thighs, rub her breasts and squeeze her nipples, and of course, gently penetrating her vagina while you lick her. To give a girl oral to complete satisfaction, you may want to give her the benefit of vaginal penetration (fingering her g-spot) while working over her clit.


To enhance her sensation, you can apply hot and cold treatment on her by sucking on an ice cube while giving her oral sex and then switching to drinking hot tea or coffee. The change from hot to cold will have her on sensory overload and she won’t know what to expect next.


You can send her over the edge into the pleasure abyss by using a bullet vibrator (make sure it has a cord attached to it) around her clitoris and sliding it along the vaginal lips for added stimulation. You can insert the vibrator into her vagina (making sure that the cord is outside of her body to allow you to pull it out later) to let her feel it deep inside her. The sensation inside of her will be wonderful as you increase the vibrating rate of the vibrator. Slowly make the toy go to off because she will be very sensitive. When she is ready to go again, turn it back on and keep playing with her.


As you sense that she is getting close, from her physical and vocal responses to you, find a nice rhythm on her clit and hold steady, providing consistent pressure. As she reaches her peak, don’t overdo it, but don’t ease off either, at least not until all her quivering and shaking comes to a standstill.


When in the bedroom, it helps if you use the above-mentioned moves to please your woman. When you can please her, she will be more than happy to do the same in return for you. This makes for a very exciting sex life. Are you keen for more ideas to keep her happy in bed? Click on Make Her Squirt.



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