3 At Home Sexy Butt Exercises for Women

3 At Home Sexy Butt Exercises for Women - Are you looking for some sexy butt exercises to lift your saggy butt? We’re going to go through 3 sexy butt exercises. Read on to find out more.
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Are you looking for some sexy butt exercises to lift your saggy butt?


If you do, this is a Video HERE for you to learn some sexy butt exercises

We’re going to go through 3 sexy butt exercises.


The first exercise is the “half squat.”

So, step with your feet a little more than hips distance apart and take a deep breath in.


You’re going to squat back just like you’re sitting in a chair, but this time, you’re going to go all the way down, stay there and then come up for a pulse. We’re going to pulse 20 times.

This is what is going to get you that sexy butt.


The next exercise is called “rainbows.”

Come down on a mat or you can put a towel underneath your knees.

You’re going to place your hands underneath your elbows, place your knees underneath your hips, take a deep breath in, lift that right leg up, cross it back over the left and then you’re going to take your foot all the way up.


So make sure your knees are locked on every movement and the wider the rainbow is, the rounder the butt.

So we’re going to do this twenty times on each side and you’re going to notice how GOOD your butt feels.

The rounder the rainbow is, the rounder the butt. Remember, this is what separates the tight butt from the saggy butt.


The third exercise is called “butt pulses.”

So staying down on our hands and on our knees, we’re going to lift the leg up, lift it as far as you can and then put those footprints on the ceiling and we’re going to pulse for twenty.


You know this is what’s going to get you that nice, round booty that looks so good in your bikini. Keep going. This is what’s going to get you that chiseled, sexy butt.


Now, we’re going to sculpt that upper tush, butt pulses on the ceiling for twenty…

Don’t quit on yourself.


Imagine how great you’re going to feel when you slip on that bikini and you know your butt looks so perky, and tight.


People are going to come up to you and say, “how did you get that butt?”

We’re making it happen right now.


A lot of people talk about having a great, sculpted butt, but you are going to do these sexy butt exercises to make it happen.

You’ve got this.


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