19 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Under Eye Wrinkles Naturally

19 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Under Eye Wrinkles Naturally - Wrinkles are unwelcome indicators of aging and sun exposure. Rather than applying chemicals in the form of under-eye creams, choose natural and safe home remedies to get rid of under eye wrinkles. Read on to find out more.
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Wrinkles are unwelcome indicators of aging and sun exposure. Rather than applying chemicals in the form of under-eye creams, choose natural and safe home remedies to get rid of under eye wrinkles.


Yogurt, coconut oil, grapes, and coffee fruit are some of the natural remedies that can work wonders in helping to get rid of under eye wrinkles effectively.


Eyes are hailed as the windows to the soul and are often the foremost thing we notice in someone. Isn’t it natural that the skin around the eyes can reveal a lot about our age and skin care routine?


The skin around the eyes is extremely thin and delicate due to less amount of collagen and elastin. This makes it more prone to dehydration and wrinkles.


Rather than resorting to fancy under-eye creams that are loaded with chemicals, find out how you can use natural remedies to get rid of under eye wrinkles.


1. Coffee Bean


Who doesn’t love the aroma of freshly ground coffee beans? Coffee is not only an amazing stimulant but also has excellent skin-enhancing properties.


The fruits of the coffee plant (Coffea arabica) has a powerful antioxidant activity which can reduce the damage caused by free-radicals to your skin. This means it can improve fine lines, wrinkles, uneven pigmentation, and overall appearance of the skin.


2. Coconut Oil


Applying coconut oil on to wrinkles will give your skin that much-needed moisture boost. Being packed with vitamin E and essential antioxidants, coconut oil works wonders with skin rehydration and rejuvenation.


A good way to allow coconut oil to seep into your skin pores is by massaging it gently onto your face. Leaving it overnight on your skin will reduce fine lines and wrinkles while keeping it hydrated too.


3. Olive Oil


While olive oil adds great flavor to your cooking, it’s also a wonderful remedy for eye bags and wrinkles. Its high vitamin E and K content along with protective antioxidants delays premature aging of your skin. The skin around the eyes can lose moisture soon.


Olive oil, when applied around the eyes locks moisture within and keeps your skin supple. To revive your skin’s youthful glow, mix a few drops of lemon in it while massaging the face.


4. Yogurt


The milky goodness of yogurt has made it an important part of our diet in the form of desserts, smoothies, and salads. But yogurt is also a rich source of lactic acid and alpha hydroxy acid. This helps to exfoliate dead skin cells and delay fine lines and wrinkles under the eye too.


Make it a part of your regular skin care routine and you will find out why it is one of the best natural home remedies for wrinkles under the eyes.


DIY Yogurt Face Pack


  • 1 tablespoon of yogurt
  • 1 teaspoon of honey
  • A few drops of rose water


Make a paste of the ingredients and leave it on your face for 20 minutes. Rinse off to unravel clear and radiant skin.

5. Grapes


Seedless or not, a small bunch of grapes, definitely packs a punch, nutrition-wise. Resveratrol, a unique antioxidant in the grape skin is known to have amazing benefits in delaying eye wrinkles.


DIY Grape Face Mask


  • Mash 5 grapes
  • 1 teaspoon of honey or yogurt


Mash the grapes while mixing in a bowl and apply it on the face. Wash it away with lukewarm water to reveal a refreshed face.


Now you know, grapes don’t just belong to wines or desserts but can be even used as a remedy for removing wrinkles under eyes.

6. Aloe Vera


The gentle and effective skin repair properties of aloe vera gel make it one of the best natural home remedies to get rid of under eye wrinkles. Being rich in vitamin C, E and beta-carotene, it nourishes and soothes sensitive skin while keeping it supple and young.


It can be applied directly on the skin or mixed with turmeric or honey for added benefits. Its excellent hydration properties along with its ability to revive elasticity of the skin help improve under eye bags and wrinkles.


7. Milk Powder


Milk powder is filled with lactic acid, which is a natural AHA (alpha-hydroxyl acid). AHAs are the best at exfoliating dead skin cells and enhancing your skin’s collagen levels. This means milk is not just good for your bones but also for your skin.


DIY Milk Powder Face Pack


  • 1 tablespoon of milk powder
  • 1 teaspoon of honey/rose water


Mix them in a bowl and apply onto the face. Rinse with lukewarm water after 20 minutes


8. Cucumber


Your eyes love the coolness of a cucumber. Thanks to its high antioxidants content, cucumber hydrates the skin, boosts collagen, and increases elastin – features that are great for combating wrinkles.


Apply cucumber puree with a little yogurt (for smoother application) on your eyes. Let it rest for 20 minutes. Wash off with cool water. Repeat this once or twice a week for results.


9. Pineapple Juice


Pineapples contain a compound known as bromelain which helps to fight and prevent wrinkles. Bromelain is also a natural AHA that helps to remove dead cells.


Massage pineapple juice on your eyes and wash it off after 15 minutes. You could do this several times a week.


10. Cleaning with Cool Water


Cool water has a milder effect on the skin. Washing your eyes and face with cool water slows down aging and improves blood circulation.


Keep in mind the water just needs to be cool and not very cold, otherwise, it could hurt the capillaries in your skin. Also, your skin loves to be hydrated from within as well, so drink up those 8 glasses of water daily!


11. Papaya and Honey


Using papaya and honey for the eyes and face is an age-old remedy to improve skin texture and health. Simply mash up papaya with honey and apply it on your eyes and all over your face. Wash it off after 20 minutes.


12. Fenugreek


Fenugreek is another ancient remedy to treat any skin related issues, especially fine lines around the eyes. Make a paste of mashed fenugreek leaves and water. Apply the paste on and around your eyes. Rinse it off after 10 minutes.


13. Ginger


Ginger has a truckload of benefits for the skin. It slows down aging, promotes an even skin tone, and increases radiance. Try to eat a piece of ginger with a tablespoon of honey daily to reap its skin benefits.


14. Banana


Bananas are loaded with vitamins A, E and C. This makes everybody’s favorite fruit beneficial for the skin in terms of improving skin texture and slowing down aging. Mash up a banana and rub it gently onto your eyes. Wash it off after 15 minutes.


15. Carrot


Most of us grew up listening to our grandparents saying carrots are great for the skin. And it’s true! Carrots are high in nutrients (especially vitamin A) and antioxidants that can reduce wrinkles and smoothen out the skin.


To make it easier to apply carrot on the skin, boil a few pieces to make it soft and mix it with honey. Apply the mixture on your eyes and wash off after 10 minutes.


16. Almonds


Almonds are extremely rich in vitamin E. This makes it useful to protect the skin from damage and prevent early signs of aging. Almonds make a perfect snack between meals, so make sure to munch up! Almond oil is also a great option to apply directly on the skin.


17. Castor Oil


Castor oil has been found to increase collagen and elastin production. It moisturizes the skin and improves blood circulation.


Dip a cotton ball in castor oil and massage it gently around your eyes. Let it rest overnight. You could wash it off when you wake up.


18. Rosemary


Rosemary is very skin friendly. The compounds present in rosemary stimulates blood circulation, increases elasticity, and decreases fine lines. It can also reduce puffy eyes and redness.


Make sure to add rosemary to your dishes. Another option is to apply rosemary oil (with a carrier oil of your choice) on your face.


19. Avocados


Avocados are rich in vitamins (especially A and E) that boost skin health. It moisturizes and protects the skin, as well as increases collagen production. For reducing wrinkles, mash up an avocado and apply it on your face. Wash it off after 20 minutes with cool water.


Include these natural home remedies in your skin care routine as early as possible to get rid of under eye wrinkles and reveal skin that’s youthful.


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Revealing HERE are 5 Worst Foods for Breakfast


Revealing HERE are 5 Worst Foods for Breakfast - Read on here to find out about the 5 worst foods for breakfast and 3 best foods for breakfast.
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Your alarm clock went off 30 minutes ago. You’re showered, dressed and now ready for some breakfast to fill your empty tummy.

But wait!


Don’t just grab whatever sounds good or whatever you can scarf down the fastest to get out the door. It’s important to choose your morning foods wisely, as what you eat now can very much impact your energy levels, focus, and even your mood in the mid-morning hours to come.


So before you raid the fridge, browse through the cheat sheet below. It’s filled with foods you should most definitely steer clear of, as well as three in which to indulge.


The 5 Worst Foods for Breakfast


  1. Muffins


A muffin seems like a sensible choice, especially compared to a doughnut or Danish. But a muffin is really a breakfast “wolf” hiding in sheep’s clothing — especially if it’s store-bought.


Most store-bought muffins are giant, which means they can sometimes contain over 600 calories. And for those calories, you’re not getting any protein or healthy fat to keep you satiated. No.


Instead you’re getting refined carbs like white or wheat flour and sugar — the very recipe for a growling stomach in about an hour … plus weight gain in the long term.


By the way, don’t fall for the “bran” muffin trap either. Even these seemingly healthy muffins are typically far too high in sugar and calories to be any benefit to your health. If you want fiber, eat some fresh veggies instead.


  1. Cereal


We know it’s a beloved favorite, but that bowl of honey-nut o’s, sweetened flakes or crispy rice is not going to keep you full, and worse, it will send your blood sugar on a rollercoaster ride that ends with you yawning at your desk, barely able to keep your eyes open.


Most cereals are empty calories, simple carbs and sugar, disguised as a “healthy” breakfast choice. Don’t be fooled. Some of the most popular cereals are more than 50 percent sugar, by weight, and easily contain more sugar than a Twinkie or three chocolate chip cookies!


  1. Bagels


Would you sit down and eat four slices of bread? Probably not! Well a bagel from a bagel chain is often the equivalent of four servings of bread … as in, a truckload of simple carbs that your body will quickly convert into sugar (i.e. your mid-morning energy crash is guaranteed).


Many also contain added sugar — and even those that claim to be made from “whole grains” are usually mostly white flour with a bit of whole grain added in for good measure.


  1. Pancakes


Pancakes are mostly refined flour, with some milk, eggs and butter mixed in. Even under the best circumstances (i.e., they’re homemade), they’re a source of simple carbs that will cause your blood sugar and insulin levels to spike and crash.


If you make them from a boxed mix or get them at a fast-food restaurant, you can expect them to contain more sugar and some even contain disease-causing trans fats.


Of course, virtually nobody eats pancakes without syrup, which is a synonym for “corn syrup and sugar.” Even the 100% maple varieties are really just another form of sugar.


  1. Doughnuts


There is really nothing redeeming about a doughnut, other than, perhaps, it’s taste. But when you get down to the nitty-gritty, a doughnut is a mix of refined flour, sugar, and oils (probably partially hydrogenated oils, i.e. trans fats).


That sugary concoction is then fried and topped with more sugar in the form of frosting or glaze. If your only option to eat in the morning is doughnuts, you’re better off eating nothing at all.


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The 3 Best Foods for Breakfast


We’ve covered what you shouldn’t eat, and now for the fun part: what you should …


  1. Organic Peanut Butter


Peanut butter can give you a quick protein boost to give you energy and keep you satisfied all morning long. A couple of tips: try spreading your peanut butter on apple or banana slices instead of bread, or add a tablespoon to a kefir smoothie.


Be sure to choose a natural brand with just peanuts (not added vegetable oils or sugar), and go organic, as peanuts tend to be a heavily pesticide-sprayed crop.


  1. Kefir


Kefir, a yogurt-like beverage made from fermented milk, is loaded with beneficial enzymes and bacteria that aid digestion and boost your immune system.


A natural energy booster, kefir can easily replace coffee or tea in the morning, and will provide your body with vitamins and minerals instead of simply caffeine. Kefir has a pleasant tart flavor, but you can sweeten it up naturally by adding in a handful of fresh berries or banana slices.


  1. Eggs


As an excellent source of both protein and fat, eggs will leave you feeling satisfied longer than a bagel or bowl of cereal ever could. Plus, they contain B vitamins like choline for your heart and brain (and reduced levels of inflammation) and naturally occurring antioxidants that benefit your eyes.


If you’re worried about your cholesterol, don’t be. The latest research has shown that eggs no not significantly impact cholesterol levels, and may, in fact, improve your cholesterol profile.


Plus, one study found that, compared to those who eat bagels, people who eat two eggs for breakfast lose 65 percent more weight and have higher energy levels!


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7 Worst Foods that Really Zap Your Energy Quickly


7 Worst Foods that Really Zap Your Energy Quickly - Avoid these 7 worst foods that can zap your energy and bulk up your waistline.
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The innocent little snack in your hand could be a secret energy killer.

The worst foods for you include some of the most common “easy” snacks and meals. They zap your energy and bulk up your waistline.


Yet some of the top worst foods that make you tired also include menu options you might call healthy.


No wonder dieting is such a mess!


So many of the worst foods to eat are the exact same foods that stare you in the face morning, noon, and night! Sugary snacks make the list, but so do “healthy” complex proteins.


It may seem like an elaborate game of “eat this, not that” but you can be a winner.


Below are the seven worst foods to eat when it comes to zapping your energy… plus a simple way to kick-start your metabolism back into high gear at the end of the list if you’re worried about adding other non-energy zapping foods back into your diet.


Hidden Sugar


Chocolates, hard candy and soda are easy-to-spot sugar sources, but are you forgetting about fruit juices, cereals, snack crackers, and “enriched” grain products? All of these can be loaded with high fructose corn syrup or added sugars that will zap your energy before you even know what’s hit you.


Sugar is one of the worst foods for you because it kills your energy in two ways. First, it gives you a blood sugar spike and crash that can knock you out cold. And it inhibits your production of orexin, a key brain chemical linked to feelings of wakefulness.




Seafood — including fish, octopus, and scallops — is often praised as a healthy menu choice. When you’re trying for Omega-3 fatty acids or lower calories, that’s true! But when you’re trying to keep your energy levels up, it’s one of the worst foods to eat.


It turns out seafood is rich in tryptophan, an amino acid that increases your serotonin and makes you sleepy. This is the same amino acid found in turkey and widely associated with that long Thanksgiving after-dinner nap. Seafood will put you to sleep just as fast. If you have a packed afternoon and need your energy, save the fish for supper!


Here is something you should take note when eating fish.


If you’re in a high-risk group (pregnant women and young children), avoid eating the skin and fatty parts of fish, where contaminants collect.

Based on their low levels of mercury, these are the top five safest fish to eat:


Mercury level in parts per million (ppm)


  • Anchovies (.017)
  • Catfish (.025)
  • Haddock (Atlantic) (.055)
  • Butterfish (.058)
  • Croacker (Atlantic) (.065)


The 5 Most Dangerous Fish to Eat (based on high mercury levels)


Here are the top five most dangerous fish to eat based on their average mercury levels, starting with the most dangerous. Cut back on consumption accordingly:


Mercury level in parts per million (ppm)


  • Tilefish (1.45)
  • Shark (0.99)
  • Swordfish (0.97)
  • King Mackerel (0.73 )
  • Tuna (Bigeye) (0.68)




Hummus is another healthy-but-not-right snack to watch out for if you want to keep your energy level high. That’s because this smooth chickpea paste is also rich in tryptophan.


Eat hummus with its usual companion — pita bread — and you serve your body up a double dose of heavy carbs and tryptophan that will have you snoozing where you sit.




You may think of saffron as a spice, but don’t underestimate its power to zap your energy level. Children in the Middle East are routinely given saffron to calm them down and help them sleep while the Romans prized saffron as a sleep aid. Which is why the saffron teas, saffron rice, and saffron seasoning you enjoy may be quietly soothing you into slumber.


The soporific (sleep-inducing) effect of saffron is considered strong enough that it has been the subject of multiple anti-anxiety and hypnotherapy tests. In mice, as little as .56 grams of saffron extract can slow mental processing and promote lengthier sleep sessions.


Salty Snacks & Meals


Salty food isn’t just bad for your blood pressure — it’s also one of the worst foods to eat if you’re looking for more energy.


According to nutrition expert Dr. Cynthia Sass, salt leads to fluid retention, which in turn “puts more work on your heart, ups your blood pressure, and leads to bloating, water retention, and puffiness, all side effects that can drain energy.”




Wait, isn’t coffee a morning pick-me-up? Yes and no. Coffee will give you a short-term boost of energy as your body soaks up the caffeine, but once the caffeine wears off you’ll crash hard. So you grab another cup … and the cycle repeats.


This up and down cycle can really take a toll on your energy levels. Over time, you need more and more caffeine to get any effect, if it still works for you at all.


A better choice is to avoid sugar and caffeine alike in favor of more sleep if you truly want more energy throughout the day.




Bacon — or any meat with a high fat content — will zap your energy level fast. The high fat content requires your digestive system to work harder to process the fat, sucking away energy from other key bodily functions like staying awake and alert.


Throw bacon on your burger at lunch and you’ll be fighting an afternoon nap before you know it — and that goes double if you opted for the “healthy” tryptophan-filled turkey bacon!


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Fight the ZZZZ’s and the Pounds


Reading this list, it may seem like everything you can eat is an enemy of either your energy level or your waistline. But it doesn’t have to be a choice between energy or inches…


That’s because there’s a third option. Give your body the important minerals and amino acids it needs while keeping your metabolism-boosting hormones in abundant supply and you can eat well without packing on the pounds or falling asleep at your desk.


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Now for the first time we’ve made it simple for you to get all three!


ThinMist, our revolutionary new mouth spray, addresses the hidden nutritional factors behind the worst foods to eat for energy and fat-fighting.


And it’s all natural so you don’t have to worry about the dangerous side effects found in those diet pills.


Instead, you get to enjoy the foods you love while getting weight loss results as much as 200% faster than normal weight loss supplements. And… you get to enjoy high energy levels all day long!


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Can I Get a Permanent Cure for Herpes?


Can I Get a Permanent Cure for Herpes? Prevention is best, of course it is. A barrier (condom) will help stop the transmission of herpes; but what if you already have the condition it's a little late then. So, is there a way to get a permanent cure for herpes, can you stop herpes outbreaks. Read on.
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Usually when you pick up a virus of some kind, all you have to do is pay a visit to your doctor to get an antibiotic that will take care of it in a couple of days. If you ask your doctor, can I get a permanent cure for herpes, then you are not likely to be so lucky.
While herpes is a virus that is actually a similar strain as chicken pox, there is no known permanent cure for herpes available from your doctor. What that means is that if you visit your doctor you shouldn’t be asking, can I get a permanent cure for herpes, and instead should be focusing on finding ways to reduce the number of flare-ups and the blisters that come with it.


If you don’t want to be put in the position of asking, can I get a permanent cure for herpes, then step one should be making sure that you never have unprotected sex. If you are unlucky enough to have actually contracted herpes, then it’s not all necessarily doom and gloom.


There are some things that you can do to get the flare-ups under control, and all without having to resort to prescribed drugs. With that said, here are a few natural methods that you can use to control your condition, all of which should stop you asking, can I get a permanent cure for herpes?


Natural Herpes Remedies


If you have already herpes then you are probably well aware of the blisters and sores that accompany a flare-up or herpes outbreak as they are often called.


One of the most effective ways to naturally take care of them is by using baking soda. Dipping a dry clean cotton ball into baking soda and then using it to apply the baking soda to your blister will dry them out quickly whilst also helping to reduce the itching that come with them.


That is just one method to help you avoid the can I get rid of herpes question, so let’s take a look at some more.

Many herpes sufferers go out of their way to maintain a strict hygiene schedule. That means regularly washing hands, changing clothes and even bathing.


The feeling is that the can I get a permanent cure for herpes will be asked less frequently by following that schedule. Those that go this route often add Epsom salts to the bath water, as that has proven to be very effective at keeping flare-ups at bay.


Immune System


Another good way to prevent herpes outbreaks is to look at boosting the immune system. That usually means taking daily vitamins and supplements to keep flare-ups away.


Herbal tea and Echinacea have both shown to be effective at keeping herpes symptoms to a minimum, whilst also being good for your body in general.


How I come up with my own Permanent Cure for Herpes


According to traditional medicine there is no cure for herpes at this time, but by following some of those all-natural tips, you may not have to go to your doctor and ask, can I get a permanent cure for herpes?


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Sarah Wilcox (an ex-HSV2 sufferer) is the originator and author of Get Rid of Herpes which details a unique method of actually killing viral pathogens responsible for the herpes virus as well as a quick and natural method for healing blisters.


This method works for both men and women. It is suitable for use against Genital Herpes, Oral Herpes, Herpes Type 1 and Herpes Type 2.


She will share with you how to accomplish this permanent relief from out breaks without any drugs whatsoever and (that includes supplements and herbs formulation).


For more details, visit her website at Permanent Cure for Herpes , where she will show you exactly how to treat your own condition at home regardless of how severe your herpes is right now.


The Health and Beauty Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar


What role does apple cider vinegar play in your skin and hair care? Read on to find out more.
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Organic apple cider vinegar has been around for ages. It is an old Vermont folk remedy that people use to this day for good reason. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is not just an old saying. It is true! Apples are a near perfect food and apple cider vinegar has all the benefits of apples and then some!


It is very helpful in detoxing the body, breaking down fatty, phlegm and mucous deposits in the body and flushing them out of the system. It promotes good digestion, assimilation and elimination and it neutralizes any toxins in the body. In French, vinegar means “sour wine”.


Apple Cider Vinegar is made by crushing apples and squeezing out the liquid. The resulting sugars in the liquid are broken down by bacteria and yeast into alcohol, and then finally into apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is loaded with minerals like calcium, iron, potassium, and magnesium and phosphorous.


It also contains Vitamin B, acetic acid, citric, lactic, and malic acids, which stabilize the body’s alkaline balance. This type of vinegar is also replete with insoluble fiber, in the form of pectin (which helps reduce bad cholesterol and helps in regulating blood pressure), and small amounts of magnesium, another heart health key. This liquid also has antiseptic properties, associated with wound cleaning and healing.


Apple cider vinegar is loaded with potassium which is essential for the normal growth of the body. It relieves cramps and helps eliminate excess phlegm, brittle teeth and hair loss. Potassium deficiency can lead to a variety of ailments including hair loss, weak finger nails, brittle teeth, sinusitis, and a permanently running nose.


Other ailments help by consuming apple cider vinegar are insomnia, chronic fatigue, asthma, sore throats, acid reflux, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and liver and kidney problems.


The malic acid in apple cider vinegar helps remove uric acid from the body which relieves arthritis and joint pain. To get relief from arthritis, you mix two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar with 2 teaspoons of honey into a small glass of warm water and drink it once or twice a day. The calcium, silicon, manganese, and magnesium, in apple cider vinegar help to prevent osteoporosis and maintain bone mass.


Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight Loss works because it contains 19 of 22 minerals essential for maintenance, growth and repair in the body. It helps to detoxify the liver which plays an important role in weight loss. There are historical facts that Egyptians took apple cider vinegar for weight loss. Apple cider vinegar can help to speed up the metabolism and burn the calories after meals.


Although apple cider vinegar is acidic it makes the body more alkaline, which some health experts believe contributes to weight loss. Apple cider vinegar also seems to have the ability to help break down excess fat and remove it from the body. To lose weight, just take 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar, mixed in water, before every meal.


One important key to weight control is stable and balanced blood sugar levels. Studies show that apple cider vinegar helps to balance blood sugar levels, possibly by its ability to lower the glycemic index of foods consumed. This is of great help to people who are suffering from diabetes.


This has been confirmed in a 2010 study published in Diabetes Care showed that eleven people taking two tablespoons of ACV before bed lowered their morning glucose levels by 4 to 6 per cent. Before your next meal, take a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and add a pinch of salt. Mix with a warm glass of water and drink up. You can do this before any meal.


You can also use it as a hair rinse.  The cider vinegar is a great formula that you can use to add shine to your hair. The acetic acid in the vinegar removes build-up of hair oil and dandruff.  To use apple cider vinegar to rinse your hair, you mix it with a quarter cup of water. You shampoo your hair first and then apply the apple cider vinegar on your hair. Leave it on for one minute and then rinse it. You do not have to use a conditioner after using the apple cider vinegar.


So does apple cider vinegar cure acne? People who regularly use apple cider vinegar say it makes their skin and hair beautiful and reduces allergies. It also helps clear your complexion and clear up acne.


Here is how you can use apple cider to clear up your acne. There are three ways you can use cider to treat your acne. Use it as a skin toner, or apply it straight on the affected areas, or you can drink it as a health tonic, it works anyway you want to use it for treating acne.


(1)        Always dilute apple cider vinegar with water before applying it to your pimples and zits. Mix up 2 tablespoons of apple cider to 1 ounce of water. Use a cotton pad and dip it in the solution and then dab it on your acne. Leave it on your pimples for about 15 minutes than rinse it off. Do this 2 or 3 times a day and your face will start to look better soon.

The apple cider will reduce the infection and inflammation of the acne. If you leave the cider on overnight when you wake in the morning your pimples and zits will start to dry out. Do this a couple of times a day if you can.


(2)        If you use apple cider as a toner you can correct the ph balance of the skin and you can remove the excess oil from the surface of the skin. Fill up a sink and add a cup of apple cider vinegar and splash the water on your face. Of course does this after you wash and dry your face. The solution kills the bacteria and germs on the skin so it is okay to do this a couple times a day.


(3)        Drinking apple vinegar as a health tonic it is very good way to reduce additional outbreaks and helps to prevent additional acne. Add 1 to 2 teaspoons of apple cider to a cup of warm water add a little honey to improve the taste and drink this mixture 3 times a day. Remember to rinse your mouth after drinking this tonic because vinegar is very acidic and could cause damage to your teeth.


For more ideas on safe natural skin care, simply click on DIY Organic Skin Care.


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