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According to a Year 2000 Orgasm Survey, 72% of women disclosed that they faked an orgasm at least once. Do you feel that at times, in order to make your partner feel good about himself, you have to appear as if you are enjoying a lot in bed? You may feel a little inadequate or thinking that something is wrong about yourself ? You should not throw up your hands and accept this as something that cannot be changed. Here are some ways to help you get out of this situation and have the sex life you want.

(1)   Stimulate yourself first


The fastest and most effective way to get yourself into the mood is to stimulate yourself. Both you and your partner have to shoulder equal responsibility in improving your sex life. When comes to sex, you should not act in a passive way thinking that it is solely your partner’s responsibility to make you orgasm.


You can increase your chances of having orgasm during intercourse by making yourself orgasm first. You can do this by stimulating yourself mentally and physically. Every desire originates from the brain. Therefore work on your mind first by occupying your mind with sexy thoughts. You can read an erotic novel, view porn or indulge in your own fantasies to get your mind into the sexy mode.


Once your mind is ready, you can start to stimulate yourself physically. The easiest and most relaxed way is by means of masturbation. Take a deep breath, relax, close your eyes if you want and start stroking your clitoris in ways that you find most comfortable and enjoyable. For a start, you can do this by yourself to find out what you really like best. Later on you can masturbate just before and during sex. You can show your partner how you like to be touched by using his fingers to touch your clitoris during foreplay and/or penetration.


(2)   Do not give undue pressure on yourself


Once in a while, you may not be able to reach orgasm. This is not your fault and not your partner’s. This is okay and normal. Perhaps at a particular moment, your mind is preoccupied with something else. If you can think in this way, your mind will be able to relax. This is of utmost important because if you are not able to relax your mind, orgasm will be impossible for you. Also, you need to ask your partner to stop mentioning about orgasm while having sex.


You can distract yourself from negative thoughts by fantasizing or having some soothing background music. The main thing here is to get yourself at ease and focus on pleasuring yourself. You can guide your partner on where and how you want to be touched. Give him positive feedback if he does the right thing which can be moaning or tightening your grip in his shoulders or telling him that it feels so good and to keep it this way.


(3)   Get into sex positions that can help you to orgasm easily


When he is on top of you, get him to align to you in such a way his penis is constantly grinding on your clitoris and nearby area. The key to this position is to ‘rock together’ with him. As he bears the weight of his genitals on you, you coordinate with his downward movement by moving your hips upwards to receive him. He will be moving forward and backward in rocking motion while you will be moving upwards, which will increase the pressure as well as pleasure on your clitoris.


You can also get into the woman-on-top position. In this position, you can rub your clitoris against his pubic region to induce powerful clitoral orgasm. Alternatively, you can use your hand or ask your partner to stimulate the clitoris while you are in your action.


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When To Have Sex In Order To Make A Girl Orgasm Fast





Have you ever noticed how her libido ebbs and flow at different times? Do you ever wonder why on some nights she is very horny and really wants you, yet on other nights, she needs some coaxing? Do you know that her libido is controlled by her hormones which can fluctuate on a daily basis depending on where she is in her menstrual cycle? Would you like to know the sexual implications about the changes in her hormone levels?


One of the ingredients of great sex is it should be mutually enjoyable and fulfilling. It therefore helps a lot that as guys, we should have a good understanding about the hormonal changes happening in a woman’s body and how these can affect her sexual desire.


4 Hormones Influencing Her Monthly Menstrual Cycle


(1)   Follicle-stimulating hormone is responsible for stimulating the ovarian follicles (the tiny sacs of eggs) to grow.


(2)   Estrogen is produced by specialized cells within the developing follicles. When this hormone reaches the blood stream, it will build up the lining of the uterus in expectation of a fertilized egg. It also thins the mucus in the cervix (the narrow outer end of the uterus) to make it easier for the sperm to reach and fertilize the egg.


(3)   Luteinizing hormone triggers the egg to break from the follicle (sac). It also causes the broken follicle to grow new cells that produce the progesterone.


(4)   Progesterone causes the lining of the uterus to secrete protein-rich substances for nourishing the egg if it is fertilized. If not, these substances will be drained out of her body together with her menses. This hormone also helps to thicken the cervical mucus to make it more difficult for the sperm to reach the uterus.


The rise and fall of estrogen and progesterone seem to be responsible for the shifting physical and psychological sensations many women experience in their monthly cycles. When estrogen is in command (during the 1st half of menstrual cycle), women tend to feel better both physically and emotionally, more self-assured and less irritable.


When progesterone is on the rise (during the 2nd half of menstrual cycle), women tend to have more negative feelings such as low esteem, impatience and lethargy. They may also experience more physical ailments such as headaches, swollen ankles and muscle fatigue. Therefore, when she turns down your sexual advance claiming she has a headache, she may not be lying to you. These shifts are tendencies that may not happen to every woman. The intensity of these changes also varies from woman to woman and from month to month for each woman.


The average length of the menstrual cycle is 29.5 days. It is normal for women to have a cycle ranging from 15-49 days. Most women’s cycles get shorter as they age, from an average of 35 days during teen years to 28 days by mid-30s. The length of menstruation also varies among women from 2-8 days. A variety of factors can shorten the cycle from month to month, including crash diets, stress, excessive exercise and prolonged use of contraceptive. Some research indicates that a sexually active woman (having sex at least once a week) tends to have a shorter and more regular menstrual cycle.


How The 4 Phases Of Menstrual Cycle Affects Female Sexual Desires


(1)   Bleeding Or Menstruation Phase (Day Number 1 To 5)


The bleeding can last from 2-8 days. A woman may feel depressed and normally little or no sexual activities.


(2)   Pre-Ovulatory Phase (Day Number 6 To 14)


Estrogen continues to rise and peak on around the 12th-14th day as her body is getting ready to ovulate. The lining of the uterus begins to thicken and cervical muscles get thinner making it easier for the sperm to enter the uterus. During this period, she is feeling confident and is in the mood for romance. The 10th-14th day will be a good time for some long, slow romantic lovemaking.


(3)   Ovulation Phase On The 14th Day (Peak Sexual Desire Day)


On this day, she is at her peak horniness (if she is not taking birth control pills) with her eggs readies to drop and her testosterone spiking. Men will flirt with her today too, since she is giving off an animalistic level of pheromones. If you want to get her pregnant, today is the perfect day. Today is a great day for quickie sex as she wants you a lot and probably more than once. She is most likely to be multi-orgasmic today, so be sure to satisfy her any way you can.


(4)   Premenstrual Phase (Day Number 15 To 29)


Within 24-28 hours after ovulation, her body temperature will increase by about 0.5 to 1 degree and stays there for several days. Cervical mucus gets thicker making it difficult for the sperm to enter the uterus. Progesterone continues to rise and peak on around the 22nd day. Some women will have bad mood during this period.


However, some sex researchers discover that women have a 2nd stretch of days during this period when they tend to be more sexually active. This resurgence of sexual desire may be caused by the sudden drop in progesterone that occurs after the 22nd day. It is believed that high levels of progesterone suppress female libido so when the level falls, her desire will go up.


On a daily basis, the best time to have sex will be between 9 am to 12 noon, when estrogen levels are at the highest. The bad time for intercourse is between 6 pm to midnight when estrogen levels are at the lowest. This is a problem because most working activities are organized in the day time and most people can have sex on evening except on weekends.


This implies that for evening sex to be mutually enjoyable, a lot of foreplay (touching, manual and oral stimulation, dirty talking, role playing, sex toys, lubricants) plus patience is needed to get her in the mood. In places that have 4 seasons, female libido is at the peak at around late summer period which explains why a lot of births occur at around early summer.


So keep these female sexuality facts in your mind and you should be able to know how best to please a woman at any time during her cycle. Perhaps now you want to know more about how to make her enjoy sex as much as she can even in those less-favored days and if this is the case you can click on Hot Sex and Great Lover

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Awesome Ways To Give A Girl Mind-Blowing Orgasm



How to make her orgasm quickly in an effective way? If your gal has orgasm difficulty during intercourse, you are not alone. According to surveys done for The Hite Report, only 26% of women are able to reach orgasm through intercourse alone. In the following paragraphs, I will talk about the ways you can help your girl to reach orgasm easily.

How to make her orgasm easily?


There are 2 basic ways to get a girl have an orgasm: stimulating her clitoris and stimulating her g-spot. Of these 2 ways, stimulating her clitoris to get her achieve a clitoral orgasm is the easier option for most women.


This is because the clitoris is a primary source of her erotic stimulation. Most of the nerve endings which can give a woman the most awesome sensation that triggers her orgasm(s) are located in the clitoral region.


The clitoris is the biological equivalent of the male sexual organ. It is located where the top of the inner vaginal lips meet. In its normal state, there is a small hood of skin over the clitoris, but when a girl becomes sexually aroused, blood fills up the clitoral region causing the clitoris to swell and appear ‘erected’. If this erogenous zone is being neglected, it will be difficult for your girl to achieve an orgasm.




(1)   Keep your hands clean


This is necessary because if your hands are dirty, you may inadvertently infect your girl when you put your fingers inside her. Therefore, you also need to make sure you trim your fingernails to prevent any dirt accumulating there and also to cut down the chances of your sharp nails hurting her most delicate parts. Initially your girl may not be very wet, so in order to reduce friction a little, it is better to apply some lubricant (preferably natural oil-based) on your fingers.


(2)   Get her in the mood


Most women need some warming-up time to get their senses aroused and the vagina lubricated and ready for penetration. Every little touch, glance and kiss starting from the moment you hope to have sex with her will gradually draw your girl closer to you as the night goes on. It is best not to go for the direct assault at the area between her legs.


You light the spark inside her, by massaging her back, stroking her hair, fondling her breasts, using your fingers to draw circles around her nipples before you gently pinch and rub them against your palm. As your hands travel slowly down along her body, you choose the indirect route by massaging the outer parts of her vulva, and her inner thighs.


You use your hands to gently rub on the area around her clitoris. Using your palm, you cup the entire vulva area and gently apply a little squeezing pressure. When you sense she is quite close to orgasm, you can move your fingers directly over her clitoris but this time you can apply a little bit more pressure as you stimulate her. You keep doing this until she has at least one mind-blowing orgasm.


Of course, instead of using your hands only, you can also use your tongue to lick her clitoris and the surrounding area. Most women love to receive oral sex but are shy to ask for it. You can add in a little bit of fun by improvising your mouth into a vibrator. You breathe in deeply, seal your lips and press them tightly against her vulva and then you exhale. After doing this a few times, you may run out of breath, therefore it is a good idea to have a battery-operated vibrator to standby and continue with the clitoral stimulation.


(3)   The Sexual Positions That Maximize Clitoral Pleasure


Some positions are better for stimulating the clitoris than others. Most of the rear entry or doggie style positions can provide easy access to her clitoris. You can control the pace to slow down a bit if you want to last longer and she needs more clitoral stimulation. The woman-on-top positions (facing you and not facing you) allow your girl to brush her clitoris against you. If she faces you, she can lean backward to allow you to stimulate her clitoris.


In the normal missionary position, you can make some modifications to allow higher chances of your “little brother” brushing against her clitoris as you penetrate her. After you enter her, she will wrap her legs around your waist. You will lean forward and position your pelvis slightly higher than hers. The shaft of your “little brother” should be firmly pressed against her clitoris. Instead of you doing the thrusting, she will thrust upwards while you rock slightly backwards. You synchronize your rocking with her thrusting until she reaches orgasm. This should provide the perfect amount of clitoral stimulation for her.


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Top 10 Sex Positions To Make Her Orgasm Faster



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The real purpose of sex should be in helping your partner enjoy intercourse as much as you are. If you like to discover some naughty positions that will have your girl moaning in pleasure, read on.


(1)    Penetrate in a kneeling position


You get your girl to lie on her back and pull her pelvis up to rest on your thighs. You enter her from a kneeling position while holding her thighs from underneath. This position creates an amazing angle to stimulate the g-spot.




(2)    Penetrate in a standing position


You get her to lie on her back with her buttocks at the edge of the bed. You stand at the edge of the bed, grab both of her feet to spread them wild and you enter her in a standing position. She gets deep penetration while you gain a clear view of her sexy body.




(3)    Penetrate from behind in a standing position


This time your girl will bend forward and resting her hands on a chair. With your knees slightly bend, you enter her while she holds on tightly to the chair. You can give her a light slap on her buttocks to increase her sexual pleasure.




(4)    Double shoulder-rest penetration


She lies on her back with each of her legs resting on each side of your shoulder. This allows deeper penetration in a kneeling position.



(5)    One shoulder-rest penetration


She still lies on her back but with only one of her legs resting on your shoulder while the other leg is stretched straight on the bed. You adopt a half-kneeling and sitting position with one of your legs near to her resting leg. Then you penetrate her while hugging on her other leg that is resting on your shoulder. This unique angle of penetration should make her orgasm faster.




(6)    Penetrate with her knees pointing at her breasts



This is an easier position than the previous one. She lies on her back and you put a pillow to let her buttocks rest on it. As you enter her, she bends her knees towards her breasts. Her legs are kept inside of your arms so she can bend them back over your forearms. This is a comfortable position that can help both of you to last longer.





(7)    Penetrate in a face-to-face sitting position


You get your girl to sit on your laps facing you with her legs stretch behind you. You adjust your body and hers so that you can enter her. You can either slip your arms under her knees or you just grab hold of her breasts. If there is too much strain on you, she can support some of her weight with her arms. This position allows your girl to choose her pace and depth of penetration and helps you to last longer while she rocks on you.




(8)    Penetrate with her sitting on you


You lie on your back while she sits on your lap adjusting her lower body to let you enter her. She leans back, supporting herself on her hands; her knees bend with her legs flat on the bed. She rides on you while you grope her legs and gaze at her very private areas. This is a good position to bring her g-spot orgasm.




(9)    Penetrate with her sitting and her back facing you


This is almost the same as the above position except that she is sitting on your laps with her back facing you. While she rides on you, you can give her a good spanking to turn her on.




(10)   Modified doggie position


While penetrating her from behind, you lean forward to pin her and upper part of her body against the bed. This is a dominating position that allows you to act out both of your fantasies. You are the sex education instructor while she plays the role of a submissive, student moaning helplessly in extreme erotic pleasure.





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