How to Lose Weight with an Underactive Thyroid?

How to Lose Weight with an Underactive Thyroid? It’s often a struggle to lose weight when you have an underactive thyroid. Read on to find out how you can stay thin and keep in shape with this holistic treatment of hypothyroidism.
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It’s often a struggle to lose weight when you have hypothyroidism. So this then becomes a common question….‘ how to lose weight with an underactive thyroid?’


Firstly, let’s do a quick recap of how your thyroid works…


You may already know your thyroid is one of the most important glands to regulate your metabolism.


The thyroid produces crucial hormones that are released into circulation to generate activity in every organ and body system. These vital thyroid hormones help your body use energy, stay well, keep warm, and ensure your digestion, brain, heart, muscles, and other organs keep working properly.


As these hormones spark energy production they influence your metabolism. In effect, they run how efficiently your body burns calories for energy.


Your Thyroid Could Be Slowing Your Metabolism


Your thyroid is your metabolic control center. When your thyroid is working below par your metabolism slows down. It then becomes extremely difficult to lose weight. You may even feel too tired to even try. And as your energy dips you could also start to crave sugary foods for energy.


A sluggish thyroid may also lead to a long list of symptoms such as fluid retention, mood swings and an overwhelming feeling of being exceptionally run down.


Triiodothyronine (T3) + Weight Loss


When it comes to weight gain T3 deserves a special mention. T3 is your most potent thyroid hormone.


T3 is the thyroid hormone that really revs up your metabolism. In fact, far greater amounts of T3 are converted from thyroxine (T4) when your body wants to step up metabolism.


Low T3? You will continue to find it hard to lose weight…


For many people with a low thyroid the body is not properly converting T4 to T3. Only a check of both free T4 and free T3 will reveal if this is occurring.


The standard reference range for free T3 is 4.0-8.0 pmol/L. This provides a very good clue that you ideally want to see your free T3 test result above 4.0 pmol/L. If your free T3 is below 4.0 pmol/L you are more likely to find it hard to lose weight.


How to Lose Weight With An Underactive Thyroid


First and foremost it’s very important to get your thyroid checked properly to gain a better understanding of how your thyroid is functioning.


I recommend getting the top 5 thyroid blood tests done. Here is a quick checklist of the most important thyroid tests; thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), free T4, free T3, reverse T3, and your thyroid antibodies. If your doctor won’t do comprehensive testing, consider finding one who will.


Secondly, once you have these results it’s very important to investigate WHY your thyroid is not functioning properly.


Once you discover why you have a thyroid problem you can start to solve it. This could save you years of suffering and heartache.


A holistic perspective seeks to find the underlying root causes and then treats all aspects of your health. Rather than simply treating your thyroid symptoms, an individualized treatment plan will help you get your health back on track.


As your thyroid recovers your metabolism will pick up. This will help you lose weight, and you will finally begin to live with vibrant health and vitality.


Watch these 2 video clips – How to lose weight with an underactive thyroid & 5 weight loss tips for people with an underactive thyroid

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Author Bio:


Louise O’ Connor, the author of The Natural Thyroid Diet –The 4-Week Plan to Living Well, Living Vibrantly, who is a specialist in Thyroid Health. She is a highly regarded Australian Naturopath and founder of Wellnesswork.


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11 Unusual but Really Remarkably Healthy Living Tips


11 Unusual but Really Remarkably Healthy Living Tips - You probably think some habits that follow fall into that “off limits” category, yet studies show they can actually be quite good for health in their own right. Moderation is, of course, key in all things, so we’re not saying you should throw caution to the wind entirely. Read on to find out the seemingly bad habits that are actually great healthy living tips.
Over 105 Home Remedies for Almost Any Illness Using Natural Ingredients


Seems like not a day goes by when we find out something we love is “horrible” for us. But here’s a bit of a reprieve …


You probably think the healthy living tips that are listed below fall into that “off limits” category, yet studies show they can actually be quite good for health in their own right.


Moderation is, of course, key in all things, so we’re not saying you should throw caution to the wind entirely — just that, sometimes, what’s “bad” turns out to be good…


  1. Daydreaming


Your teachers scolded you as a child, but it turns out daydreamers aren’t the lazy procrastinators they’re pegged as. When you daydream, your brain is actually very active, and that includes the brain region known as the “executive network,” which is associated with high-level thinking and complex problem-solving.


Letting your mind wander may be nature’s way of helping you work through difficult issues in your life; studies show it also boosts creativity and helps you think abstractly, which may be useful for improving your empathy and social relationships.


  1. Eating Chocolate


It’s ok to indulge in a bit of chocolate — particularly if it is dark chocolate which is good for health. The humble cocoa bean contains potent antioxidants that are quite good for your heart.


One recent study even found that those who ate the most chocolate had a 37% reduction in heart disease and a 29% reduction in stroke compared to those who ate the lowest levels. As a general rule, the darker (and more bitter) the chocolate, the healthier it is.


  1. Eating Fat


Many types of fat are actually good for health. You’re probably familiar with heart-healthy monounsaturated fats in foods like olive oil, nuts and avocado, but there are also omega-3 fats, found in fish and fish oil, which are also beneficial for your heart, your brain, cancer and much more.


But did you know a recent study from the Netherlands found that eating saturated fats is not associated with heart disease? Instead, they found that cutting saturated fats from your diet and replacing them with carbohydrates actually increases heart disease risk!


Another study found that supplementing your diet with coconut oil (rich in saturated fat) helps to reduce abdominal obesity.


So if you’re looking to lose weight, cutting fat from your diet is probably not the answer. Cutting unhealthy carbs (like sugar) and exercise will often do the trick, and you can also try a spritz of ThinMist under your tongue before each meal.


It enters your bloodstream in just 23 seconds, flooding your body with critical minerals… amino acids… and natural, bio-identical hormones that work synergistically to help BURN FAT more efficiently. It essentially kicks your metabolism into high gear all day long, and best of all, because it’s a 100% natural formula, you won’t experience any harmful side effects!


  1. Drinking Alcohol


Light to moderate alcohol consumption has been linked to lower rates of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and cognitive decline. Red wine, which is rich in antioxidants, is often touted as the “healthiest” type of alcohol, but even beer has been linked to these benefits.


The U.S. Department of Agriculture even said that moderate drinking may save 26,000 lives a year due to these benefits!


What is moderate drinking? No more than 2 drinks a day for men and 1 a day for women. If you have an alcohol addiction, of course, it’s best to abstain regardless.


  1. Getting Angry


Getting angry actually has psychological benefits when channelled appropriately. For starters, anger can motivate you to take action when it’s necessary (such as standing up for a good cause) and it can help you communicate in your personal relationships.


Hiding your anger in a relationship can be detrimental and may hinder your ability to solve problems or lead to a bigger blow-up in the future.


Many also find that getting angry allows for self-reflection, including insights into your own faults, which can prompt positive change. So letting your anger out, responsibly and appropriately, can indeed be a very good thing.


  1. Being Out in the Sun


If you’re still shunning the sun for fear of skin cancer, you should know that many experts are now advising sensible sun exposure on a daily basis.


When the sun hits your bare skin (i.e. without sunscreen), your body produces vitamin D, optimal levels of which can reduce your risk of cancer, heart disease, depression, obesity, Alzheimer’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis and much more.


Many Americans are dangerously deficient in vitamin D, so some safe sun exposure would be beneficial (as long as you don’t get burned).


  1. Eating Meat


Eating meat in moderation can be beneficial. It’s one of the best sources of protein, as it contains all of the essential amino acids, and it’s also an excellent source of iron, zinc and beneficial B vitamins.


Interestingly, even red meat like beef can be healthy, as half of the fatty acids it contains are monounsaturated (the same type as in heart-healthy olive oil).


And if you opt for grass-fed beef, it will also be a rich source of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which may help prevent cancer. Ideally, your meat should be grass-fed, organic and from a sustainably farmed source.


  1. Grilling


Grilling foods can create the formation of cancer-causing chemicals called HCA’s (heterocyclic amines). But, marinating meats for at least several hours beforehand in liquid mixtures that contain rosemary and other herbs/spices before grilling can dramatically help to reduce HCAs. It appears that the highly potent antioxidants in these herbs prevent HCA formation.


  1. Drinking Coffee


Coffee has antioxidant properties and drinking a few cups a day has been linked to health advantages ranging from a lower risk of type 2 diabetes, colon cancer, and gallstones to improved cognitive function.


If you’re going to drink coffee, dark roast appears to be the best, offering superior improvements in antioxidant levels and even helping people to lose weight, compared to lighter roasts.


  1. Playing Video Games


Video games do offer players some unique benefits, including greater dexterity, more acute eyesight, faster reflexes, quicker decision-making (without sacrificing accuracy), and even improvements in memory and creativity.


One recent study even found that specially designed video games (such as one based on killing cancer cells in your body, designed for cancer patients) can boost positive motivation, leading to improvements in health and behavior.


  1. Taking Naps


Does your spouse ever nag you for taking an afternoon siesta? Have you been caught snoozing on the job?


It’s a shame that napping is so frowned upon in the United States (it’s actually common in other areas, like the Mediterranean), as not only do naps lower your risk of dying from heart disease and stroke, but they’ve also been found to improve creating thinking, memory and learning.


For best results, keep your naps short, from a few minutes up to a half hour (too much longer and it might make you groggy).


And if you’re not sleeping at night, make sure you’re doing that also, as it is the key to your vim and vigor. Before resorting to sleeping pills, though, check out the natural ingredients melatonin, passion flower, lemon balm and more, found in Sleepzyme.


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You can also watch this Video HERE for other healthy living tips.


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How to Really Stop Eating Disorder and Lose Weight


How to Really Stop Eating Disorder and Lose Weight? If you can’t stop eating disorder because you seem to enjoy food very much, read on here to find out how you can stop this compulsive eating habit.
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Your personal food weaknesses … you know, those goodies you just can’t stop eating disorder because they taste so good?


Well it’s not your fault. Really!


Instead, blame your brain.


Even if you’re full, your brain’s reaction to certain foods tricks you into eating… and eating… and eating some more.


While the logical part of your mind is saying, “Enough, enough!” scientists have discovered that a more primal part of your brain is at work.


Known as “hedonic hyperphagia,” this deep brain reaction to food practically forces you to eat every last chip in the bag. It drives you to gobble up every cookie in the box … all the cake on the dessert table … and even that second (or third) helping at dinner.


If you don’t know what’s going on, you can feel out of control and depressed, like you’ll never be able to be in control of your diet or your waistline.


But there’s no need to feel hopeless. Science has pinpointed the problem, which means you can use scientifically proven systems to fix it.


All it takes is a little know how and the right tools … which I’m going to give you right here.


Understanding Hedonic Hyperphagia


What do you call it when you eat more than you need? Pigging out? Stuffing your face? Eating yourself silly?


There’s a hundred expressions for overeating, but scientists have a new one: Hedonic Hyperphagia.


That’s the technical term for eating to excess. But it’s not just being a greedy pig … It turns out your brain releases certain chemicals when carbs, sugars and salts are on your tongue. Those chemicals flood your body with a feeling of happiness and joy.


It works just like flipping a switch — and the next thing you know, you’re in an eating frenzy.


Scientists have compared it to being an addict on a bender. Your brain is pumping reward and pleasure chemicals into your nervous system, removing your ability to stop putting food in your mouth.


Drowning in the feeling, you’ll inhale all the ice cream in the tub and stuff fudge down your face. While you may be shocked and appalled when you’re finished, in the moment, you’re very much out of control.


The worst part? In repeated lab tests, scientists have found that some of the biggest junk food superstars — chips, candy bars and chocolates — have the power to flip the hedonic hyperphagia switch faster and harder than regular food.


So despite your best intentions, certain food triggers will totally override your rational control system, destroying your will power. The result is binge eating, extra inches and unwanted pounds.


Watch this Video HERE from Cambria Joy who shares with you how she is able to stop eating disorder.


Can You Stop Eating Disorder?


Your urge to eat more … and keep eating long past the point of fullness … is a brain thing.


It’s wrapped up in your limbic system and your prefrontal cortex, driven by hormones, instincts and neurons.


So how is a regular human being supposed to fight back against their own brain and stop binge eating?


You know what doesn’t work. High priced gym memberships, expensive diet foods, fad eating systems … all those things are no match for your brain.


Pop one chip in your mouth and flip the switch of hedonic hyperphagia and there isn’t a gym membership in the world that can stop you from finishing that bag. A single chocolate chip may be the trigger that kills weeks of disciplined eating.


And even if you’re trying hard and being extremely disciplined, the additives in modern food are like traps waiting to mess you up.


So do you just give up? It is hopeless? Can you never again taste of the foods you enjoy most?


Absolutely not! You just have fight fire with fire … or in this case, fight hormones with hormones.


Stop Eating Disorder by Beating Food Craving Hormones at Their Own Game


Your cravings and all the mechanisms behind the binge eating of hedonic hyperphagia are driven by hormone response.


But hormones are reactive … they react to foods … and they also react to other hormones, even in trace amounts.


So to stay in control of your eating — to be able to put down a box of cookies before it’s gone — you need to arm yourself with energized hormones to keep that switch in your brain from going off.


And it can be as simple as spritzing the bottom of your tongue with our proprietary weight loss spray, ThinMist.


Built from a strong foundation of vitamins and minerals, ThinMist restarts and revives your body’s fat burning youth hormones. These hormones have the ability to rewire how your body reacts to food, blocking fat storage and jump starting your metabolism.


As you age, these hormones naturally diminish, leaving your body vulnerable to incoming fat and making a hedonic hyperphagia incident downright deadly for your waistline.


But, when by spraying your mouth with ThinMist before meals and snacks, you shift how your body responds to the food coming your way. You turn back the clock and drive your brain to do the right thing for your body …


… helping you put down that bag of chips and walk away from that bowl of candy.


It’s simple science. Don’t you think it’s time to get science on your side?


Now Get Our Best-Selling Package at Our Best Price Ever!

ThinMist supports fast, natural weight loss by giving your body the nutritional building blocks and natural hormone precursors it needs to curb cravings, burn calories faster and help you replace unsightly fat with lean muscle. It’s guaranteed to work for you or your money back!


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By Jesse Cannone – Creator of the International Best-Selling Back Pain Treatment Program “Lose the Back Pain System” and Best-Selling Book “The 7 Day Back Pain Cure”


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How Important Is Sex, Why Is Sex Good for You & How Sex can Save a Man’s Life

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This article talks about the benefits of lovemaking especially this is done with your lover or spouse. The main thing here is regular flow of sex. There are no fixed criteria that how often you should have sex. Normally it takes about 2 to 3 days to replenish your supply of sperm after you ejaculate. But too much sex is bad for health too.

In ancient China, Chinese emperors tended to have shorter life span than normal men because they kept thousands of women in his harem. Some of them in order to boost their capability in mating with more women resort to taking some untested sex-booster herbs and in the process damaging their health. The bottom line here is no matter how good about some activity can be for us, one should not go to extreme!

Sex is often thought of as “dirty”. It is a topic no one talks about and seems to be embarrassed when talking with our closed ones. This kind of thinking that sex is dirty is partly due to our parents’ attitude. As kids, we are naturally curious about anything around us. As guys we are curious why we look different from our sisters. We want to know how we are born.

Most of the time our parents will either avoid answering or giving some evasive weird answers such as “You will know about such matters when you grow up later”, or “You come out from your mother’s arm pit.” Nowadays parents expect schools to impart knowledge about sex by way of sex education. Few of us want to admit that sex is the Number One sought after activity in our lives. Indeed sex can benefit our overall health in many ways if we are practicing safe sex within a committed relationship.

Here are 12 reasons why sex is good for you:

(1)   Sex can relieve pain!

A chemical called oxytocin is released during orgasm, which acts as an effective pain killer. Believe it or not, if your partner has a headache, sex is a sure way to relieve it.

(2)   Lovemaking can fight off depression.

The endorphins released during sexual activity can improve your overall mood.

(3)   It strengthens your relationship, brings people together.

If you are already in a good relationship, sex can help to keep your emotional bonds with your partner strong. People who are in stable relationships are happier, healthier and live longer. It is for this reason that married people tends to have longer lives and this applies especially to men. Unlike women, men’s friendship with their same sex friends are not as closed as compared with women’s close friendship with their same sex friends. Men seldom confide their problems with their male friends for fear of being look upon as signs of weakness.

(4)   Sex is good for your heart.

Rigorous sex can improve cardiovascular function. Having regular sex can decrease your risk for heart attack. This applies for lovemaking with your spouse. This is because for men with weak heart, sex with strangers may “excite” their heart too much and creates the opposite effect.

(5)   Sex improves your immunity!

Regular sex can increase your immunity from cold and flu. Most of us do not realize this is a more enjoyable alternative than taking “anti-flu” injection which is painful, may gives you side effects and may not be effective. There are various strains of flu virus and till now, there is no single “magic bullet” vaccine that can protect you against all strains of flu virus.

(6)   Sex can cure insomnia!

After sex, you usually feel relaxed and are better able to fall asleep.

(7)   Sex relieves stress!

Less stress means less anxiety and lowers blood pressure.

(8)   Do you know sex can help you to lose weight?!

You can burn 85 calories (or more depending on how rigorous you like it!) during 30 minutes of sex. This is certainly not an encouragement for you to over-eat after lovemaking.

(9)   For men, sex reduces the risk for prostrate cancer.

(10)  Sex improves self-esteem!

The more sex you have, the better you will feel about yourself (as long as this is done with your lover or spouse)

(11)   Sex can improve emotional health as well as memory.

(12)   Do you know sex can save a man’s life?

How? Men usually don’t like to visit doctors. Traditionally, men have gotten health services for 2 reasons: One, an accident, act of violence or health crisis brought them to the emergency room. Two, a loved one made them go. No, there is a 3rd reason: Viagra. When a guy visits a doctor for sexual performance problem, it is a good chance to probe deeper into underlying health matters. Impotence can actually be an early warning signal of other ailments including heart disease.

The penis is fueled by the same system of blood vessels as the heart; only the vessels are much smaller and might become blocked sooner. Coronary artery disease could show up 1st as impotence. The penis is just like the heart. The things we do that are good for the heart are also good for the penis. So, before we top up our supplies of Viagra, we should try to understand the roots of our problem. Is it due to psychological reasons such as stress, anxiety about sexual performance or other non-psychological reasons which we have to find out with the help of our doctors?

I wish you all everlasting and fulfilling sex life! To get yourself more ideas to improve sex life, take a look at Hot Sex and Great Love.

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