5 Glowing Skin Smoothie Recipes


5 Glowing Skin Smoothie Recipes - Here are 5 glowing skin smoothie recipes for you to keep your skin looking young and fresh and glowing naturally all over.
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Bodies are constantly contaminated with different toxins from the environment, diet, and even medicine. Toxins are naturally flushed out by bodies through organic processes such as sweat and bowel movements.


However, most of the time these processes aren’t enough to achieve true cleansing benefits. Our bodies become accustomed to these daily toxins and the harm that builds up daily over time is often unnoticed.


Detoxing and cleansing programs are used to flush the body from these toxins that keep us from being our healthiest. Thus, detox power in juicing and smoothie recipes are used to boost the body’s ability to get rid of everyday poisons.


Metabolism boosting cleanses are also effective for achieving more radiant and glowing skin, hair and eyes. Drinking green smoothies can make you look better too! Yes, you heard us right! By drinking green smoothies over a period of time, you will notice that your skin is glowing; your wrinkles are visibly lesser making you look younger too!


Smoothies provide added nutritional value to our meals and fuel for our bodies. They can also be used as a meal replacement for someone hoping to shed fat. Smoothies really are a great option for weight-loss because many recipes use high fiber vegetables and fruits that help fill you up without adding fat and calories. The beauty of including smoothies in your weight loss plan is that you can expect to never feel deprived because the creamy texture and high fiber will leave you feeling full for periods.


Finally, if you are a weight loss enthusiast, green smoothies on daily basis can become your magic potion. They wash away the toxins from your body, and ultimately help you shed those extra pounds.


Here are my favourite glowing skin smoothie recipes


Glowing Skin Smoothie Recipe #1


Needed ingredients are 1 cup non-fat or low-fat vanilla soy milk, 1 cup frozen raspberries, 1 medium ripe banana and ½ cup orange juice with one ice cube or 1 tablespoon frozen orange juice concentrate
To prepare this smoothie, combine all ingredients in blender. Cover and blend until smooth. This drink is great for your skin because it contains nutrients such as Vitamin C, antioxidants and flavonoids.


Citrus fruits such as orange contain high levels of ascorbic acid, or vitamin C, which is essential to a good complexion because it is responsible for your body’s collagen formation. Healthy collagen keeps your face free from wrinkles and sagging. Vitamin C which is also an antioxidant may help to prevent destruction of vitamin E, which protects your cell membranes
Raspberries are a good source of collagen-forming vitamin C, and raspberries have a small amount of vitamin A. Vitamins A and C act as antioxidants that protect your skin cells from the damage of free radicals, which contribute to the aging of your skin.


Glowing Skin Smoothie Recipe #2


The needed ingredients for this recipe are 1 medium ripe peach, sliced,
2 tablespoons chopped avocado, 1/3 cup unsweetened frozen strawberries, 3/4 cup fat-free plain yogurt, 3 tablespoons 100% pomegranate juice, 1 teaspoon grapeseed oil and 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
To prepare this smoothie, place all the ingredients in a blender. Puree about 15 seconds or until smooth. Pour into a tall glass and serve with a tall straw.


I like the avocado in this recipe because it is loaded with vitamins C, E and K, which are essential for healthy skin. It may also help reduce dryness and irritation. In addition to all of those beautifying benefits, avocados also contain glutathione, a substance that specifically blocks intestinal absorption of certain fats that cause oxidative stress—the damage to our skin due to environment, diet, alcohol, UV rays or smoking.


Glowing Skin Smoothie Recipe #3


The needed ingredients for this recipe are 1/4 cup frozen or fresh blueberries, 1/4 cup frozen or fresh raspberries, 1/4 cup frozen or fresh strawberries, 1/4 cup kale and 1 cup of water
To prepare this smoothie, place all the ingredients in a high power blender. Whirl until completely smooth. Serve immediately and sip your way to berry-induced bliss.


Berries bring on big beautifying benefits for your skin. Berries are full of antioxidant compounds that neutralize damaging free radicals that lead to skin cell damage and premature skin aging. Plus, they’re loaded with hydrating water and are chock-full of vitamin C, which is crucial for a healthy complexion. As if that’s not enough, these colorful superfoods help the body manufacture collagen, which makes skin soft, smooth and youthful.


Glowing Skin Smoothie Recipe #4


The needed ingredients are 1 sliced papaya with seeds removed, 1 sliced large peach with seeds removed, ½ cup of milk, and juice of 1 lime. To prepare this smoothie, put all of the ingredients into a blender and process until smooth.


Papaya is a natural exfoliating tonic. It leaves your skin spotless with its high vitamin A content. With moisture rich peaches, you can say goodbye to dry skin. You can happily bypass moisturizing creams if you include peaches in your diet.


Glowing Skin Smoothie Recipe #5


The needed ingredients are 6 fresh strawberries, juice of 1 lemon, ½ teaspoon lemon zest, ½ cup of cream or non-fat milk, 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream.


To prepare this smoothie, blend together the ice cream, lemon juice and the berries. Adjust the consistency by adding cream or milk. Stir in lemon zest.


Lemons are rich in vitamin C, which is great for the skin. Berries are as packed in antioxidants as fruits. Strawberries are great for overall health. The antioxidants in strawberries can work wonders for rejuvenating your skin.


You may also like to click on this Video HERE to learn how to prepare a healthy green detox smoothie for glowing skin


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6 Cherry and Peach Mask Recipes for Removing Wrinkles Naturally


6 Cherry and Peach Mask Recipes for Removing Wrinkles Naturally -  The cherry and peach mask has many advantages. Cherry happens to be a powerful antioxidant. It helps free the skin of radicals that cause wrinkles on the surface. When combines with peach, it makes a more portent facial mask for removing wrinkles naturally. Here is how to make your own cherry and peach facial mask.
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Removing wrinkles naturally from the face may prove to be very difficult, especially if the wrinkles are old and deep. Nonetheless, here are some of your options: Getting enough antioxidants. Antioxidants are very important in warding off the effects of free radical damage.


If you want to remove old wrinkles, you first need to prevent new ones from forming by making sure you have enough antioxidants to protect your body. Antioxidants are especially necessary with prolonged sun exposure as the harmful UV rays can cause free radical damage.


Vitamins C and E are powerful antioxidants, which you can find a lot in fruits like cherry and peach. Supplementing your diet with these (or using facial masks that contain these ingredients) is a very good way of combating wrinkles naturally.


Recent studies have revealed that cherries contain ingredients that have healing and preventative capabilities, which qualify them as a super fruit. In fact, cherries can also be considered a great beauty food because they have among the highest levels of antioxidants of all fruits.


The melatonin found in cherries help to regulate biorhythms to improve your sleep pattern and delay the natural aging process. Plus, the two flavonoids – isoqueritin and queritrin – are powerful antioxidants that help in delaying the aging process. Good for those suffering from insomnia!


Cherry contains contain other important nutrients such as beta carotene (19 times as much as blueberries or strawberries!) vitamin C, potassium and fiber. It also contains Beta carotene, with sour cherries being shown to have more Beta carotene than sweet cherries. Cherry fruit have antioxidants like pectin and anthocyanins that have been linked to the prevention of cancer and heart disease.


The most important among these are the anthocyanins that strengthen connective tissues and prevent wrinkles by destroying the harmful enzymes which make the skin old and wrinkled. The anthocyanin also contains disease fighting chemicals that provide protection against skin cancer by fighting and destroying harmful free radicals.


The same also applies to peaches. One of the major antioxidants in peaches, chlorogenic acid, helps scavenge free radicals — compounds that your body acquires through exposure to pollutants, food and the environment — to reduce the effects of aging and deter chronic diseases.


Peach is a great source of Vitamin C, which helps to remove dark circles and blemishes. It also contains Vitamin E and both Vitamin C and E are are essential in the creation of collagen in your skin. This will help in removing wrinkles naturally.


When directly applied to your skin, the peach juice helps to reduce blemishes and wrinkles, unclog pores, and lighten age spots resulting in fresher, more vibrant skin. Therefore, peach is a common ingredient in anti-ageing face masks. It tightens the skin’s pores and does wonders for a tired skin.

Peaches are a good source of proteins and contribute towards tissue repair, so when you have a cut in your skin or a more severe laceration, peaches can help heal your skin quickly.

As peaches are loaded with Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, beta carotene, potassium, magnesium, and selenium, they help to protect the skin from hazardous ultraviolet rays. In order to prevent any radical damage to your skin, you can boil the fruit, mash it with a fork and apply it on your face once you return home after venturing outdoors. You can also use the peel of this fruit to cleanse your skin.


Peach is one of those fruits that when used on the face in any form, helps make the skin soft and elastic. Peach juice can be used as a lotion, and its meat for face masks. Peach’s acidity aids in closing the dilated pores.


Therefore a beauty mask containing cherry and peach will be a very potent mask for removing wrinkles naturally. The following are a few facial mask recipes using both cherry and peach for various purposes and skin types to be applied on your face once or twice a week.


Cherry and Peach Mask Recipe #1 – For Fighting Wrinkles


Mash together 8 – 9 cherries and 1 peach. Apply onto cleansed face and neck with fingers or mask brush and leave for 10 to 15 minutes. Remove with damp warm muslin or cotton face cloth. Finish with a final splash of cold water and pat the skin dry. Follow with your regular skin toner and jojoba anti-aging solution.


Cherry and Peach Mask Recipe #2 – For Skin Whitening and Reducing Wrinkles


Mash together 8 – 9 cherries and 1 peach in a blender. Then add in 2 tablespoons of organic honey and mix together. Apply with the fingers or face mask brush to the face and neck. Leave on for 15 minutes before removing with a warm damp muslin or cotton face cloth. Finish with a splash of cold water and pat the skin dry. Follow with your skin tonic or toner, serum and face moisturizer.


This mask is wonderful for minimizing fine lines and wrinkles, lightening any skin discolorations, nourishing the skin and has a mild exfoliating effect leaving the skin soft, smooth and supple.


Cherry and Peach Mask Recipe #3 – For Preventing Blackheads and Whiteheads


Mash together 8 – 9 cherries and 1 peach in a blender. Then add in one tablespoon of fine or instant oatmeal to form a thick moist paste. Apply to the face avoiding the eye area and gentle massage the face mask in small circular movements for a few minutes. Leave for 10 – 15 minutes and remove with dampened muslin or cotton face cloth. Finish with a final splash of cold water and or face toner. Apply your normal moisturizer


This exfoliating mask will remove all the dead skin cells revealing fresh healthy skin, improve the circulatory system and deep clean the pores preventing blackheads and whiteheads forming. Exfoliating may be done two or three times a week, but if you have sensitive skin, just do it once a week, and always use a moisturizer after.


Cherry and Peach Mask Recipe #4 – For Skin Rejuvenation


Mash together 8 – 9 cherries and 1 peach in a blender or bowl. Add 2- 3 tablespoons of natural yogurt into the blender or bowl and mix together to form a paste. Apply with the fingers or a face mask brush and leave for 15 – 20 minutes. Remove with a dampened warm muslin or cotton face cloth which has a gentle exfoliating quality.


By using warm water it will stimulate the pores enabling deep cleansing.

When completely removed finish with cold water splash and pat dry. This mask will leave the skin soft, smooth, moisturized and brighter in appearance, with a healthy glow.


Cherry and Peach Mask Recipe #5 – For Dry Skin


Mash together 8 – 9 cherries and 1 peach in a blender or bowl to form a paste and apply to the face and neck area with your fingers or face mask brush. If you wish to add more nourishment (dehydrated skin) add a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil at blending stage. This hydrating mask helps minimize fine lines and wrinkles on the face and neck. Follow with your skin toner and moisturizer.


Cherry and Peach Mask Recipe #6 – For Acne Prone or Oily Skin


Mash together 8 – 9 cherries and 1 peach in a blender or bowl and mix them with honey and lemon juice together and apply to the skin. Leave for 15 minutes before removing with a warm dampened face cloth or muslin cloth.


Do a final splash of cold water and pat the skin dry before applying your skin toner and moisturizer. This ingredient combination will be nourishing, antibacterial, pore cleansing and has anti-inflammatory properties.


You May Also Click HERE To Watch This Video Clip of 4 DIY Face Mask Recipes for All Skin Types


Besides using the above the mask recipes for removing wrinkles naturally, you can apply sunflower seed oil on the wrinkles daily. Sunflower seed oil, which has many skin nourishing benefits, has been regarded as nature’s gift for wrinkled skin. Massage it gently on your skin morning and evening, and sooner or later you’ll notice not only the wrinkles disappearing but also the dark spots.


A facial massage when done consistently and appropriately helps in removing wrinkles naturally as it improves blood flow to areas where wrinkles develop. Sufficient blood flow means that the cells of the skin are getting the right nourishment. Facial massages may also facilitate collagen production.


If you want to get more ideas on safe, cost-effective ways for removing wrinkles naturally, simply click on DIY Beauty Skin Recipes


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Indian Gooseberry benefits for Skin and Hair


If you like to use plants and herbs for healing purposes, you won't find many plants that will give you the numerous benefits that you get from the Indian Gooseberry plant. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of Indian Gooseberry, particularly for your skin and hair.
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Indian Gooseberry also known as Amla has one of the richest concentrations of natural Vitamin C of any edible plants on this planet. The plant produces green to yellow-green fruit, which has a lightly bitter but pleasant taste.


In south Asia, predominantly in India, the gooseberry fruit is an ultimate ingredient in most medications and tonic. The ability of the fruit to restore cellular health earns its reputation as the Great Rejuvenator.


Indian Gooseberry can also be often known as an all-natural antioxidant that facilitates removing of poisons out with the human body. This makes it a popular home remedy with broad applications. It is good for respiratory function and its fruit can be used to treat scurvy. It is useful in the absorption of food.


Indian Gooseberry extract contains a lot of vitamin C and cytokine-like substances called as z-riboside, zeatin, and z-nucleotide. It also has plenty of natural bioflavonoids, which are mandatory for the proper function of vitamin C and help protect and strengthen human cell membranes from oxidative damage.


Vitamin C is among one of the most effective nutrients that our body can use. It buoys the immune system and aids in the prevention of cardiovascular disease and eye problems.


However, Vitamin C cannot be stored in the body so the body must be fed regularly the required dose. One of the best sources to get Vitamin C is from Indian Gooseberry which has one of the richest concentrations of natural Vitamin C.


Because many health benefits of vitamin C, it is important that people get the daily quota. Control blood pressure and reducing the risk of cardiovascular problems are also among the benefits. It can produce nitric oxide, a chemical that can relax the blood vessels. It is this characteristic that makes the prevention of cardiovascular disease and stroke.


Because Indian Gooseberry is a good source of vitamin C so it is used to treat eye. Other benefits of vitamin C include protecting the body against infections, cancer and improve our immunity. All these can be achieved from regular consumption of Indian Gooseberry.


The Indian Gooseberry fruit is a much revered fruit in Ayurveda for its anti-diabetic, antiseptic and anti-pyretic properties. It is an effective cerebral, heart and gastrointestinal tonic. Indian Gooseberry coincidently has anabolic effect and is helpful in increasing the body weight by way of its role in absorption of protein and balancing nitrogen in the body.


The Indian Gooseberry fruit juice does not only help restore the proper cellular activity it also has phytochemical and carotenoid. Phytochemicals are nutrients found in plants also known as antioxidants. It deters cancer cells from growing and spreading.


Carotenoids on the other hand are precursors of vitamin A, also an antioxidant. It is a special kind of color pigment of the plant which converts to vitamin A. In order to have a healthy immune system carotenoid are essential for proper health maintenance.


Indian Gooseberry for Hair Care


The use of Indian gooseberry is the foremost among the home remedies found beneficial in the prevention and treatment of premature greying of hair. This is a valuable hair tonic for enriching hair growth and hair pigmentation.


The fruit, cut into pieces, should be dried, preferably in shade. These pieces should be boiled in coconut oil till the solid matter becomes like charred dust. This darkish oil is very useful against premature greying.


The water in which dried Indian Gooseberry pieces have been soaked overnight is also nourishing for the hair. This water should be used for the last rinse while washing the hair.


Massaging the scalp every night with a teaspoonful of Indian gooseberry juice, mixed with a teaspoon of almond oil and a few drops of lime juice, also proves beneficial in the prevention and treatment of premature greying of hair.


Indian Gooseberry for Healthy Glowing Skin


Indian Gooseberry is an antioxidant that prevents early aging of human body. Because Indian Gooseberry is very rich in Vitamin C, it can help repair damaged skin, sun and restore firmness and tone the skin. It protects, heals skin and helps repair sun damage to skin and gives the excess skin that glows all the benefits.


Vitamin C is one of the most powerful and best antioxidant that helps stimulate the formation of collagen, the substance that gives skin its firmness and elasticity.


Vitamin C increases the body’s ability to absorb iron. It is essential in the formation of collagen and protects against bruising and blood clotting. Vitamin C also promotes the healing of bruises and wounds.


To reduce the signs of aging and to get that glowing skin you desire very much without using unnatural products, you can create your own facial mask using Indian Gooseberry as one of its base components.


To create an Indian Gooseberry face mask, you need to mix 1 tablespoon Indian Gooseberry powder and I tablespoon of manuka honey together to form a paste. You apply this paste to your face and carefully avoiding the eye area. Rinse off after 20 minutes.


Click HERE To Watch This Video For A Better Understanding of Indian Gooseberry


For more ideas on safe, cost-effective and natural skin care, simply click on DIY Beauty Skin Recipes


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