Which is the Best Stretch Mark Treatment if You Have Stretch Marks?

What are the Stretch Mark Treatments to Consider if You Have Stretch Marks? This post will talk about how do stretch marks occur, who are most vulnerable to have stretch marks, reasons why you have stretch marks, which areas of the body that are likely to have stretch marks, the various stretch mark treatments, their pros and cons. There is a video clip about how laser stretch mark removal is being done.
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This post will talk about how do stretch marks occur, who are most vulnerable to have stretch marks, reasons why you have stretch marks, which areas of the body that are likely to have stretch marks, the various stretch mark treatments, their pros and cons. There is a video clip about how laser stretch mark removal is being done.


How Do Stretch Marks Occur?


Stretch marks, or striae, are a form of skin scarring that are usually related to being pregnant, weight problems, puberty, and short-time period weight benefit from bodybuilding and other physical activities.


They form when the dermis – the middle layer of the skin that keeps shape and elasticity – is stretched beyond its tolerance level. Connective fibers in the skin finally break down, disrupting the production of collagen and causing scarring. This scarring can be treatable most effectively through stretch mark elimination.


Who are most vulnerable to have stretch marks?


The most vulnerable group is pregnant women. Almost three in 4 women will get stretch marks after being pregnant.


Expecting mums typically suffer from stomach stretch marks, but other regions will also be affected, resulting within the want for mommy makeover surgery.


Other vulnerable groups of people are those who have lost massive weight and bodybuilders who’ve quickly developed sizable muscles.


Reasons why you have stretch marks


Both men and women can have stretch marks, which mainly can be seen at the thighs, hips, hands, buttocks, abdominal region, and decrease back.


Other causes of stretch marks include:


Genetics: women are much more likely to get belly stretch marks if their mother, for example, had stretch marks after being pregnant.


Huge weight gains and losses: your skin stretches as your weight fluctuates, every now and then ensuing in stretch marks.


Puberty: growth spurts at some stage in puberty usually resulting in stretch marks on the skin because the skin is unable to cope with the body’s speed of growth.


Bodybuilding: quick development of muscular tissues may also stretch the skin way past its limits.


Corticosteroids: heavy or long term usage of oral or topical corticosteroids, a broadly used pharmaceutical steroid compound, can cause stretch mark formation.


Ethnicity: human beings with darker skin don’t usually have stretch marks.


Why do Women Have Stretch marks after pregnancy?


Stretch marks after being pregnant are quite often seen. Almost three in 4 expecting mums will have stretch marks on their legs, abdomen, hips, and different areas of the body affected by weight gain at some stage in pregnancy.


For the duration of pregnancy, the skin expands and stretches to its limitations, causing tiny tears within the layers of skin. These tiny tears are stretch marks that seem as smooth, white streaks in the pores and skin.


Many ladies who have stretch marks after pregnancy seek for laser stretch mark elimination to eliminate this undesirable scarring. This treatment aims to help women to regain the youthful appearance they desire.


Which areas of the body that are likely to have stretch marks?


Stretch marks can affect any part of the body where the skin is subjected to rapid stretching. The abdomen is the most likely area to be affected by stretch marks, however they are also as likely to appear across the thighs, hips, buttocks, lower again, fingers, and chest.


Skin in these areas is being subjected to high level of stress due to heavy use and fast expansion. Any part of the body is equally likely to be susceptible to stretch marks if the skin is stretched beyond a tolerance level because of tissue expansion.


What do you need to take note about the various stretch mark treatments if you have stretch marks?


Patients should have realistic expectations about the outcomes from their chosen stretch mark treatment.


Patients that go through stretch mark elimination surgical procedure ought to be healthy.


Patients undergoing surgical procedure will need to discuss their medical history and the medications they are currently taking, with their surgeons prior to surgery. Sufferers must also be aware of the cost of their stretch mark treatment.

6 Stretch Mark Treatments and Their Pros and Cons Revealed Below Here


Stretch Mark Treatments #1 – Removing Stretch Marks Naturally


Natural stretch mark removal includes creams, lotions, and tips for diet and exercise. There are various products that can be found in the marketplace for natural stretch mark removal.


But, these products don’t work for many people, particularly for those who have stretch marks that are old and well-developed. In these cases, probably the only effective option is more involved medical treatment.


How Effective Is Natural Stretch Mark Removal?


It’s quite difficult to accurately gauge the effectiveness of natural stretch mark removal techniques. A wide range of products claim of being able to get rid of or reduce the appearance of stretch marks, however little or no real statistics is available to support these claims.


Generally, these natural stretch mark removal products work best for treating fresh stretch marks and merely helping to fade stretch marks faster.


Benefits of Removing Stretch Marks Naturally


Herbal stretch mark elimination products, together with striae stretch mark elimination cream, are generally much less high-priced than those which involve cosmetic dermatology methods.


The products used are easy to buy both online and from skin care retailers. Because they’re non-surgical, there is no need to visit a clinic or spa, and the more reputable brands are usually very safe.


Dangers of Removing Stretch Marks Naturally


There are various potential dangers associated with natural stretch mark removal. Because of the wide range of topical products that declare to heal stretch marks, every product is subjected to little regulatory oversight.


This means that a number of the less legit stress mark treatment products are largely or definitely useless. Worse still, it’s far viable that some of them may contain substances that truly pose a health risk to users.


Additionally, the cost of using a variety of ineffective natural alternatives can be quite close to the cost of a single dependable professional treatment.


Stretch Mark Treatments #2 – Laser stretch mark elimination


A laser stretch mark removal process involves using a beam of light to remove thin layers of skin around the stretch marks. The excimer laser is uniquely effective for this procedure.


Instead of the traditional laser treatment which involves cutting or burning the affected skin areas, the excimer laser makes use of high-strength ultraviolet laser light to disrupt the molecular bonds inside the skin tissue, which causes the skin tissue to fall apart in a process called ablation.


After completion of laser stretch mark treatment, the treated area will heal very fast, and new layers of healthful skin will appear. The stretch marks will disappear, and a renewed, healthful look will result.


Recuperation after Laser Stretch Mark Treatment


After the laser stretch mark removal treatment, the affected location might be red and tender. This is because layers of scarred skin had been removed and new skin is being grown.


From time to time, blistering and different signs and symptoms that resemble an ordinary burn injury can be present, however these are transient.


Most people will heal within a few days, but there are some cases when healing can be as long as a few weeks and these are mainly those that require a more extensive therapy.


How Effective is Laser Stretch Mark Treatment?


In most cases, laser stretch mark elimination is quite effective. As with any other approach, the effectiveness of the treatment is very dependent on the prevalence and age of the stretch marks in each case – older and more serious stretch marks are extra difficult to deal with.


Patients often need as many as 10 treatment sessions to completely get rid of stretch marks. In some very severe instances, even a series of laser treatments may just simply reduce the visibility of stretch marks and not able to remove stretch marks completely. Every case is not the same.


Advantages of Laser Stretch Mark Treatment


Laser stretch mark treatment is highly effective and enjoys a high rate of patient satisfaction. It’s also extremely secure; The excimer laser is quite safe and is precisely controlled exactly controlled, which lower the risk of injury.


Laser stretch mark treatment is less invasive than surgical body sculpting procedures including tummy tucks, with shorter recovery time, lower fee, and fewer complications.


Risks of Laser Stretch Mark Treatment


As with every medical procedure, laser stretch mark elimination isn’t completely risk-free. Due to the fact the laser has the ability to ablate the skin, there is a risk that a mishandled laser could cause some superficial damage to the skin. Because of this, you should carefully choose your cosmetic dermatologist.


There are always the dangers that significantly entrenched stretch marks may not be completely removed with laser treatment. Other risks involve blistering and negative reactions to the treatment, however these complications are transient and not threatening to life.


Watch this Video – LASER STRETCH MARK Removal VLOG|| Pulse Light Clinic



Stretch Mark Treatments #3 – Surgical Removal of Stretch Marks


Surgical stretch mark removal is the most effective alternative for the entire and everlasting elimination of stretch marks. Different treatments, such as laser stretch mark removal and natural stretch mark removal treatments, can fade stretch marks and lessen their prominence but cannot totally eliminate them.


Whilst posing little health risk, stretch marks continue to cause anxiety and insecurity to many people. If patients want to totally get rid of stretch marks as opposed to just camouflaging them, then surgical stretch mark treatment remains the simplest feasible method.


Areas of the body that can be treated by Surgical Stretch Mark Removal


Abdominoplasty, more usually called a “tummy tuck,” is currently the best effective surgery for stretch mark elimination. The tummy tuck tightens abdominal muscular tissues and eliminates extra skin in the mid to lower belly region.


All stretch marks underneath the naval are remove together with the extra skin. Presently, there aren’t any surgical treatment for stretch mark elimination on other areas of the body.


Due to this drawback, surgical stretch mark removal is only done on patients that qualify for the stomach tuck system. Those who are eligible for tummy tuck surgical treatment includes sufferers that are in proper health that don’t smoke and have excess skin at the belly.


Cost for Surgical Stretch Mark Treatment


The price of surgical stretch mark removal varies widely depending on the technique that are being used and the severity of the scars in question.


Natural techniques such as lotions and lotions are normally the cheapest and least involved, however also the least powerful.


Surgical treatment for stretch marks usually is very expensive and can be as costly as repeated laser stretch mark treatment. You should seek advice from your cosmetic dermatology specialist in order to make an informed decision.


Other stretch mark treatments


Cosmetic dermatologists offer a wide range of non-surgical options for treating stretch marks. Popular and effective options consist of chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and blue light therapy. Those are top options for patients who want to avoid surgical treatment, and they’re usually less pricey than laser stretch mark removal.


Like any non-surgical stretch mark remedies, those alternatives work best on more recent scars. For people who have stretch marks that are quite old, they may need the usage of surgical techniques for total removal.


Stretch Mark Treatments #4 – Chemical peels


Chemical peels are normally used at the face to treat wrinkles and age spots, but they may be used on other areas of the body for stretch mark removal.


When using chemical peel, a chemical solution is applied on the skin using a sponge, cotton pad, cotton swab, or brush. The types and strengths of the chemical in the solution is very dependent on the patient’s needs.


The chemicals essentially peel off the top layers of dead damaged skin in order to promote new skin production. Sufferers may experience a stinging or burning sensation during treatment.


The skin restoration period will be very dependent on the patient’s skin type and the power of the chemical substances administered, and the number of treatments that may be necessary in order to get the most beneficial results.


You must be aware that a chemical peel does not eliminate stretch marks absolutely; but, they can help to fade the appearance of stretch marks, and patients will emerge with smoother, healthier, more youthful looking skin.


Stretch Mark Treatments #5 – Microdermabrasion


Both microdermabrasion and chemical peels help to fade the appearance of stretch marks through removing the skin’s top layers. Chemical peels reap this purpose by way of the usage of chemicals to “burn” the top layer of the skin. Microdermabrasion uses a fine crystal spray to “blast” the outermost layers of skin.


Dead skin cells are eliminated and will be replaced by new, healthy skin cells. These new skin cells will produce more collagen and elastin, two crucial components of smooth, younger looking skin.


Microdermabrasion is a painless technique that can be done under less than an hour and involves little recovery time. An additional five to twelve treatment sessions are required in order to reap the most benefit from this treatment.


Again, you must be aware that, despite the ability of microdermabrasion in helping to improve the appearance of scars, it isn’t always an effective method for complete stretch mark removal.


Stretch Mark Treatments #6 – Blue mild therapy


Even though blue mild therapy is widely used for acne treatment, it can sometimes be used to enhance the appearance of stretch marks.


Blue light therapy requires applying a photosensitive gel to the skin, and then exposed the gel to bursts of light energy.


While complete stretch mark removal is not possible, patients may see some improvement in the appearance of stretch marks, especially those most recent ones.


Consult a stretch mark removal professional in your location


Because stretch mark removal is custom designed to the person who have stretch marks, consulting a beauty dermatologist that specialize in removal of stretch mark is the great way to get information on your specific case.


Use the doc-shop listings to discover a stretch mark removal professional near you.


Watch this Video – LASER STRETCH MARK Removal VLOG|| Pulse Light Clinic

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The Best Foods to Gain Weight! Learn How to Easily Beef Up Simply By Changing Your Diet


The Best Foods to Gain Weight! Learn How to Easily Beef Up Simply By Changing Your Diet - There’s plenty of information out there about how to lose weight. Shelves in bookshops heave with volumes and volumes on the subject and magazines dedicate thousands of column inches to the issue every single week. But if you’re someone who wants to GAIN weight, you soon realize that there’s a lot less information and advice out there for you to read and use. Read on here to find out how you can achieve healthy weight gain.
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There’s plenty of information out there about how to lose weight. Shelves in bookshops heave with volumes and volumes on the subject and magazines dedicate thousands of column inches to the issue every single week.


But if you’re someone who wants to GAIN weight, you soon realize that there’s a lot less information and advice out there for you to read and use.


Today I’m going to tell you a little bit about how you can gain weight safely and consistently without getting fat and without negatively affecting your health.


By following the tips and advice that follow, you’ll be able to beef up as much as you like. The only limit is your own preference. So let’s get started.


The only real way to gain weight is to increase the number of calories you consume on a daily and weekly basis. However, there are a few special rules to doing this that you should follow if you can. Let’s get the main calorie concept out of the way first.


A pound of weight consists of around 3500 calories. To lose a pound a week, you’d need to eat 500 fewer calories a day (7 x 500 = 3500) than usual. To gain a pound, which is what you’re looking to do, you need to eat 500 MORE a day. So that’s the first thing you need to do.


Over the course of one week, eat as you usually do and take note of how many calories you consume in a day on average. After the week is over, total the day’s up, and then adds 3500 to that number. Divide that number by 7 and you’re left with your new per-day calorie intake goal.


Here are a few quick tips to help you eat more calories to gain weight in the best possible way:


– Eat little snacks throughout the day, in-between your three main meals

– Pick foods with higher calorific contents whenever you can

– Increase the size of your portions whenever possible


An important point you MUST bear in mind here, is that some foods are much better than others when it comes to which ones you choose to eat to increase your calorie intake.


Try to adhere to the following rules:


– Include a lot of unrefined/unprocessed carbohydrates in your weekly diet, things like whole grains and fruits, plenty of vegetables and lean foods that are high in protein such as products made of skim milk, eggs, and low-fat cuts of red meat like beef and pork.


– Try to avoid eating lots of saturated fats. It might seem like a good idea to pack on some weight, but it’s not when you think about it. All fats contain the same number of calories (45 in 1 teaspoon).


Eating saturated fats more than any other kind will only raise your cholesterol, so stick to healthy fats like Omegas 3, 6 and 9.


So, which specific foods can you eat to up your calorie intake without consuming too much bad fat?


Here are some ideas:


– Add powdered milk and/or margarine to mashed potatoes

– Add fruit, seeds and nuts to your cereal in the morning. Muesli and porridge are especially good morning meals.

– Feel free to eat dessert, but try to find desserts that contain low-fat milk and healthy oils.

–  Snack regularly on things like crackers and cheese, yogurts, soup with croutons and added skim milk, and milkshakes containing frozen yogurt or low-fat ice cream.

– Drink plenty of water to keep yourself energized and hydrated.


Overall, remember that your goal is this: to eat more calories per week by consuming foods that are high in protein but low in saturated fats. Eat big to get big!


Doing too much aerobic exercise will hinder your weight gain, but exercise is still highly recommended. You want to keep your muscles lean and fit, so lift weights whenever you can. Stick to performing low reps with a lot of weight to bulk up without getting too ‘cut’.


Lastly, sleep as soundly and for as long as you can every night. 8 hours minimum if you can manage it. It helps your body process the things you’re eating and keeps you feeling awake and vitalized during the day.


If, after a few weeks, you see your weight gain stop or severely slow down, up your calorie intake further – but still keep your diet healthy. Add 250 more calories to your daily intake and go from there to kick-start your weight gain again. Simple!


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Does a Woman’s Weight before Pregnancy affect Baby Weight Gain?


Does a Woman's Weight before Pregnancy affect Baby Weight Gain? The weight that you gain during your pregnancy is the most important thing. The weight gain can act as a yardstick to measure the success of the pregnancy. How much weight should you gain during pregnancy? Click on above image to Read on to find out more.
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Every girl or woman on planet earth is weight conscious to at least a certain extent. It is almost second nature to them.


If she’s too thin, then she wants to gain more weight. If she’s too overweight, or even a little overweight, she wants to reduce every bit of those last overweight pounds. That’s just how women are made.


And when women move towards pregnancy, their greatest fear and challenge is the same: weight gain! And weight gain in reality, for pregnant women, is just that; a challenge.


The weight that you gain during your pregnancy is the most important thing. The weight gain can act as a yardstick to measure the success of the pregnancy.


What you weighed before the pregnancy, how much you should gain during the pregnancy, what kind of diet you should take during the pregnancy etc are all important elements to consider.


An aptly weighted woman will need to gain around 26 to 28 pounds altogether, if she is expecting only one child. However, if she is expecting twins then she needs to gain 35 to 40 pounds.


The required weight gain, which signals a good pregnancy, will increase according to the number of babies that the mother-to-be is expecting at the same time.


The weight that is gained overall is not just that of the baby’s. The total baby weight includes several other things that contribute to it, such as the baby’s actual weight (8 pounds approx.), the placenta (2 to 3 pounds), the amniotic fluids (2 to 3 pounds), the breast tissue (2 to 3 pounds), the uterus (2 to 5 pounds), fat stores (5 to 9 pounds), and the blood supply (4 pounds).


In a nutshell, around 25 pounds of the weight that the mother gains is the “baby weight” i.e. the weight that is essential for the development of the baby.


One of the most important aspects, before you can work up your diet to increase weight, is your actual weight i.e. the weight that you had before the pregnancy. The weight before your pregnancy does effect the baby weight that you must gain during the pregnancy.


If the mother-to-be is underweight, then she must work to gain at least 28 to 40 pounds altogether. And if the mother-to-be is overweight, then she won’t need to gain much baby weight; she may need to gain as little as 11 pounds in total during the pregnancy.


The weight that the mother-to-be gains during the pregnancy is directly tied to the total fat stores in the body needed for a proper delivery and breast feeding. This is the reason why so much importance is tied to the weight of the mother-to-be during the pregnancy.


If the mother-to-be becomes overweight, it might present complications during the delivery of the baby. In the same way if the mother-to-be is underweight, it may undermine the development and nourishment process of the baby. Therefore, a woman’s weight before pregnancy affects the amount of total baby weight that needs to be gained.


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How to Get a Toned Body and Hot Butt?

How to Get a Toned Body and Hot Butt? Are you looking for ways to get a toned body and hot butt? Read on to find out more.
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Are you looking for ways to get a toned body and hot butt?


If you do, this is a Video HERE for you to get a toned body and hot butt:


This is “Burpee” which is one of the best moves you can do in order to get a toned body and hot butt and it works your entire body – your core, your thighs, even your upper body and arms.


We are going to break this exercise down into simple moves, so anybody can do it.


So come on, let’s do this together.


You’re going to start with your feet a little wider than hips distance apart.

The 1st thing you want to do is squat down and then you’re going to stand up as tall as you can.


So the 1st variation would be putting your hands down, stepping back with your right foot and then with your left.


Now, this is the area where you need a lot of core and upper body strength because you would do a push up.


If you can’t do a push up, just come down onto your knees and do a modified push up.


Go down and then come up, then you’re going to lift your knees up, push back into downward facing dog.


Step your right foot forward and then your left, coming back up, make sure you squeeze your butt as you stand back up as tall as you can.

That was the Level 1 “Burpee”.


If you’d like to go further, we’re going to add a little bit more intensity.

You’re going to bend down, jump up, come down, and jump back, you can drop your knees or go all the way down.


Make sure you’re using your core as you then push back up into Plank, then Downward Facing Dog.


Bend your knees, come forward, come all the way back up and jump.

That’s the Level 2 “Burpee”.


If you want to go to a Level 3 “Burpee”, you’re just going to make everything more intense and it’s going to go faster.


I’m not going to be able to really speak while I’m doing this, I’m going to use my full breath as well as my core control.


So here we go…

All right, so you saw how that was faster and it’s also using more of the flow of movements.


Wherever you’re at, know that you are doing great.


One “Burpee” is already racing up my heart rate and you can hear that I’m starting to breathe a little faster.


I incorporated this exercise into the MyBikiniButt program because it’s one of the fastest ways to lift your butt and tone your whole body.

Keep practicing this to help you get a toned body and hot butt.


Remember that you are perfect exactly where you are today, keep believing in yourself.


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