How To Have Sex Often

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Not having enough sex? Ever wonder why your girl seems to be less enthusiastic in sex lately? Want to look for ways to get her in the mood? How to rekindle her interest so that you can have sex as often as you want? Here are a few ways you can do to get her back into the sexy mode.


(1)   Constant foreplay


Foreplay is more than just kissing and touching  her all over. What women want first is to feel loved in order to feel sexy. What a guy should do is always to be a loving partner to his woman all the time, not just in bed or not just for the purpose of sex. What I mean is to be good to her without any pre-conditions attached. If your caring to her comes with conditions, what you do to her will come across as a sort of demand or pressure to her. This can kill her mood.


In daily life, always be supportive to her. For a woman, foreplay begins the moment you wake up. This means everything you do to her between sunrise and before going to bed will increase or decrease the odds of getting laid that night. Show her you care. Volunteer in some household tasks such as cleaning up after dinner. If she is busy in the kitchen and the baby is crying, go and pick up the baby, instead of just sitting there reading your newspaper or watching TV. The more supportive you are, the more sex you will get without you asking for it.


(2)   Wake up her senses


For a guy, it is easy to get aroused with just visual stimulation such as seeing a naked woman. But for a woman, in order to get her fully aroused, you have to stimulate all her senses – touch, sight, smell, sound and taste.


Touch – When you are kissing her, you can start to touch her more sexually. Move your hands from her shoulders, massaging and touching her and move towards her breasts. Maybe you have a hand on her thigh and you can start massaging her thigh as you slowly move to the inner part of her thigh. Massaging her is a great way to turn her on with your touch.You can do it as you kiss or not. Take your time and enjoy touching her body as you slightly move closer and closer to her intimate regions.


Some of the areas that are great to touch are those places that are less exposed. The inner part of her arm or the inner part of her leg is really good examples of places that if we touch lightly, that would just send a bolt of electricity up the girl’s body.


Her neck is a really powerful place.  Kissing is a form of touch too. Kissing up the side of her neck would really turn her on. The back of a girl’s head is an erogenous zone. If you can run your hands through her hair and gently squeeze your hands together to create a pull on her hair, this is a huge turn on for women.


Gently kiss her ears or gently nibble on her ears. For a lot of women that is a huge sexual turn on. It allows us to really be able to breathe nice and deeply into her ear which creates a powerful trigger for her to come back to. The other area is to gently stroke her forehead and even along her eyebrows.


SmellDid you ever notice that certain smells can trigger certain reactions and feelings in her everyday life? What you can do is to make the bedroom and yourself smell good. Entice her sense of smell by smelling nice, which is paying attention to your personal hygiene. After you have your workout, make sure you have a shower before you are heading to bed.  


Taste – You can definitely make oral sex tasty and arousing by having her lick chocolate-flavored cream (or any other flavors she likes) off your penis. Or, you can have her get the sense of how giving a blow job is like, by dipping your thumb in some cream (that has the flavor she likes) and have her suck and lick the cream off your thumb.


Sight – Place a mirror in such a way so that she can see you touching and licking her down there. If you can add some sound or noise as if you are enjoying a delicious meal, you will simultaneously stimulate her sense of sight and hearing. Another way is to make constant eye contact with her throughout the process when you are pleasuring her. Look her in the eyes as you kiss and take time to look at her body, as well.


Sound – You can talk dirty to her. Girls have an active imagination too. If you can stimulate her mind into thinking dirty and naughty, she will definitely get wilder in bed.  Or, you can whisper sweet words in her ear. Tell her that she is beautiful, that you really love something about her or a part of her body. Use soft and gentle words to make her feel fantastic. During the entire lovemaking session, you turn her on by making some groaning noises to show her you are enjoying her body. Or, you can also play some of her favorite music that has some sexual meaning to her while you are making love to her.


(3)   Help her to reach orgasm


The easiest way to help her to reach orgasm is by means of clitoral stimulation. You can do this orally by starting with kissing and caressing her thighs and pubic region, and then work your way to her clitoris.  Slow tongue strokes will gradually get her going, and then you can work up to fast ‘flicks’ of the tongue and increased pressure.  You can also finger her g-spot while you suck and lick her clitoris once she becomes highly aroused to give her an orgasm.


To find and stimulate the g-spot, have her lay flat on her back and insert your longest finger inside her vagina.  With your palm facing upwards, go all the way in to her vagina and reach just below her pelvis bone.  When she begins to feel the urge to urinate, you have found her g-spot!  Don’t worry; the urge will go away for her.  Once you have located the g-spot, begin to rub it slowly and then speed up your pace.  She may find it helpful to tilt her pelvis, as this makes it much easier to reach this hidden treasure.  A g-spot orgasm is more intense than any other type of orgasm, so be prepared for her to make a lot of noise when it happens!


You can also stimulate her clitoris using your fingers by slowly rubbing her clitoris with a light touch.  When she begins reacting with moans, which is your clue to speed up the pace. Gradually begin increasing the pressure and the speed until she reaches orgasm.  You can also lick or suck her breasts during the stimulation, as most women find this very pleasurable when they are highly aroused.


You can also get the help of sex toys to stimulate her clitoris. Vibrators are a very effective way of giving her a quick and intense orgasm, and are used directly on the clitoris.  Dildos resemble the size and shaped of a penis, and can work to vaginally stimulate her.  There are combination toys that are both dildos and vibrators, and are an amazing way of getting her off when you are too tired to do it yourself.


Now that you know what women want from a man, try to make sure your girl has a great time when she is in bed with you. Remember to focus on her mind and her senses first, and you can be sure your night time will be busier from now on. To learn more tips and tactics for improving your sex life, check out How To Get The Sex Life You Want.


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