Crazy Sex Ideas To Turn A Woman On

Inline image 1Do You Want Her To Enjoy Sex With You?

Are you looking for some really new crazy and sexy ideas to try on your lover? Do you want to try new things to spice up your sex life? Here are a few to get your started to turn an ordinary night into a night of incredibly hot sex.


(1)   Use Sexting


If you want to get your woman ready for a hot sexy night you should start the foreplay long before the actual action. The first thing to do is to prepare her mind by mentally warming her up. You can start with sexting. Technology is a great way to stay connected and build anticipation.


You can say something like, “I can’t stop thinking about how horny you make me!”, “I can’t believe just thinking of you is making me want you this much.”, “What are you wearing and what is the color of your panties?”, “I miss you so much. I need a picture.” Or, “Just a kiss isn’t going to be enough for me tonight. Start undressing now.”


If sex is getting routine, sending sexually explicit messages and pictures via text messages can set the tone for where you want the conversation to go. These can set off a chain of emotions including giggles as well as getting her hot, horny and wet.


(2)   Shower Together


Of course, this is more than just a shower. You can tease her by rubbing your penis against her buttocks, but do not penetrate yet. You take turns washing each other and have her give you a sensuous hand job while she applies soap on your penis. Don’t let her bring you to climax. Stop her when you are on the edge.


Then you reciprocate her effort by eating her pussy. You kneel down, spread her legs and lick her as if you are licking an ice cream cone. You suck her clitoris and insert your tongue into her pussy, darting in and out. At this stage, your purpose is to warm her up and not to make her orgasm yet. You stop before she comes. You will keep her in suspense and anticipation, driving her wild.


(3)   Give Her A Kinky Massage


If you really want to get a girl horny, give her a kinky massage. You can make this very visually stimulating by placing a mirror where both of you can get a view of what is going on from a different perspective. Use a little bit of massage oil and gently stroke her entire naked body. You can use food (such as whipped cream) to rub on her body or certain items such as cucumber, carrot and banana for inserting into some sexy places on her body.


You can bring in a variety of message-enhancing toys or sex toys such as vibrator or those improvised vibrators (back massager, electric toothbrush, and electric-powered razor) or even vibrating nipple clamps. You can take things further by blindfolding her and get her to guess the various types of objects you are using to touch her body. If she guesses it correctly, you will reward her by doing a certain sexual act she requests.


If you want to turn her on and pleasure her, make sure your massage covers all her sensitive areas such as her genitals, breasts and buttocks.


When massaging her buttock cheeks, you should also rub on the surrounding areas such as her hips, thighs and lower back. You can use your palms and fingers to vary the massage movement on the buttocks. You can slap on it once in a while to make this sexy buttock massage a little kinkier.


To caress her breasts, you can start by cupping your hand around her breast from underneath. Grab it and hold onto it up a little bit. You use your pointer finger and thumb to squeeze and rub the nipple. You can do this while you lick her clitoris. Or, you take turns to switch it up by sucking and licking on her nipples while you are fingering her down there. You can also encourage her to masturbate while you are working on her breasts.


(4)   Play Bedroom Games


A little bit of variety can go a long way to spice up your relationship. You can play some bedroom games to bring the erotic fun and excitement back to your relationship.


You can play this ‘Alphabet Game’ starting from A. You can both take turns going down the alphabet and kissing the body parts that begin with the letter you have.


A modified dice game will be fun with you and your partner assigning a sexual act for each number and combination of numbers on the pair of dice. You get to take turns rolling the dice and giving and receiving the sexual act as represented by the number you get.


You can try strip poker. Each time when someone loses, he/she has to remove an article of clothing.


(5)   Try Bondage


Bondage can be fun during sex if you use it correctly. You can add some silk scarves for gentle restraints to heighten her sexual desire. You have her hands confined or to blindfold her while you play and tease her. This will build her anticipation and have her begging for more.


Before playing bondage games, you have to make sure your partner is willing to give them a try. You do not want to whip out the handcuffs and all of sudden she just freaks out by this kind of rough sex. It is better to talk to each other the likes and dislikes before beginning any bondage sex.


Sex may become dull as a relationship matures, but it doesn’t have to be. Use these five tips to get more sexual pleasure and improve your overall sex life. When you are ready for more ideas to brush up your lovemaking skills, you can click on Kinky Sex.




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