Oral Sex – How Do I Turn A Girl On And Make Her Melt In My Mouth

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Your Priceless Gift For A Girl

Oral sex is a wonderful thing and almost every woman loves it. But many girls are afraid to tell a guy how much they like it. Sometimes the problem is that she is not comfortable in telling you what she wants or maybe she did tell you but you were a little too involved at the time to pay attention. Next time when you are down there between her legs, give her what she truly wants. Here is what you can do to thrill a woman most and make her melt in your mouth.


(1)   Foreplay Is A Must


Women often complain that guys work too quickly through the stages of kissing, hands on boobs, hands on crotch. Most often the best oral sex foreplay is non-sexual and achieved through connection like kissing and looking intensely into her eyes. Women are like ovens, and it takes a little time to warm them up. The time you spend at each stage should be longer because women like to be teased.


When you are down there, instead of being tempted to lick quickly, you flatten your tongue out so that you can slowly lick her entire vulva from top to bottom, and then pause to flick on her clitoris or put pressure on it with your tongue.


This is not to say that she does not like the occasional quickie session. Sometimes she may not need much foreplay. There will be times when she is so turned on and ready for action without much kissing and touching.


You can tell she is in a highly aroused stage if she is eagerly attending to your happy parts more than the rest of your body or pulling you straight into a sexual position. The main thing is to pay attention to her cues and body language and react accordingly.


(2)   Be Enthusiastic


Just like men, women are ego-driven in the bedroom. Even the most confident of them, are shy and/or insecure about at least one thing on their bodies. Always verbally express your appreciation of your partner’s body at any given opportunity. Women are vain; they want to hear all the time about how beautiful and sexy they are. This is why it is such a predictable turn-on when you say things like “damn you are so sexy!” while you kiss and caress her body parts.


It is therefore very important for you to show enthusiasm when you are performing oral sex on your lady. When licking and sucking your partner into orgasmic frenzy, you behave as though you are savoring something extra delicious. Show your lover that you are totally into it and that you are enjoying going down on her, not just to make her orgasm, but because you just enjoy it.


(3)   Do Not Focus On Her Clitoris


The clitoris is highly sensitive and when stimulated, it can bring a woman to an incredible, mind-blowing orgasm. Just because this is the most sensitive spot on her vulva, it does not mean that you just focus on this area alone. Great oral sex involves stimulating and playing with other areas besides the clitoris and vagina. Therefore you should caress other parts of her body too. Two great places to pay attention to are the inner part of her thighs and her breasts.


(4)   Stimulate Her G-Spot


In addition to the erogenous zones surrounding the clitoris, a woman has another extremely sensitive area at the inner roof of her vagina which is the g-spot. A blended orgasm can easily be achieved during oral sex when you are licking her clitoris and rubbing her g-spot at the same time.


G-spot stimulation should only be done when she is quite highly-aroused. Give her oral sex for a few minutes first to get her warmed up as this will help you to locate her g-spot easier later on. When you start fingering her, back off from using your tongue for a few minutes while you use your hands. Then, you begin to lick her clitoris and stimulate her g-spot at the same time. This will increase her chances of having a blended orgasm.


(5)   Lick Her Anus


Analingus can actually be very pleasurable for a woman. The outside of the anus has lots of nerve endings that licking or touching there will drive her crazy. If you are not comfortable with putting your tongue there, you can simply rub it or push against it with one of your fingers while you lick her clitoris.


If you want to be a great lover, you need to take the time to learn about her body and enjoy it slowly. In this way, you can then give her what she wants. You can find out more about this from Kiss Pussy and/or Oral Kit



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