What A Woman Wants Most From A Relationship

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Do you want to have a great sexual relationship with your partner or wife? Have you ever wondered why she is not involved in the relationship sexually? There can be many factors behind this, but one of the most common reasons is that her emotional tank is empty.


As guys, we can enjoy sex without every other part of our life being just right. But for women, the sexual relationship is directly tied to the rest of the relationship. When a woman thinks of intimacy, she generally wants to begin with emotional intimacy.


Emotional intimacy depends primarily on trust and frequently involves both you and your partner sharing feelings and emotions with each other in order to gain understanding and offer mutual support. It is necessary for human beings to have this form of intimacy on a regular basis for them to develop and maintain good mental health.


A woman needs to feel an emotional bond before sex begins.  If you are connecting with her and meeting her needs, then the sexual relationship tends to go well. If her needs are unmet, you can be sure the reception in the bedroom can seem quite cold.


For a man, intimacy generally means physical intimacy. That is how they feel close to their partner. That does not mean they do not have an emotional connection, because for a lasting relationship, this is required. However, aside from sex as simply sex, men also need the physical intimacy to feel loved. Sex alone is just not enough. The emotional connection must be there for it to be meaningful. Performing without feeling will be just like going through the motion.


Here are some emotional needs that women have and you have to meet these needs, if you want to have a deeper connection with your woman.


(1)   Give Her Time


It is not about quantity times as some men may think it is, but rather quality time. Being in the same room with her all day but not paying any attention to her amounts to quantity time but actually having positive interactions between the two of you is quality. 


Women want to be with their man. They enjoy it when we spend time with them. So, do make an effort to be with your partner or wife. Do schedule time to spend with her on a regular basis, perhaps once a week. You do not have to do something elaborate. Just be together. In the process of being together a lot, many surprises come along to make the time enjoyable as well.


(2)   Have A Heart-To-Heart Talk


Consider understanding your wife’s heart your greatest life adventure.  Women are mysterious and complex.  They love to be loved, sought after, and pursued.   Engage in conversations that lead to self-disclosure and heart–to-heart talks. 


Talking with your partner is the only way to truly connect emotionally, if you do not keep the lines of communicate open; neither one of you will know what the other wants or needs. As men we prefer to keep things on the surface. Nobody gets hurt that way, except our wife. Your wife wants to learn who you are. She wants to know your inner thoughts, your struggles, and your pain. So, quick, easy answers will come across as you are not keen to talk to her.


If she asks about your day, she wants to know all the details. Do share your experiences with her; by telling her about your day, work, or hobbies. Show her you want her to know about you by volunteering information about yourself, instead of waiting for her to ask.


Spending time together allows for these conversations. Since it takes a while for many men to open up, you might consider spending enough time with your wife to allow time to open up. If you are a woman reading this, I encourage you to make it as safe as possible for your husband to open up, as this will be a struggle for him.


To show your keen interest in her, you can also ask her how her day was, or about her hobbies or work. Listen to her responses. Show you are listening by leaning forward, nodding occasionally, and making eye contact. Tell her you understand what she is saying by re-phrasing what she has told you. Then you can progress into deeper questions about her interests, life, or past — once you feel comfortable doing so.


(3)   Be Romantic And Thoughtful


Women thrive on romance. You may not be the romantic type, but your wife wants to be romanced, so be romantic to her. Romance is the action of spend loving time with your wife. It is the action of winning her heart all over again. Though you are married, you still need to win her heart. There are many ways to do this. A simple way to find out is to ask your wife what she likes, and then do it.


Make an effort to remember her birthday, anniversaries, and holidays that are important to her. Show her that you care for her by celebrating these events without being reminded. However this should not be limited to these special occasions. Though you do not have to give a woman gifts every day, but sending regular tokens of appreciation would be highly recommended. If you show a woman your romantic side even if it is just once in a while, you will be able to get in touch with her emotions.


(4)   Recognize Her Effort And Contributions


How often do you praise your wife? Do you speak well of her in front of the children? Are you her biggest fan? Shower your wife with praise. Be captivated by your wife’s beauty. Make her feel special by commenting on a specific item she is wearing or how her hairstyle really brings out her beautiful eyes. Flattery can be your friend but do not over-do it. This step requires paying attention to her and noticing different positive qualities in her. If you find it difficult to praise her, start taking notice of all the little things she does well and make a big deal out of it.


Women love to be honored and praised for their beauty.  Frequently and sincerely find things about your wife’s appearance, personality, talents and anything praiseworthy and tell her about it. She will feel emotionally charged from this simple action.


(5)   Non-Sexual Touching


Physical intimacy does not always mean sex. Women generally like to start with hugging, kissing, and other forms of physical intimacy before sex begins.  Initiate loving physical contact, such as an unexpected hug or a stroke on the cheek, will help you connect emotionally with the woman you love.


Rediscover the Lost art of Kissing.  When was the last time you and your wife made-out?  Enrich your kissing experience by changing tempo, intensity, include teasing and nibbling, and hold her face close. Replace those daily pecks to lingering ten seconds kisses.


Practice the Two Minute Miracle. Make the two minutes before you leave and the first two minutes after you reunite focused on emotionally connecting with your spouse.  As you leave the home take time to embrace your wife, kiss her (a ten-second kiss is much better than a one second peck) and ask her if there is anything you can do for her.  When you return home, find her and hug and kiss her before you do anything else.  This ritual is miraculous in its ability to create feelings of closeness in marriage.


Physical contact can improve a relationship and cause two people to feel closer and stay in a relationship for a longer time. If you consistently initiate some sort of loving physical contact every day, your woman will feel more connected to you emotionally.


(6)   Be Supportive


Stay by her side physically and emotionally.  Being her man means providing her with help whenever she needs it. Women want to know that no matter what happens their husband supports them.


When your wife has a bad day, be there for her. Listen to her without judgment or frustration. Support her in any way you can, whether that is verbal, emotional, or other ways of supporting her. Encourage her, rather than yelling at her or blowing her off. Take her struggles seriously.


Besides this, she also needs your emotional protection, which is protection from people who may be harassing her or in some way making life difficult for her. You can protect her by standing up to that person and letting them know that your wife is to be treated with respect.


You might be the type of man who would rather avoid trouble than pursue it. But if you choose to stay next to her, no matter how hard things get, you will be able to get in touch with her spirit, which is something most men cannot do.


Do you know the difference between lust-based sex and love-based sex?  When a woman feels like her body is a vehicle to please her husband, this is lust-based sex or women often call it “duty sex.”  On the other hand, if she is able to feel that sex can be an amazing experience being a beautiful blend of physical, emotional, and spiritual feelings, this will be  love-based sex.  


The best thing men could do is to bond with a woman on an emotional level by getting in touch with her heart and soul. If you do this, the woman of your dreams will not just want to jump into bed with you, but will also want to stay with you in the long run. Do you need some more tips to have a great sexual relationship? Click on Women’s Deepest  Desires and/or Give Her Mind-Blowing Orgasm.


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