Sex Tips – How To Turn A Woman On And Make Her Want You

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Want Her To Get Addicted To You Sexually?


Are you wondering how to get a girl to really wet or even to orgasm easily? Are you opened to experiment with different things just to see her pleased? Do you want to know what can turn a girl on the most? If you are, here are some ways to do it.


(1)   Be Romantic


All women are hopeless romantics, whether they admit it or not. Because of this, romance provides you with a direct route into her pants and her heart. Here are some ways to be romantic to her.


You can plan a romantic getaway with her. You could pick a destination if she does not have any specific place that she would love to visit.


At times you can surprise her with a gift, which you know she always yearn to have. There are other types of gifts you can give her to get her riled up. Try gifting her with sex toys, sexy lingerie or a soft bath robe that will turn on your girl with little effort on your part.


Or else, just do anything special for her. If she is not very materialistic, do any of the following things to make her really happy: Give her a full body massage, clean up the house, or cook her a nice homemade dinner.


You can also consider doing something that both of you enjoy. It would not be a big deal if both of you do not have many hobbies in common. If that is the case, then figure something out. Let’s say your girlfriend is very into salsa dancing. Take a few classes with her if you are open to learn it. By taking the dancing lesson together, you are rekindling the love with your girlfriend unconsciously.


(2)   Set The Mood


A clean surrounding creates a charming and good vibes.  Better make your bedroom neat and remove all the clutter, just like a hotel room.  Light up fragrant candles so as to make the room more romantic. Make your night a very sexy and fun one by having sexy toys


Then, set the mood at “sexual heat”: put on her favorite music, prepare her favorite drink, light some scented candles, and spray some fragrant air freshener in your bedroom and bathroom (for some great ambiance enhancers. Get both of you immersed in the romantic setting by acquiring a woman-friendly erotic film to help ignite her sexual desire.


It may sound “wussy” to go to such trouble to seduce a woman who is already attracted or committed to you, but women turn on to such stimuli, both on an unconscious level through their senses and in consciously thinking that you care so much about her to put in a lot of effort. That thought alone will get her in the mood for sex. This would probably be like foreplay for the mind.


(3)   Prolong The Foreplay


Women love foreplay and real foreplay to her means starting out as far from her genitals as possible. Start with mental foreplay by putting a note in her purse or briefcase, telling her what you are going to do with her when you get home. During the day, you can text her a few hot messages, just to turn the heat on in her mind. The anticipation is one of the best aphrodisiacs. The point of doing this is to create high tension sexual desire. So that once you move on to the bed, she has more or less been mentally warmed up.


Instead of diving right in, start by kissing her passionately from head to toe. Kiss her very lightly at the tip of her lips, then draw back, and look into her eyes. Start kissing again. Lick her lips, bite her kindly. Again, remember anticipation, its key! Note that the hands, fingertips, neck, tongue, face are sensitive areas of the body because they have more nerve endings.


Do put a lot of your focus on her neck. Women tend to go wild once their neck is so much as lightly touched. If you really want to get her into the mood, make sure to spend a significant amount of time working on her neck by lightly gliding your fingers across it, kissing it, lightly nibbling on it, and more. Also do kiss anywhere on her body that bends — neck, elbow, waist, bikini creases, etc. These spots tend to be really sensitive.


You can further turn her on by offering her an erotic massage. Learn some massage techniques and gently try a few on her head, neck and shoulders. Use your tongue and hangs to tease and please her neck, shoulders, back and even her feet, if that is your style. To spice things up a bit you can also blindfold your partner, as this will heighten her other senses. Because she does not know where your lips will land next, her body will be in a state of constant anticipation.


(4)   Get Wild And Kinky


Ask her to tell you her fantasies or to email them to you. That way she won’t feel awkward when telling you and she will have some time to mull things over. To encourage her to be more open and honest, you can create a “fantasy box” for her to keep in the bedroom. Get her to write down her sexual fantasies and put them in the box. Whenever things get dull or routine in the bedroom, pull out a slip and act out the fantasy!


Spelling out her naughty thoughts creates an atmosphere of intimacy, which is more important than what she actually writes. When a woman fantasizes about being in male-dominant sexual encounters, it is rarely out of a desire for a rougher hand, but more a case of the man taking control so he is responsible for her orgasm, and she is not under pressure to per­form.


To satisfy this need, you can experiment with some light bondage. Prepare her by telling her what you will do to her tonight. Demand that she prepare for it by wearing your favorite “slave” outfit and making herself beautiful. When the time comes, order her to get down on her knees and submit to her “master.”


Tie her gently with a soft bondage item, such as the silk bondage sash and tease her with a feather or a tickler or give her a light spanking. Keep in mind that even sensual bondage can get painful. Find a word that will help both of you know when to stop.


Whether you are using rope, linen, or chains, you have to make sure she can easily be set free within five seconds. Be sure to remain attentive to your partner the whole time. Listen to her emotions and respond to her feelings. If you feel she is not enjoying herself, then be sure to stop or change your tactics.


These tips will help both of you to have a more enjoyable and pleasurable time. For more ideas and tips, click Turn Her On.



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