How To Orgasm Women In The Best Way

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It is estimated that about 50% of women rarely or never achieve orgasm during intercourse. If your partner is one of these here are some simple and easy ways to increase the chances of female orgasm. 


Keep Her Relax


Letting go of stress and anxiety is very important and even necessary for women to have an orgasm. This means you need to work on her brain. You should do this consistently and even on those sex-free days. Do everything you can do to make her feel good or feel comfortable about herself whenever she is with you.


Women love hugs and kisses, so you should satisfy her needs. This will help to secrete oxytocin – a kind of hormone that counteracts stress and encourages bonding. Oxytocin production is stimulated after only 20 seconds of hugging. Give specific compliments at every opportunity, such as on her new hairstyle or her newly-bought dress. Be romantic and give her pleasant surprises.


When you are having sex, you should focus on the pleasure of sex and enjoy each other’s body. Do not set any goals, such as she must orgasm, or she must squirt in front of you, just because this had happened to some of your ex-girlfriends. Do not compare her to other women. Don’t make her feel like she is failing you if she can’t come. That would only put more pressure on her, diminishing the chances of having an orgasm.

Keep Things Slow


Start by caressing her entire body.  Touching a woman’s whole body, not just her genitals, for instance, stroking her hair, neck or feet can encourage relaxation and enable your girl to enter a state of relaxation.  When her body is able to enjoy this feeling, it is more likely to receive pleasure and attain orgasm. Women will begin to become aroused when the nerve endings on their bodies feel the stimulation.


You can also pamper her with a full body massage. To make it sensual, have her take your hand and literally show you where and how she wants to be touched. You will notice her starting to relax and squirm around a bit as you slowly stroke her with your big strong hands all over her body. Complimenting her and mixing in some dirty talk as you massage her can really turn a girl on. When you touch certain parts of her body, tell her how sexy and beautiful you think she is.  She will start to feel the sensation a female gets when she is getting close to having an orgasm. 


Give Her Oral


One of the most effective ways to increase the chances of female orgasm is to perform oral sex on your girl. Take your time when going down on her. If she can sense that you are rushing it and not enjoying it, she is unlikely to enjoy it either. Make her feel like it is something you not only enjoy, but also love doing. 


When you are giving her oral pleasure, do not just focus on clitoral stimulation. Women most often reach orgasm from having their clit stimulated, but that does not mean this is the only place you should keep your mouth on. To give a girl oral properly, explore the entire area with your tongue and lips, gently probing her vagina with your tongue, sucking her vaginal lips into your mouth and alternating between her clit and other nooks and crannies she has in this oh-so-wonderful place. If you really want to take it up a notch, you can even tongue her other hole for a bit. This is something that might drive her insane.


Try incorporating fingering into your oral sex. Use your hand to supplement your action by caressing the insides of her thighs, rub her breasts and squeeze her nipples, and of course, gently penetrating her vagina while you lick her. This will give your girl a double-pleasure that will send her overboard. Be prepared for hair-grabbing, leg squeezing, and her trying to squirm away from you. But be firm with her and continue to lick and finger her until she reaches her limit and orgasms.


When you are fingering her, you can also try using toys. Toys can be very fun and kinky. You can try using dildos or other objects to help her reach the ultimate goal: orgasm. Toys will make foreplay more fun for you and her. She will enjoy the satisfaction and it will turn you on as well.


Get Into Position


To increase the chances of female orgasm, you should get into those positions that have the highest probability of stimulating her clitoris and/or g-spot during intercourse.


The Rear Entry position, when done correctly, maximizes potential for a G-spot orgasm because the man’s penis should rub on the upper wall of the woman’s vagina. To do this position correctly, get your girl to kneel on all fours, her legs parted slightly. Keep her back arched slightly, with her elbows bent or her elbows up and locked. The entry angle changes dramatically when the woman leans forward into the bed. As you enter her from behind, the sensation should be one of tight and full penetration. She may feel your penis hitting her cervix as this is often a good position to get full penetration. You can change his penetration to hit the G-spot by pulling up on her hips and thrusting in a more downward motion.  


In this Modified Missionary position, you get your woman to lie on her back and allow you to penetrate her, as in the normal missionary position, but after penetration has been achieved, she then raises her legs up and back, until they are either on your shoulders or on your chest. You can kneel up against her and uses her thighs for support, and she can grab onto your hips to help bring you into her. This position allows for extreme penetration and your pelvic arch is against her clitoral area. It also provides a nice rubbing against the top of the vaginal wall because of her elevated pelvic region.


For more ideas and tips to help her achieve the best orgasm, you can read on more from Give Her Earth-Moving Orgasms and/or Secrets Of Female Orgasm


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