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You have a hot gal friend or a gorgeous wife. You used to have sex regularly, but now you have no drive. Do you want to know what more can you do to increase your sex drive? Here are a few simple suggestions to help you get started.


(1)   Have A Healthy Diet


You are what you eat. If you eat lots of junk food, in the long run your health will be affected and eventually this can hurt your sex drive. You need a healthy, well-balanced diet for proper testosterone production. Important nutrients include vitamin E and A, zinc, manganese, and essential fatty acids. Getting enough of these compounds will support the production of sex hormones.


While balance is the key, be sure to include plenty of nuts, seeds, fish, green leafy vegetables, and mushrooms. Garlic, onions, chives, salmon, black pepper, and anise can also help sparkle your magical powers.


(2)   Exercise regularly


Exercise is a physical component that can help sustain the male libido. Try doing a cardiovascular activity three times a week for 30 minutes each, such as running, walking, or jogging. Exercise also produces endorphins, a neurotransmitter that release sexual hormones.


Exercising has many benefits to increase male sex drive. Not only can it help get rid of that pesky abdominal fat, but it also gives you endorphins which reduces depression. As depression can lead to a low libido, helping lift that will increase male sex drive.


(3)   Avoid Vices


Studies have shown that the presence of alcohol and illicit drugs in the human will, for a lack of better terms, kick your sexual desire right in the pants. If you really want to increase your increase sexual desire, you need to cut back on all of these things and try to live a little healthier. Even though getting a little bit drunk before sex is great, it might be a good idea to opt out of that third gin and tonic.


(4)   Having Enough Sleep


Although this remedy may seem old fashion, it has a lot to do with the male libido. First, it helps you to abate stress levels, which may be problematic during sexual activities. Secondly, the lack of sleep may diminish sexual desires.


(5)   Stress Management


If you are constantly stressed, working long hours, and focusing too much on all the little problems in your life, you probably do not have a fulfilling sex life. Take time to de-stress with a game of football or golf, a weekly massage, hot baths, or, well, sex.


Make time for you and your partner, but not the kind of time that is penciled in between meetings. The more you are capable of relaxing, feeling good, and letting go the stronger your sex drive will be.


(6)   Seek Medical Attention


The lack of a male libido may render other serious medical conditions such as erectile dysfunction. Visit your doctor to dispel any medical concerns to insure that you are in good health.


Your doctor may prescribe medication such as Viagra. Keep in mind that while Viagra will help you get and keep an erection, it may not increase male sex drive unless the reason behind it is performance anxiety.


(7)   Check Your Medications


If you’re taking a few prescription drugs, they might be having a serious side-effect on your sexual desire. If you feel that this could be a problem, be sure to consult your physician for a possible alternative or methods to off-set the effect. However, you should first ensure that it is your prescriptions that are actually causing you to lose sexual desire—the last thing you want to do is stop taking something that is actually important.


(8)   Try Herbs


Some herbs can increase stamina, stimulate blood flow, and tone the glandular system. Ginseng, licorice, and damiana are all good for increasing sex drive. If you have high blood pressure, talk to a doctor before taking these herbs.


(9)   Spice Up Sex


You may just be bored with sex and if you have something more exciting to anticipate, this could make you enjoy sex more and thereby improve libido. You could try role-playing, new sex positions or dirty talking.


Try these 9 tips for increasing your sex drive and see if simple changes to your everyday life can make a difference. If you are serious about learning how to increase your increase sexual desire, then you should definitely come to take a look at what Stay Erect and Rock Hard can offer you.



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