A Quick Way To Turn A Girl On And Make Her Orgasm

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Is your gal having difficulty in reaching orgasm lately? Are you looking for ways to spice sex up?


Have you ever considered using sex toys to add more fun into your bedroom? You may ask why there is the need to use sex toys.


Well, if properly used, sex toys can provide consistent and intense stimulation which sometimes our fingers, tongue may not be able to. Sex toys can also help to reach certain parts of the body that fingers or tongue may not be able to, such as those anal toys.


For women, a clitoral vibrator can help reach an orgasm much more effortlessly and quicker than manual or oral stimulation. For men, cock rings help facilitate and enhance erections and many men also enjoy the feeling of a vibrator used on them while with a partner.


If you are aiming to please your woman or to help her reach orgasm easily, a vibrator will be a good start to achieve this. The first thing to do is to find out which kind of vibrator is suitable for her.


The right shape, size, speed, or other variation can make a huge difference from woman to woman. Some like the small bullet style vibrators that have speed variations while others may like the slim g-spot vibrators that get straight to the point.


Other factors to consider are whether she wants a vibrator that offers an intense stimulation or one that offers slow stimulation. Some vibrators are made of metal, plastic and jelly. Metal vibrators tend to be the most intense; jelly tends to be the least intense; and plastic falls somewhere in the middle.


Ease of cleaning should be an important factor when choosing a vibrator for your woman. Cleanliness for sex toys is a must. Any germs on the sex toy can easily enter her body if it is used vaginally or anally.


I should mention that all rubber and jelly sex toys are impossible to sterilize. You can clean them with bleach but proper sterilization is impossible because of their physical makeup. Both hot water and bleach will actually break them down, so that they can become unusable with time.


This means that if you plan to use jelly or rubber sex toys on more than one partner, or if there is both anal and vaginal use in play, you will be putting your partner at risk without using a condom on the sex toys.


Though the vibrator can be designed to stimulate a specific part of a body, this does not mean you should go direct to her clitoris or g-spot. You still have to start out with some normal foreplay. Kiss her and play with her nipples. Spend enough time to make sure she is really wet.


You can also use the vibrator as a foreplay tool to tease your girl. Use it on her nipples, between the thighs but just above and around her vagina. This will drive her nuts with sexual desire and make subsequent intimate events a lot better.


The circumstances and stimulation under which orgasm will occur differs between women. Some can easily have g-spot orgasm while others require very specific placement, speed and pressure to orgasm.


Therefore when you want to please your woman with a vibrator, hitting the right spots is important. Try different areas on your woman with the vibrator. The nipples, the thighs and the vaginal lips are great places to start with until you figure out what spots work for her.


If possible, ask her what she likes or even to demonstrate how and where she likes to be stimulated. Once her hot spots are located, use the vibrator on them will send her into euphoria and give her pleasure beyond her wildest fantasies. Nothing turns a woman on more than her man pleasing her like she would do herself.


Once she gets used to the vibrator being pressed against the non-sexual parts of her body, you can place it directly over her clitoris. It is best to start very slowly and on the lowest vibration and work it up to the highest speed.


You can slide the vibrator into her vagina, starting with slow in-and-out movement and then to do this movement at a faster pace. Turn the vibration up so that it is vibrating harder as you are thrusting into her deeper and faster. This could mean a mind-blowing orgasm for her, along with the possibility of more than one orgasm.


However, this does not mean you should use the vibrator as the only tool to pleasure her during the whole session. You can alternate stimulating her clitoris with your mouth, fingers and the vibrator. The change in sensations will drive her wild. Once she has had enough, you can get in there and finish her off.


During intercourse, you still can continue to use the vibrator to make her orgasm again. When she is on top of you, slide the vibrator between your pelvis and hers. The vibrator will hit her clitoris just right while she grinds on top of you. When you enter her from behind, you can get her to use one of her hands to place the vibrator on her clitoris. If you have an extra vibrator, you can place it over her anal opening.


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