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In this article, I am going to discuss about giving your women great sexual pleasure through clitoral orgasm using your fingers. I am going to elaborate here on how you can just use three of your fingers to stimulate her. However, this action has to come together with other ways of stimulation. That is you need to spend some time on foreplay in order to be effective. You are supposed to start from the top first before you reach for her lower body in order to build up her tension as you gradually “warm her up”.


What is clitoris and where is it located? The clitoris is a small bud-like organ that can easily be found by getting to the opening of the vagina and running your finger upward between the labia, (or lips) of the vagina until you come up to a small round protrusion.


To put it plainly, the clitoris is located in a straight line above the vaginal opening, roughly one to two inches above the opening in most women. More often than not, the clitoris is soft and flaccid, however as she gets more and more sexually aroused and approaches climax her clitoris will inflate and grow harder and harder (just like the erection of the penis).


The spot you need to stimulate during Intercourse is actually located anywhere from one to two inches ABOVE where you would normally be thrusting and penetrating your lover.


By now you should realize that most effective way to stimulate the clitoris is not coming from the penis but from other forms of contact. This is one of numerous reasons why the majority of women do not reach orgasm during intercourse.


Lets look at how we are going to push this magic button in the correct ways –  the primary natural tools you have to work with are listed in order of importance below… they are:


1. Hands and Fingers

2. Lips and Tongue

3. Your Genitals


Look at the order they are being listed! They are in that order of sequence for a reason! Use them in the order listed above. The male member is the WORST method to try clitoral stimulation. A woman wants on average of about 30 minutes of nonstop copulation to attain orgasm during intercourse. The normal guy thrusting his organ with the intent on making his partner achieve orgasm will last anywhere from 3 to 5 minutes prior to ejaculation.


As you can see here, the numbers are not in your or her favor; for the reason that you are more likely to arrive at the point of no return “Discharge Your Load” long before she’s even been near to her point of orgasm.


Here is how to get her to reach the stage of orgasm heaven.


The first big requirement to giving her a clitoral orgasm is getting her as “physically aroused and turned on” as you can before you even get on the way to her clitoris! The way to do that is through the way you kiss her and by being a master of Foreplay.


There are several ways that can give women not one clitoral orgasm, but MULTIPLE clitoral orgasms.


Let’s talk about one of my preferred and most reliable techniques:


The Basic Two and Three Finger Split Method.



Here is how to do it:


First make sure you are laying along side her, face to face so that you can keep on kissing and/or sucking her nipples as well as engaging her with the other areas of your body as you continue to stimulate her erogenous zones in the ways most appropriate for her.


As you do, allow your hands to slowly and gently move below her belly toward her vaginal area. Let your hands massage the entire vulva and labia. Pay attention to how wet she is. Have her open her legs wider to allow you access to the innermost aspects of her vulva.


With her legs spread, with you lying on your left, hook your right leg over and around her right leg. This will help you to stabilize her position and makes sure you do not lose contact with the right spot after you hit upon it.


As you go on with your foreplay up at the top, allow the fingers of your right hand to glide down between her labia to her vaginal opening.


Using your middle and index fingers, slide your fingers upward from the vaginal opening between the inner labia until you feel a small bump. That bump is the clitoris. Clitoral size varies very much from woman to woman. Some are quite large, some are extremely small.


After you have found the clitoris, you go into the Three Finger Split. Press the labia on either side of the clitoris with pointer finger and little finger of your right hand. This should leave your middle finger exactly on the clitoris. As gently as you can, start to apply a small, circular stimulation directly to the clitoris. Your goal is not to simply rub or stimulate the clitoris. Your task here is to “explore” her clitoris, to sense it in order to become intimately familiar with it.


Important things to keep in mind here. Carry on stimulating her clitoris with small circular movement. Pay attention to how hard her clitoris starts to become. Try applying different pressures and tempos/speeds. As soon as you hit upon the right pace of speed and the required degree of pressure, her clitoris will start getting harder and harder. Do pay very close attention to her sexual response so that you can later determine which particular spot on her clitoris that can give her maximum pleasure.


To recap, here is how you should do:


1. Anchor your partner’s right leg with your right leg by hooking it over and around her.


2. Rub gently her vaginal area mons, labia, etc. before sliding your fingers downward to her vaginal opening.


3. Locate her vaginal opening with the tips of your index and pointer fingers.


4. Slide your fingers directly upward along and between the inner lips of her opening until you find her clitoris.


5. Spread your fingers apart so that your index finger is holding her left inner labia (lip) and your small fingers are holding her right labia (lip) away from the clitoris.


6. Your middle finger ought to be directly over the clitoris.


7. Begin light but circular strokes on and around the surface of the clitoris.


8. Pay attention to how the clitoris reacts to your touch.


9. As the clitoris becomes more stimulated and aroused it will swell and become harder and harder.


10. Use your sense of touch to find out the best position, stroke, pressure and timing for your partner. Let her responding clitoris be your guide.


11. As you get nearer to her climax, hold on tighter with your legs. She’s going to start bucking like a wild horse!


In fact, there are so many ways to give a woman orgasm; I just can’t squeeze everything them all into one article! If you certainly want to find out more tricks on how to give a woman orgasm, you need to check out Hot Sex and Turn Her On.


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