How Important Is Sex, Why Is Sex Good for You & How Sex can Save a Man’s Life

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This article talks about the benefits of lovemaking especially this is done with your lover or spouse. The main thing here is regular flow of sex. There are no fixed criteria that how often you should have sex. Normally it takes about 2 to 3 days to replenish your supply of sperm after you ejaculate. But too much sex is bad for health too.

In ancient China, Chinese emperors tended to have shorter life span than normal men because they kept thousands of women in his harem. Some of them in order to boost their capability in mating with more women resort to taking some untested sex-booster herbs and in the process damaging their health. The bottom line here is no matter how good about some activity can be for us, one should not go to extreme!

Sex is often thought of as “dirty”. It is a topic no one talks about and seems to be embarrassed when talking with our closed ones. This kind of thinking that sex is dirty is partly due to our parents’ attitude. As kids, we are naturally curious about anything around us. As guys we are curious why we look different from our sisters. We want to know how we are born.

Most of the time our parents will either avoid answering or giving some evasive weird answers such as “You will know about such matters when you grow up later”, or “You come out from your mother’s arm pit.” Nowadays parents expect schools to impart knowledge about sex by way of sex education. Few of us want to admit that sex is the Number One sought after activity in our lives. Indeed sex can benefit our overall health in many ways if we are practicing safe sex within a committed relationship.

Here are 12 reasons why sex is good for you:

(1)   Sex can relieve pain!

A chemical called oxytocin is released during orgasm, which acts as an effective pain killer. Believe it or not, if your partner has a headache, sex is a sure way to relieve it.

(2)   Lovemaking can fight off depression.

The endorphins released during sexual activity can improve your overall mood.

(3)   It strengthens your relationship, brings people together.

If you are already in a good relationship, sex can help to keep your emotional bonds with your partner strong. People who are in stable relationships are happier, healthier and live longer. It is for this reason that married people tends to have longer lives and this applies especially to men. Unlike women, men’s friendship with their same sex friends are not as closed as compared with women’s close friendship with their same sex friends. Men seldom confide their problems with their male friends for fear of being look upon as signs of weakness.

(4)   Sex is good for your heart.

Rigorous sex can improve cardiovascular function. Having regular sex can decrease your risk for heart attack. This applies for lovemaking with your spouse. This is because for men with weak heart, sex with strangers may “excite” their heart too much and creates the opposite effect.

(5)   Sex improves your immunity!

Regular sex can increase your immunity from cold and flu. Most of us do not realize this is a more enjoyable alternative than taking “anti-flu” injection which is painful, may gives you side effects and may not be effective. There are various strains of flu virus and till now, there is no single “magic bullet” vaccine that can protect you against all strains of flu virus.

(6)   Sex can cure insomnia!

After sex, you usually feel relaxed and are better able to fall asleep.

(7)   Sex relieves stress!

Less stress means less anxiety and lowers blood pressure.

(8)   Do you know sex can help you to lose weight?!

You can burn 85 calories (or more depending on how rigorous you like it!) during 30 minutes of sex. This is certainly not an encouragement for you to over-eat after lovemaking.

(9)   For men, sex reduces the risk for prostrate cancer.

(10)  Sex improves self-esteem!

The more sex you have, the better you will feel about yourself (as long as this is done with your lover or spouse)

(11)   Sex can improve emotional health as well as memory.

(12)   Do you know sex can save a man’s life?

How? Men usually don’t like to visit doctors. Traditionally, men have gotten health services for 2 reasons: One, an accident, act of violence or health crisis brought them to the emergency room. Two, a loved one made them go. No, there is a 3rd reason: Viagra. When a guy visits a doctor for sexual performance problem, it is a good chance to probe deeper into underlying health matters. Impotence can actually be an early warning signal of other ailments including heart disease.

The penis is fueled by the same system of blood vessels as the heart; only the vessels are much smaller and might become blocked sooner. Coronary artery disease could show up 1st as impotence. The penis is just like the heart. The things we do that are good for the heart are also good for the penis. So, before we top up our supplies of Viagra, we should try to understand the roots of our problem. Is it due to psychological reasons such as stress, anxiety about sexual performance or other non-psychological reasons which we have to find out with the help of our doctors?

I wish you all everlasting and fulfilling sex life! To get yourself more ideas to improve sex life, take a look at Hot Sex and Great Love.

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