How to Prevent Getting Bored with Sex in Marriage?

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Very often in most marriages, people get bogged down over various responsibilities such as parenting, building careers, or taking care of aged parents. These cause us to gradually neglect taking the time and effort to pay more attention to our spouse. It is either we are too tired or too stressed up for sex or even no time for sex. Some probably just rush over with sex, repeat the same action and position and naturally get bored over it. Sex does no necessary have to become boring in marriage.


Here are some ways to prevent your sex and marriage life from sliding into boredom:


(1)   Good communication is the key to healthy sex life in a marital relationship


Talk with one another often. Share with your spouse your sexual desires. Talk with him/her about your expectations on lovemaking.


(2)   Love for each other


Let your spouse know you care and always have him/her in your mind. Especially for women, they like positive feedback from their husbands in the form of verbal appreciation about their efforts, sacrifices and compromises they make in their marriages. Show her how much you care for her by helping out in some household chores such as washing dishes after meal, or at least clean up your own if you finish last, will help her a lot. Remember the special occasions such as marriage anniversary, her birthday, etc.


(3)   Willingness to reserve time for each other


As life gets busier and schedules become more hectic, plan for your sex encounter with him/her. Do make sex one of your top priorities. You also need to recognize that sex may not be perfect at times, so do not compare your sex life to what you see in movies or on television.


(4)   Try to cultivate the mood in advance


Being in a bad mood for most part of the day or ignoring your spouse during the day sets a bad tone for your lovemaking at the later part of the day. If you want an enjoyable sex experience at night, start the foreplay in the morning.


(5)   Be responsible


Both you and your spouse are equally responsible for keeping the romance alive in your marriage. Do not expect this to be a one-sided effort.


(6)   Building up intimacy in your marriage


This involves more than having good sex. It is an ongoing process of discovery on each other. Intimacy is achieved when both of you can share thoughts, opinions and feelings with one another. You can increase your marital intimacy by:


(a)    Spending time together as a couple such as taking a hand-holding-hand walk together; watching a romantic movie together; arranging dates for lunch, dinner in his/her favorite restaurants or going to the cinema or picnic. Schedule date nights or free time alone when kids are away or in bed or arrange for someone to temporarily watch your kids

(b)   Having fun together whether it is going on a spontaneous trip, dancing, hiking, walking on a beach, reading a book together, hosting a party for friends, taking a shower or a Jacuzzi bath together, etc.

(c)    Surprising one another such as giving him/her an unexpected gift out of love (not out of guilt); writing a romantic note for your spouse and leaving it at unexpected but accessible places in the house.


Of course, there are more than 6 ways to keep the passion alive in your marriage. You can dig deeper into this topic by visiting Hot Sex and Dirty Harry’s Secrets.


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