How You Can Foster Greater Sexual Intimacy Through Touch?

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Do you know you can develop greater sexual intimacy with your partner by touching? Through sexual touching, you will be able to discover some unknown aspects of your own as well as your partner’s sexuality. This is best done when you are in a relaxed mood.


Here is how you can increase sexual intimacy by touching:


(1)   Relax and take your own sweet time


Indeed this is not meant to be a hurried activity or a “quickie” kind of sex. Set aside some time to do this, at least give yourself an hour.


(2)   Think of this as a kind of meditation


You have to clear your mind of other thoughts and be in a state of calmness in order to concentrate on your touching. You can do this after you have exercised or finished yoga.


(3)   Put your partner at ease


Begin this with a hot, relaxing bath. If your partner has some physical pain, put him/her in a comfortable position with the help of pillow, blanket, floor mat or chair.


(4)   Create the conducive atmosphere


Make sure the room temperature is not too hot or too cold, and the lighting is not too glaring or too dim. Play on some soothing music. Kenny G’s type of saxophone music will be great.


(5)   Say something nice to your partner about which parts of the body you like


Stay focus on the parts of the body that turn you on and tell him/her how much you love these attractive areas that can keep you admiring at for ages.


(6)   Watch closely your partner’s response


Observe carefully how he/she reacts to your touch and how you feel when your hands are in contact with certain parts of the body. Do pay attention to the details such as any changes in the breathing, the changes in facial expression and possible changes in the surface of the skin.


(7)   Make full use the different parts of your body


You can use your fingertips, the palm of your hand, the back of your hand or the side of wrist, or probably the tip of your nose/tongue/toes. You can be a bit imaginative or creative as long as this does not cause any discomfort to him/her.


(8)   Trying the different ways of touching and alternating the degree of pressure


You can rub, scratch, tap, tickle or lick to increase the fun of touching. Do change the strength of your touch by switching slowly back and forth between firm and vigorous touch to soft and gentle touch.


Touching is just one of the many ways to build closer sexual intimacy with your partner. You may want to read about other ways at Hot Sex and Better Love Life.



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