How To Turn A Girl On – 4 Sex Secrets Every Man Should Know

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Women aren’t always “up front” and honest. In fact, what she is “saying” and what she is saying are often two entirely different things. Sometimes, it can be hard to tell what is going on with your girl: Is she enjoying herself? Are you doing it right? Is she satisfied? Women can be hard to read, especially when comes to sex. So, in this article, I have listed out 4 little known facts about women’s sexual desires.


If you are looking to give your woman explosive orgasm, you should know that female orgasm comes from her mind and not her body. You will say you want to rock her world in bed, not just to make her have an orgasm, but also make her moan and scream that you are the best she ever had. Well, there is a problem here. She could be lying. She could be acting and exaggerating to protect your ego.


How about I share with you 4 little-known facts about what women crave during sex? By using these facts, the woman you are with won’t be able to moan, gasp or fake orgasm. Because she will be too busy trying to catch her breath and begging for more.


Sounds great? Let’s begin.




Sex isn’t a race. For a woman, foreplay is important.


Here are 6 steps to Great Foreplay:


(1)   Kiss her passionately


Cup her ace in your hands, look in her eyes for two seconds and then kiss her. While you are kissing her, don’t shove your tongue down her throat at any time. Periodically lick her lips and massage her tongue with your own. Slowly move your hands to the back of her hair and grab onto it firmly from the roots. Keep kissing her and slowly move your hands around her body in order to let her experience different sensations simultaneously. But don’t touch her breasts or vagina just yet.


(2)   Remove her top slowly


Taking off her clothes is a turn-on for both of you. But when you undress your woman, don’t rip off her clothes – save that savage behavior for another day. Tonight, you are going to slowly unbutton her clothing, but leave her bra on. Work your mouth around the outskirts of her bra and kiss her breast from the top and the sides. As well, lightly run your finger tips over her rib cage and waist. When you are ready to take off her bra, let your mouth glide over her nipples, but don’t suck or lick them yet. Your objective is to tease her and this is just the beginning.


(3)   Massage her gently


After you have removed her shirt and bra, kiss her as you did before, but this time, work your hands behind her back. Use your hands to massage her back from the bottom to the top and back down again. Then work your hands up her sides and make your way down to her butt.


(4)   Sex her dryly


Leaving your pants on (and hers too), put her down and slowly place your body over hers. Next, begin mimicking the motions you do as if you are penetrating her. This is to get her imagination and juices flowing. Again, kiss her gently, place your hands under her shoulders and hold onto them as you thrust like you are making your way inside her. If you are erect, it will be even better. She will feel your solid member and imagine what is coming next.


(5)   Undress her quietly


Now is the time to take everything off. Every time you remove an item off her clothing, kiss and lick that body part. Don’t rush through the undressing process; take your time and make sure to show her that you appreciate her body. When you are done, undress yourself slowly and lie next to her.


(6)   Rub her teasingly


Let only the head of your penis slide in “accidentally”  and continue rubbing her labia and clitoris. When she finally begins to beg you to get inside, the foreplay ends and the finale begins.




This applies to sex, just as well as it does to dating. The key to remember is that she wants to feel like the most beautiful girl in the world. Deep down, she has the desire to be wanted by you. So when you are together with a woman, alone and naked, the most important thing you need to remember is to FOCUS.


Enjoy every feeling, touching and sensation you can and get yourself totally immense in the moment. In order to really turn her on, and make her go wild, start paying attention to the following 5 little details.


(1) Observe her breathing


When a woman is turned on, her breath comes in urgent puffs and probably has some involuntary moans escape with it as the air is forced quickly past her vocal cords. The increase in heart rate when her body prepares for orgasm means her internal organs and muscles are demanding more oxygen. If you can hear her breath change, you are on the right track. If you feel her heart thumping, you are well on your way. This is her sexual body language giving you signals that she is aroused. However, if she is breathing normally after having her “big orgasm”, perhaps she is a big faker.


If your girl is curling her toes and rolling her body against you, chances are she is probably enjoying herself. Her rubbing and pushing against you means that she is really getting into it. If she is lying there limp, then things probably aren’t happening for her. Trying changing positions, or stop entering her and warm her up with your mouth or hands and see how her sexual body language progresses from there.


(3) Thrusting hips


When she meets your thrusts, you are doing something right. It is pretty safe to say that she is matching your body movements and is in time with you, she is getting something out of it. Good sex is often synchronized. If she is not meeting your thrusts then her sexual body language is telling you that she wants something else, so change positions and sees how she responds.


(4) Arms splay out


If she is comfortable, she shouldn’t be worried about covering herself up or where her arms are. If her arms are stretched wide, either held out to the side or splayed out on the bed sheets, you can bet her sexual body language is telling you that you are right.


(5) Vaginal muscle movement


With each movement inside of her, you can feel the walls of her vagina, the muscles and flesh. The vagina wall is an incredibly strong muscle and she will probably use this to some extent for her pleasure during sex. You may also feel the contracting and relaxing during orgasm – her vagina spasms and this will clench you to some degree – but not always, so don’t use that as a benchmark. If you don’t feel any clenching, don’t panic. You may know already by the feel of her vagina when she is not far away from orgasm – she may let you enter further, or the overall sensation may be “just right” for you both. Only you can tell, so pay careful attention to her sexual body language and what is going on inside her.




A woman’s orgasm is 90% in her mind and only 10% in her body. A recent psychological sex survey says up to 99% of all women’s orgasms start in her mind and not her body. Therefore if you want to rock her world in bed, you have to rock her world out of bed first! The most effective way to do is to have tons of sexual tension in your conversation with her. You can “force” her to imagine you two in bed together, while you are having a casual conversation over dinner. Because sexual tension is powerful, it over-rides her logical brain, and triggers her raw, lust-driven animal desires. So she can’t help herself around you. You can also start “warming” her up by touching some sensitive parts of her body (but not breasts or vagina) which I have mentioned in my previous article Where To Locate Her Sexually Sensitive Points.




The final sex secret you should know is Dirty Talking.


Here are 2 central “themes” of dirty talk, you can use to drive her wild.


(1)   Possession


A possession theme is basically talking dirty to her, but always using the word “My” as if she belonged to you.


An example: My body is so beautiful when she comes.


The 2nd theme for dirty talk is:


(2)   Dominance


Being in control is the most important in a relationship with women. Be the man in charge. If you want her to do something for you, let her know and ask her to do it. If you want to change positions, toss her around and change them. Doing a little rough-housing and man-handling her in bed will make her go wild. Dirty talk that lags out in detail what you are doing to her will drive her wild.


So, there you have it. The 4 sex secrets you should know. Do you want to know some more. Come and take a look at Hot Sex and Her Secrets.



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