Female Orgasm – Want to Know How to Arouse Her with the Blended Orgasm Method?

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In this article, I am going to talk something that I like to refer to as the “blended orgasm”. It is actually a combination of clitoral and vagina orgasm. This is achieved through a combination of clitoral and G-spot stimulation.


Here is how to go about raising her to the heavenly state of “blended orgasm”:


First thing you have to make sure she has been sufficiently turned on. That means pressing all her mental and emotional arousal buttons – giving her the proper amount and type of foreplay that she really enjoys.


Next, deliver at least one clitoral orgasm either through using your fingers or your tongue and at least one orgasm by stimulating her G-spot.


Begin by first stimulating her clitoris either by using your clean and nail-trimmed finger(s) to softly rub on it or using the tip of your tongue to lightly lick on it. At this point, your main focus is on her clitoris, which tends to trump other stimulating inputs. As her arousal increases you will feel her vaginal walls start to flex and twitch.


While stimulating her clitoris, insert your lubricated finger(s) into her vagina to massage her G-spot with your index and/or middle finger(s). Do keep in mind that the G-spot is different from the clitoris, which in most cases, you need to stroke it slightly harder than the clitoris. Begin by massaging it gently and gradually increase the pressure up to a point she finds satisfying.


By now you should have a good idea what kind of clitoral stimulation works best for her using your fingers and tongue. You should have figured out how best to stimulate her G-spot. Most important thing to remember is the best feeling will vary for every woman. Alternate between two movements (circular or up and down, harder or gentle) to find out which she likes best. Take your time and let her response guide you. You will know what she likes by her breathing or when she firmly grips you.


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