Female Orgasm – 3 Tips To Get Her Wild In Bed

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In this article, I am going to share 3 important pieces of information about female sexuality that will be of great help in improving your ability to give a woman addictive orgasms. Some women are very highly orgasmic and it is very easy to stimulate them. But there are women who have never come at all. Other women can achieve orgasm through masturbating, but have never managed to have one during normal sexual intercourse.


The 3 things that I am going to share with you will help bring high orgasmic women to an even higher level of pleasure. For those who have never hand an orgasm, these ideas may very well do the trick and let her experience her very 1st one!


Here are the 3 tips:


(1)   Do not pay too much attention on those of her magic pleasure points


Most guys have heard about the obvious pleasure points on her body that can drive her crazy, which are the clitoris, the “G-spot” and her nipples. But it is very important that you do not press these buttons too early.


Let me explain. There is a neuro-chemical effect in the brain called “nerve-stimulation” or “sense saturation”. When a nerve is being subjected to constant stimulation, over time, the brain will get numb to all these “disturbances”.


A good example is the feeling of the fabric of your shirt against your skin. When you 1st put on your shirt, you can feel the fabric brushing against your chest, your arms and your back, but after a while, you no longer have the feeling of being touched.


The same thing can happen when you are making love to a woman and spending too much time touching one spot on her body. It seems exciting at 1st and as she gets used to this, her incremental satisfaction progressively gets lesser and lesser.


One way to address this issue is to spend some time on foreplay so that by the time you press that “pleasure button”, she will be excited and close enough to orgasm that you can take her over the edge before saturation sets in.


In fact, if she is at the level and you can bring her over into the heaven of orgasm, instead of saturation, the opposite often happens that the pleasure point becomes ultra-sensitive that you have to back off or be gentler on it.


Despite this, foreplay is not the only way to get her to orgasm. You can touch her sensitive spots, whether it is her clitoris, her nipples or any other “pleasure points” that can get her crazy and then back off as soon as the area gets aroused. After a short break, you return to stimulate the same spot until she gets “hot” again. In other words, besides foreplay, you can practice teasing.

This works great and allows you to use her most sensitive and erotic areas to get her more and more excited without over-stimulating the nerve endings. When you keep backing off and returning this way, she will approach the state where she gets so excited that she is nearly ready to explode.


(2)   Follow her rhythm closely


Picture this:


You are making love and doing something which makes her so excited that she starts to moan or breathe faster or her muscles become tense. When this happens, keep doing what you are doing. Do not change the rhythm to do it faster, harder or deeper. A while later she will progress to a state of satisfying orgasm.


However, what if you have done the foreplay and teasing and get the right rhythm to drive her wild and she still cannot come?


This can be quite common and is more due to psychological reason, but there is a solution, so read on!


(3)   Give her permission


You may not realize this – most women need “permission” to have an orgasm. Most women can do this for themselves because they can give themselves permission to have an orgasm. But some women cannot have an orgasm even when they are masturbating alone in their privacy. The reason is because they are shy and embarrassed about their own sexual desires.


Due to some misguided upbringing, they are ashamed of their bodies. They are worried about the funny expressions of their faces when they come. They are afraid of losing control in front of you and doing anything that may make you think they are weird. Very often, they do not understand why they feel this way.


The way to approach this problem is t make her feel okay to come. Before getting her to feel okay to come, you have to earn her sexual trust. This means giving her the feeling that you will never judge her negatively about her sexuality or her sexual desire. It also means she believes that you never make her feel weird about sex, about her body, or about the way she responds to touch. These are the feelings that build sexual trust.


To me, sex is one of the most important human activities. It is a true expression of love between 2 people who are emotionally connected to each other. Most men and women share the same need – they want sex life to be wholesome, enjoyable and rejuvenating. A sexually satisfied woman tends to look at her best, radiating with confidence as she sends off her sexy vibes wherever she goes. If a sexually satisfying life is what you are looking for, you can check this out at Hot Sex and Make Her Orgasm.

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