The Naked Truth About Orgasm

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What sexual intercourse positions provide the most likelihood of producing female orgasm? Is it possible for a woman to have a vaginal orgasm without stimulating her clitoris?


Yes, it is absolutely possible to give a woman orgasm during intercourse without direct clitoral stimulation.


There are huge differences between a vaginal orgasm and a clitoral orgasm. Most vaginal orgasms are not caused by clitoral stimulation.


Giving her an orgasm during intercourse without clitoral stimulation is easier than giving one with clitoral stimulation.


The 3 key contributing factors to non-clitoral orgasms during intercourse are:


(1)   Position

(2)   Angle

(3)   Intensity of sexual arousal


The main “pleasure point” for giving her a non-clitoral vaginal orgasm is the G-spot. This is located about 2 inches inside and on the front wall of the vagina (towards her belly button) roughly half-way between the opening and cervix.


In order to stimulate the G-spot you have to choose a position that allows your manhood to continuously stimulate her G-spot at the proper angle.


There are a few positions that work really well for this:


(1)   You can use a modified missionary position where you prop her buttocks and hips enough with a pillow to allow you to penetrate upwards and inwards at about forty-five degree angle.


(2)   You can use the rear entry position (commonly known as the doggie style position) that has the advantage of being able to slide the length of your organ along the G-spot.


(3)   You can also consider the reverse of the modified missionary position. This means you prop her buttocks high enough with a pillow or get her lean against a dinner table to allow you to penetrate her from behind (quite similar to doggie position). This position allows you to stimulate the G-spot in an upward to downward motion.


(4)   This position allows her to control the speed and depth of penetration and is also applicable when she is in advanced stage of pregnancy. It is a sort of reverse cow girl position. You lie on your back and with her back facing you; she adopts squatting posture, positioning her opening towards your organ to allow you to penetrate her.


Though the above suggested positions can help her to achieve orgasm, but this alone is not enough. This is because the G-spot takes a much longer time to reach its boiling point than the clitoris does. It takes a much more intense and prolonged level of sexual arousal to get the G-spot ready for orgasm. If you try to give your woman a G-spot orgasm before she is ready, the bigger likelihood is you reach orgasm first and ejaculate long before she reaches climax.


What is the missing piece to a powerful orgasm?


Most men really want to give their women the nuclear-powered orgasms during intercourse that she has been dreaming about. Unfortunately a lot of men think the key to achieving that level of orgasm is simply trusting longer, stronger and harder with the end result being the man comes and the woman cannot come.


Do you know that prolonged foreplay is needed first to arouse her sexually enough to reach orgasm? That is right! You need to arouse her enough in order for her to be more sexually responsive to your stimulation.


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