Why Is Foreplay Important?

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At times “quickie sex” can be some of the best sexual experiences. However under normal circumstances, foreplay is an essential element of the whole lovemaking experience.


(1)   Why is foreplay important?


Foreplay is important that it can spice up the sex life of both parties. As age catches on, both partners need something extra to get fully aroused in order to reach maximum sexual pleasure. Not only woman needs foreplay to get properly lubricated, man may also need some extra stimulation to achieve full erection.


(2)   What constitutes foreplay?


Foreplay covers a wide range of activities which include hugging, fondling, undressing, kissing, petting and performing oral sex.


(3)   Effective foreplay needs effective communication


You need to understand what makes your partner get hot and doing all the necessary things so that she can enjoy intense pleasure. Each woman gets turn on in different ways with some being contented just by light kissing on their necks while others prefer more oral stimulation. No matter how you stimulate her, you have to begin with her brain first. Say something nice about her to make her feel desirable and good about herself.


(4)   Pay attention to the romantic details


You need to know how to set the mood. For example, ensure the room temperature is comfortable for both of you and the lighting is not too glaring. Once you get into the mood, slowly undress her because this action can itself be quite stimulating to her. Nowadays, a lot of women like to pamper themselves with nice lingerie because wearing it makes them feel and look sexy. Instead of undressing her totally, you can strip her bit by bit to prolong her sexy feeling that she experiences when she outs on her nice lingerie.


(5)   Patience is essential for foreplay


Do take your own sweet time to kiss and caress her. Besides her mouth, you should kiss every part of her body before moving to her genital area.


The bottom line here is to work on her mind first, understand what turns her on and after knowing this devote more time and effort on the things to get her totally fired up for action. Want to know more on how to turn her on? Go to Hot Sex and Explosive Orgasm

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