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Why would a guy need to seduce his own spouse or girlfriend? Isn’t the point of having a wife or girlfriend so that you do not have to go through the trouble of getting sex?


It is because women’s sexuality works extremely different from men’s. For us guys, if a quite good-looking female gets naked in front of us, we tend to get hard down under incredibly fast. Most of our sexual arousal comes from only visual and physical stimulation – it is very centered in our physical body.


But for women, it is typically in their head and in their heart. Even if you look like Robert Pattinson, simply getting naked in front of her is not going to do the trick. Being seduced is the pleasure part for women. It builds the platform for all else that follows. It gets her in the right emotional state to accept sexual enjoyment. Seducing her especially following years of marriage is the most gratifying thing you can do for her. This is way superior and a lot less costly than buying her flowers or jewelry.


So why do many guys never make an effort to find out how to seduce their wives or long-term girlfriends? This may perhaps be owing to 2 key reasons. Firstly they are afraid that it will be embarrassing or makes them appear silly or mushy. Second reason is it calls for some effort. It is so a lot easier to just prod her and say, “Do you want? No? Okay,” and just roll over and switch off the light. Or else just place your hand on top of her breasts and observe what happens.


So, what can you do?


Here are a few ways you can try to gradually build up her mood so that she can in turn do what you want her to:


(1)        Seductive Talking


The most significant part in seducing her is to generate some romance, some drama, even some story. Let her know how much you feel affection for her, her personality, her cheerfulness. Recall the things that get you firstly fall in love with her and tell her that you still notice.


Besides what you are going to say, how you are saying it is equally crucial. The tone of your voice is a tremendously important part of great seduction. Keep your voice gentle but energetic. Talking softly in her ear is a very good idea as well.


Seductive chatting also includes indulging in fantasies and sharing them with your partner. One way to start on is to read and watch erotic stories. Erotica can help you to get to come into contact with your deepest, darkest and most sensual fantasies.


Another way is to share verbally what you desire with your partner. Rather often, purely talking about what you like turns both of you on so much that there is no hesitation when it comes to acting on it.


(2)        Touching Her Not For The Sake Of Lovemaking


Women like to touch and to be touched. Just look around and you can see the evidence. Women embrace each other; they kiss each other on the cheeks. Each time a woman sees a baby, she reaches out to hold its hand and tickle it. Touching offers her feelings of warm and comfort. She makes use of touch to both demonstrate and get the feeling of affection.


Gratuitous grabbing of her private parts feels to her like objectification and acts of desperation, not affection. Her instinct is to respond defensively.


Try gently running the tips of your fingers along the inside of her arms, running your fingers through her hair, giving her a whole-body hug from behind and after that tenderly kissing the back of her neck or the side of her face. Or, giving her a gentle rub on her feet and subsequently working your way up, gently caressing the back of her legs and behind her knees, while gazing expressively into her eyes.


(3)        Looking At Her Lovingly


Experiments have been done that show a human being face is capable of literally 1000’s of expressions and that a huge amount of human communication happens through facial expression alone.  Your words can suggest totally different meanings based on the expression of your face. The way you look at her and the expression on your face when you chat with her can get her turn on.


A pleading look, a joking look, an insecure look, a hopeful look – not any of these are able to excite her. On the other hand, she will react fantastically strong to a confident look, a naughty look, a sexually dominant look, or an openly caring look. The key here is basically to look deeply into her eyes while feeling sure of yourself, mischievous and affectionately towards her. If you can bring together those 3 feelings while looking into her eyes, you will need to do nothing extra to seduce her.


There you are, here are the 3 ways to start getting her into the mood. When you are keen to take the next step from seduction to completely mastering her body, you can go to Hot Sex and Turn Her On.

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