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Men are visual creatures. They become sexually excited when they stare at boobs. They like to watch porn. On the contrary, women are multi-sensory. They go through sex with all of their senses. While a handsome face will entice her visually, so will the sound of a man’s voice or the warm of his stroke. When she is attracted to him, his smell is more powerful than other men’s. Because of this sensitivity to the diverse channels of sensual stimulation, she gets turned-on by a variety of things which guys do not understand.


Perhaps this may possibly come as a shock to the majority of men, women in lesbian relationships by and large testify a higher degree of sexual fulfillment than their heterosexual counterparts. A good number of men put high importance on their “extra load” between their legs in sex and are overly-concerned about its size. While women do not deny the necessity of the male sexual organ, what they yearn for is a total “package” of experience. A lot of men fail to understand that kissing, touching, sucking, caressing and showing care for her are all the indispensable elements of a woman’s sexual experience.


Quite a number of women see men as uninteresting because men suppose there is one approach to sex: get her wet, get inside and unload your sticky mess. Sex is not a job that consists of a succession of tasks that have to be performed in order to accomplish the end game. Concentrating only on orgasm takes the intimacy out of the sexual experience and can put a stop to the maximization of enjoyment on either party. Tricks, without proper sexual understanding, are empty, mechanical and tedious. The biggest sex secrets are not the moves, tricks or techniques. They are specific mindsets, beliefs and mental programming.


When it comes to sex, men and women are tremendously poles apart. Most men crave the “end result”. They want to get straight to the point and have sex. But women are different. To turn a woman on you have to “seduce her brain” first.


Here are a few ways:


(1)        Talk to her


Talk just about the things that excite her. Knowing what can arouse your partner mentally will help you to work magic when the moment comes. When you need something or like some changes, be truthful about how you are feeling but be careful not to assign blame.


Tell her that she is lovely or compliment her on something she worked hard on such as her hair or clothing. Girls like to feel that you find them eye-catching. It makes them feel better about themselves and they have to feel sexy first before they can act sexy. This is entirely in reverse of the way men behave. For that reason you must appreciate this difference before you be successful at pleasing your woman.


(2)        Give her a hand


How time and again do you listen to her telling you she is pressured or exhausted? Whether or not she goes away to work, or stays at home to take care of children and household, or both, if at the end of the day, she is confronted with unclean dishes and unfinished housework, how can she feel sexy? Hence you ought to lend a hand to her. You can vacuum the carpet or wash some dishes. This thoughtfulness not only lightens her burden, it also demonstrates you care very much about her.


(3)        Touch her often


When you stroll past her, run your hand across her back. Race your finger along her collarbone when she sits besides you. Hold her hand when you walk across the road, along the street or sitting in a movie. Offer her an affectionate hug will make her feel assured. Embrace her while she chats about her narrative of her day.


A quickie 5-minute massage on the neck, feet or back can be a wonderful way to let her know you care. Kiss her simply for the sake of kissing her and not meant for the purpose of initiating sex or humoring her. Look into her eyes for a lengthy period of time. Research has shown that prolonged eye contact builds up intimacy and this is what she desires to feel with you. These are the little signals that you want to touch her in non-sexual situations and make the transition on the way to intimacy a lot less abrupt.


(4)        Play romantic games


A suggestion here is the 20 questions which is a simple yet perfect game played by kids, where you have to guess the answer by asking questions that can only be replied with “yes” or “no”. Add a sexy twist to it and this game can make up for one steamy conversation! What type of questions would you have to ask to figure out what the sex position is, or what erotic gadget your partner is thinking of? This will work miracles to start the lines of communication and lead to mental arousal.


(5)        Role playing


Fantasy can be tons of enjoyment and leads to mental arousal as well. Pretending you are somebody else makes it possible for you to venture to places you will not usually go. It means leaving your comfort zone and into another – acting!


Just see in your mind’s eye yourself and your partner playing the role of headmistress and naughty pupil, getting into a fling with “secretary” and taking naughty photos, photographer and models, stripper and client.


Imaginations can run wild as expectations can be thrown out of the window and traditions conveniently disregard. The time you use up for role playing will be well-spent through communicating and pleasuring yourself and your lover.


The bottom-line here is to steer clear of letting her to sense you are only treating her as a sex object and believing that your “work” is done only by penetration. What women values is a total “package” of experience consisting of the sexual and non-sexual acts to guide her slowly but surely into the mood. If you want to know more on how you can cultivate more powerful relationship with your partner, you can go to Hot Sex and Turn Her On.

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