Female Orgasm – What Irritates Women And What Triggers Orgasms

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This may seems unbelievable and hard to understand for you. Men try to please their women sexually. They make an effort to read articles and books which tell them about the lovemaking techniques that can drive women crazy in the bedroom. After men ‘digest’ these tips they apply them on their women. But women find these recommended sex tips very irritating:


There can be 3 possible reasons for women to be annoyed:


(1)   Women are not sure what kind of lovemaking techniques can turn them on until a skilled lover knows how to use them


(2)   Women are afraid to let men know the actual type of lovemaking techniques that can turn them on because they do not want to be looked upon as weird or freakish if they tell the truth


(3)   Women read the same magazine articles and think they may be good sensible advice but just do not understand why these tips do not work on them


What are the things that men do in bed that irritate women?


(1)   Overly pamper her sexually


Some guys are too anxious to please their lovers. They bother their partners with questions like “What do you want me to do next?”, “What works for you?” or “Did you come yet?”. Besides irritating, women feel these questions put too much pressure on them and are big turn off. It is not that women want men to behave like a big bully in totally disregarding their needs. The main point is women want men to take the lead, to know what they are supposed to do and if they do not know to find out on their own by observing closely what really works on their women. While acting as a real man, women expect their men to be flexible and nice.


(2)   Blindly following those lovemaking techniques


A lot of guys after reading those making love ideas that claim and promise to drive all women wild, slavishly apply all of them on their women. They fail to realize that every woman is different and what turns a woman on can turn the other woman off. Without tailoring the lovemaking ‘trick’ specifically for their women, men indeed will be very successful in driving women crazy in another way – some women may kick the men out of the bed!


A very effective way to overcome this problem is to pay attention to what her body is telling you. Do observe closely her body signals – her breathing pace, her sound, the changes in the color and temperature of her skin, the way her hips rise to meet you when something feels sexy. Let her body do ‘the talking’ and guide you to the right moves.


(3)   Rushing to finish her off


Some men do not understand that women need time to ‘heat up’. The way to overcome this is when you discover the intensity and rhythm of your move working on her and she is moaning and getting closer to orgasm, you only need to continue doing exactly what you have been doing and do not stop or try to ‘get over with it’.


There are lots of other behaviors that men do assuming that women like it but actually irritates them. There are even more essential things – sex techniques, exercises, mental attitudes and ideas – that you are required to learn in order to give her the most mind-bending and transforming orgasmic experiences she ever comes across. You can find them at Hot Sex and Eternal Flame.


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