The Mystery Of Sexual Chemistry

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Are you keen to know how you can make her really “feel” chemistry with you in the moment? Do you know why at certain times she is receptive to your sexual advances but at other times she seems to be less enthusiastic? This often happens in a relationship and such mood changes can even take place within a day.


To keep this short, her erratic mood swings can be explained by what we sometimes call “sexual chemistry”. When you can make her feel connection, any woman will gladly for forgo a few hours of sleep, or just about anything else to allow you to ride on her. These feelings and emotions collectively known as chemistry is one of the main ingredients for incredible sex.


When a woman talks about the best lover she ever has, she does not say things like the size of his tool, how long he lasted, or any kind of new and crazy sexual position she has never seen before. Although women do sometimes talk about such things when they are with their friends, it is not because these blew their minds in bed, but they are just meant for the purpose of making interesting conversations.


Instead what she is going to say about her best lover is:” I have never felt so much ‘chemistry’ with a man before.” That should be exactly what she would say about you in the following morning.


I am going to share with you the keys to sexual chemistry. You should start using them today and you will be amazed at how quickly she can get sexually addicted to you.


Let me begin with a hypothetical case. You are talking to a stunning-looking woman and obviously you can sense some intellectual chemistry with her because she laughs at your jokes, she finds you interesting and you feel yourself becoming strongly and physically attracted to her. You surely want to progress further with her. The question here is how can you make her take the jump from, “this is an interesting man,” to “I do love to share my bed with this guy right now!”?


One of the keys to make her feel the second way is to “lead” and be “dominant”. Women can only get the most intense orgasms when they feel sexual chemistry, trust and intimacy with the right man who can make her have these feelings. You may have heard women mention something like, “I want a man who knows how to be a man.” Leading is what she is referring to.


Here is how you can trigger all of those feelings of chemistry with the women you are with and here are the 4 areas that you should be leading that will guide her steadily into the powerful zone of sexual chemistry:


(1)   Leading in your interactions with her


This can be applicable to activities such as taking the lead when you dance with her, stretch out to hold her hand while walking (instead of waiting for her to offer hers), pulling out a chair for her (which gives a subtle command of where she should sit). Other ways of leading can come in the way you lead in your talking and in making joint decisions.


During talking, instead of saying, “What would you like to talk about?” the proper way should be, “Tell what you think about (any topic you choose to talk with her). When making joint decisions, show her an option like, “I have got a great idea, let’s go to (your suggested place) or do (something else you suggest), instead of asking her, “Where  would you like to eat tonight?” or “What movie would you like to see?” which tends to make women feel you have no mind of your own or are indecisive.


However, if at times she may not be in the mood to go elsewhere or do something you suggest, there is no need for you to fight for it to show you are leading. When facing such situation, you should be flexible. The main point is you need to show that you are decisive and capable of making quick and authoritative decisions. But you do not have to behave like a bully or jerk in pushing her around to achieve this. Leading and to be dominant is a subtle thing that comes from being confident with yourself and your masculine identity.


(2)   Making eye contact


This is a very effective way to lead and show dominance. When you look at a woman and your eyes flit around nervously, she can sense your mood. Instead, hold your gaze on her eyes and she will lock into your eyes in return.


Occasionally, you may look elsewhere, and if you do so, shift your eyes upwards or to the side but never down. This is because shifting your eyes downward after initial eye contact will make you look submissive. When she is attracted to you, she will either hold your gaze or glance downwards and usually both.


Do keep this eye contact casual but not constant. Always staring at her eyes and trying to get her to make eye contact with you will make it look like you are trying very hard to get her attention. That does not give a signal of leading.


(3)   Touching her


Progressing from eye contact to touching her is a delicate and gradual process requiring you to be patient and pay attention to her reaction. You start from the casual touching of her hand and when the timing is right, you increase the intimacy of your touching by reaching for her face or her inner thighs or breasts.


You should not rush through this and neither should you be too timid. Doing this in the proper way by touching her in a confident and relaxed manner will create sexual chemistry.

(4)   Leading sexually


Leading sexually includes touching her in a confident way and not to wait for her approval for every little thing you do. You should either tell her what you want her to do, or you should move her physically into the positions that both please you and work for her.


This involves sexual confidence on your part and her sexual trust in you. To have sexual confidence, you first need to resolve any issues that trigger your performance anxiety. You are required to have some knowledge of women anatomy and to understand and be attentive of her sexual responses.


To get her sexual trust in you, she has to have faith in you. This requires her to get the sense that you understand what you are doing. She also needs to be assured that you are receptive of her sexuality and will not judge her negatively.


To recap, in order to create sexual chemistry with the woman you desire, you have to take the lead in your interactions with her, to make eye contact, to gradually increase the intimacy of your touch and to know what you are doing and what you want taking into consideration of her needs in bed.


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