Vaginal Orgasm Versus Clitoral Orgasm

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There has been a lot of confusion surrounding women and sex. So let’s clear up some of these misunderstandings.


(1)   Women need to have orgasm to get sexual satisfaction


Many women feel good with or without an orgasm. Although it is preferable to have an orgasm, many women can still feel physically and emotionally satisfied even when they do not have one, as long as there is sexual intimacy. Some women even prefer kissing, hugging and caressing to actual sex and orgasm.


(2)   Vaginal orgasms are more enjoyable than clitoral orgasms


The one most significant truth about women and sex is every woman is different. Some enjoy the sensation of a clitoral orgasm, while others prefer the intensity of vaginal orgasm. The probable reason that vaginal orgasms are deemed to be better than clitoral orgasms is because very few women (about 30%) experience vaginal orgasm. One erogenous zone is not necessary better than the other one. It is only a matter of individual preference.


(3)   Women desire a G-spot orgasm


The fact is some women find stimulation of the G-spot irritating. If the G-spot is stimulated correctly, it can make some women get uneasy because they feel like wanting to urinate immediately. As said before, how a woman likes to be stimulated is purely an individual preference.


(4)   Women cannot ejaculate


Women can definitely ejaculate (also known as squirting). Women ejaculate through the urethra, just like men. Female ejaculate contains the same substance male ejaculate contains. Not all women can and will experience ejaculation and those who do is usually as a result of direct stimulation of the G-spot.


(5)   Men need to have good sexual skill to give women an orgasm


Actually the most important skill a man needs to have is the ability to pay attention, to listen and observe her body ‘signals’ and to give her what she wants. Whether a woman can have orgasm is also dependent on her state of mind. Like men, some women have performance anxiety problems which can prevent them to have orgasms regardless of how skillful their men can be.


(6)   Circumcision can reduce the chances for her to get orgasm


While some men experience a lack or decrease in sensitivity during sex after circumcision, there is so far no evidence to show the connection between circumcision and a woman’s chance to get orgasm. In fact some women do not feel any difference between men who have and do not have circumcision.


(7)   Condoms lower the chance for her to experience orgasm


A lot of men are of the view that condoms cut down sensitivity during sex and make it difficult to give their women an orgasm. In general, the condom does not affect the ability of women to have orgasm, especially so for clitoral orgasm.


(8)   The bigger the size of male sexual organ, the higher the chance of orgasm


While only a few women care about size most women don’t. How she can achieve orgasm is very much dependent on her state of mind and a man’s ability to observe and understand what can turn her on.


(9)   A woman is not aroused if she does not get wet


Sexual physical changes happen when a woman is aroused: her heart beats faster, her blood pressure goes up, her skin flushes up, her nipples become erect and her sexual areas become swollen. Some women can get wet more than others and this alone is not enough to indicate a higher degree of sexual pleasure.


(10)  A woman will not get pregnant when having sex during menstruation


Normally during a woman’s menstruation period, the chance of getting pregnant is almost nil because there is no egg to be fertilized. However, the egg can live up to 3 days and sperm for up to 7 days. If a woman’s menses are not regular, there is a chance that the egg gets fertilized and she gets pregnant.


Hope what is said here can clear away some of your doubts about female orgasms. If you like to know more about women sexuality, you can check it out at Hot Sex and Eternal Flame.

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