4 Things Every Man Must Know About Clitoris

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For men, the sexually sensitive zone is quite concentrated on the area below his waist and above his thighs. For women, there is a very broad area which can be considered her pleasure zones. Her breasts, thighs, waist, back of her neck, vagina and even the curves of her body can provide her lots of sexual pleasure when stimulated.


However, if you want to be skilful in your bedroom techniques, there are 2 vital areas of her sexual organ that you need to be aware off: the clitoris and the G-spot. By aiming at these 2 pleasure zones, she will have higher chances of enjoying multiple orgasms. Of these 2 erogenous zones, the clitoris is the easiest to locate and stimulate to get her aroused.


Here are the 4 things every guy needs to know about the clitoris:


(1)   The clitoris is solely devoted for physical pleasure and is the physiological equivalent of the head of the male sexual organ. It is a small protrusion located at just above the opening of the vagina. It is very sensitive to touch because of the rich nerve endings surrounding it. Most women can easily get orgasm by just stimulating the clitoris even without penetration.


(2)   As this area is hypersensitive it is better not to apply too much direct pressure when you start to stimulate it. Focusing too much effort on the clitoris can be quite uncomfortable for some women, so you should aim at just below or just above her clitoris. You can start with a light touch on the clitoris and then move to the surrounding area.


(3)   Sexual stimulation is largely a mental exercise for women and turning her on requires you to stimulate her brain and not just her body. Whispering sweet things in her ear and talking dirty to her, telling her what you plan to do to her and letting her know how turned on you are can be very sexually stimulating to her. Of course, not to skip foreplay. The more she gets aroused, the easier it is for her to reach orgasm.


(4)   There are 4 ways for you to stimulate her clitoris:


(a)    Fingers


First cut your nails. You start by stroking her thighs and caressing the areas around her clitoris before you rub softly in circular motion on her clitoris.


(b)   Oral


Create a little bit of suction by taking her clitoris into your mouth with some gentle sucking or pulling away when she is about to reach orgasm and gently blowing on it to increase her sensation. You can also use your tongue to lightly lick on the clitoris just like you are licking the cone of the ice-cream.


(c) Sexual organ


You can rub the tip of your ‘little brother’ against her clitoris to get her high. Another way is to get her lay on her back with legs tightly clamp close to her stomach and you slide your ‘small brother’ between her legs right where they meet with her pelvis. When you move back and forth in this position, your ‘little brother’ will brush against the vaginal outer lips as well as her clitoris.


(d)   Vibrator


Besides using a battery-powered vibrator, you can wear some kind of stretch rings around your ‘little brother’ which can offer effective stimulation on her clitoris with each thrust.


Now you have the basic ideas to try straight away tonight. It is always desirable if you can be as knowledgeable as possible in pleasuring her. When you are ready to find out more, you can check this out at Hot Sex and All That She Wants

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