Understanding How Female Sexuality Works

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In contrast to the male orgasm which can occur mechanically, the female orgasm is a bit more complicated. There are different types of orgasms and stimulation that can be given in order to get her a ground-shaking orgasm.


What happens when a woman reaches orgasm?


For a woman, reaching orgasm involves a slow build-up of her excitement level up to a point that her vagina expands and contracts almost every second. The pleasure that a guy feels after he ejaculates is the same as when a woman reaches an orgasm minus the secretion of fluid. Some women are even capable of achieving multiple orgasms.


Though women react differently during orgasm, but in general, when she is having orgasm she feels:


(1)   The heart beats faster and breathing gets heavier

(2)   Rhythmic muscle contractions occur in the genitals and other parts of her body as blood is pumped to these areas

(3)   Muscle contractions may also occur elsewhere in her body. For example, the pelvic-floor muscles can contract between 5 and 15 times at 0.8-second intervals

(4)   She feels fun or euphoric (may moan, pant or scream) as hormones such as endorphins and oxytocin are pumped into her brain and body

(5)   The euphoria may cause her to release a silky fluid from her urethra which is often known as female ejaculation


There are 10 things every man needs to know about female orgasm:


(1)   A female needs an average of about 20 minutes of direct stimulation to reach orgasm and her partner has to be patient enough to give her at least 20 minutes of “warming up”

(2)   Like men, women also experience the “blue ball” syndrome which happens when the tension on her highly stimulated clitoris is not released by orgasm, the same discomfort as those experience by males on their genitals when sexual tension is not set free

(3)   Orgasm offers benefits such as relieving pain, stress and menstrual cramps, improving skin complexion, acting as natural tranquilizer helping women to sleep better and regulating appetite

(4)   There are broadly 3 types of female orgasm: clitoral, vaginal (G-spot) and blended (a combination of clitoral and vaginal orgasm)

(5)   Some women can experience multiple orgasms which are a series of orgasms occurring from 2 to 10 minutes apart or even one right after another

(6)   The easiest way for a woman to reach orgasm is to stimulate directly the clitoris either by her own hands (masturbation) which means orgasm for a woman can occur without penetration and without a man’s help; or her partner using his tongue, fingers and his genitals to rub/brush against it

(7)   Orgasm is not limited to genitals and stimulation of erogenous zones and a woman can also get sexually stimulated by massage, foreplay, talking and even a very small minority can will themselves to orgasm without being touched

(8)   Orgasm should not be the objective of sex and you cannot force a woman to have orgasm as some women (roughly 26%) though not the fault of their partners, have difficulty in reaching orgasm.

(9)   Sex can still be fulfilling and satisfying for her even without orgasm as long as she feels intimacy with her partner and the intensity of an orgasm is not an indication of sexual satisfaction

(10)                       A woman’s ability to reach orgasm is very dependent on her state of mind, how comfortable she feels about her body, how relaxed she is and her partner’s skill in creating a safe, comfortable and caring environment


There you have it – the 10 most important basic female orgasm facts that men need to know. If you are looking to sharpen your lovemaking techniques to give that special woman in your life an unforgettable orgasmic experience, do check this out at Hot Sex and All That She Wants

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