Understanding Her Sexual Response Cycle

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The best way to know more about female orgasm is to have better understanding of her sexual response. For women, achieving orgasm is a continuous process. Within this process, there are 4 phases of sexual response cycle.


Phase 1: Excitement


This happens after physical and/or psychological stimulation from kissing to fantasizing. You let your hands wander all over her body but avoiding direct contact with her clitoris. However, you can tease her a bit to build up the sexual tension by gently rubbing your palm over her vaginal lips. Her breathing gets slightly heavier than normal and her heart rate and blood pressure increases. Blood rushes to the genitals and other parts of her body, causing enlarged breasts, swollen labia, expanded clitoris, elevated uterus and lubricated vagina. Her muscles get tensed.


Phase 2: The Build-Up


The increased stimulation gets her heated up. Blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate and muscle tension continues to rise. You can make more direct contact with the clitoris by rubbing the head of the clitoris in a circular motion, but not for too long. Alternate this with rubbing the sides along the opening in an upward and downward movement.


Phase 3: Orgasmic


She will experience powerful contractions of the uterine, vaginal, anal and the lower abdominal muscles (about 5 to 12 synchronized contractions occur one second apart). Blood pressure, heart rate and respiratory rate reaches peak. She may hear her screaming to you, “Faster! Faster!” Now is the time to get in there and get the job done!


Phase 4: Resolution


After she has been sexually satisfied, blood in genitals begins to drain. Uterus returns to normal position. Breasts reduce in size. Heart rate, breathing rate and blood pressure decreases.


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