Understanding How She Can Have Orgasm Easily

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You may have heard about this from some guys or experience this on your own.


“My girlfriend has never had an orgasm and I have even tried new positions and I have used a vibrating cock ring and warming lube but these do not seem to work.”


“I have been with my girlfriend for six months and I have tried almost everything and it is almost impossible to make my girlfriend have orgasm.”


“I have been with a girl for a few months who has never had an orgasm. Every time I get her to the point of the big orgasm she makes me stop either by pushing me away or moving herself off me. She says it is too intense and she cannot take it anymore.”


Today, I am going to discuss about how to give women stronger orgasms, how to give her first orgasm as well as how to build emotional intimacy in a sexual relationship.


If your girlfriend is not able to get orgasm, the first thing you have got to do to her is to stop pressuring her anymore. Feeling pressure to have an orgasm is, for women, exactly the same as putting pressure on a guy when he is having trouble getting it up. Just imagine you have been stressed at work and you are a little slow on getting hard and your girlfriend takes out a stop-watch and says,” Come on! What is taking you so long to get hard tonight?”


To your girl who has difficulty in getting orgasm, the first thing you need to do is to tell her that for a short while, you are going to stop trying to make her come and focus instead on just enjoying the pleasure that she already has from sex. Sex can actually feel great to a woman even when she does not have an orgasm as long as she feels loved.


When you make love to her, you can avoid giving too much pressure on both of you by not setting any objective like giving her an orgasm. Instead you just stay focus on her and enjoy the process. You take the time to explore her body and find out where and how she likes to be touched. This will be the first step towards building the “Sexual Trust” that will be necessary to get her emotionally able to come.


Next you are going to start making her feel good about her sexuality. You can get her emotionally ready first by making her feel beautiful and sexy and comfortable with her sexuality. During the day, you can do a lot of little things to make her feel sexy and desired.


You can display a little bit of male dominance, like grabbing her from behind and kissing her neck when she is doing the dishes and whispering in her ear that you are going to do naughty things to her body later. You push her against a wall with your body weight and kiss her deeply when you pass by her in the hall. You stroke her hair, look into her eyes and tell her she is the sexiest creature in the world. By night time when you get to the bedroom, things will go on much smoothly than usual and she will be able to develop strongest orgasms.


If she is not comfortable enough to reach orgasm and saying the feeling is too intense for her, you will have to win her Sexual Trust so that orgasm can naturally happen for her. To win her sexual trust you have to give her assurance that she will not be laughed at. To have her sexual trust, you have to know what you are supposed to do and what works for her. When you are able to tune in to her sexuality and response, she will develop the feel of intimacy with you. When this happens, she will sexually surrender herself to you and orgasm will occur as a natural result.


The information that I share with you here is just the beginning. If you really want to gain the mastery that will completely change your relationships to become far more than she has ever fantasized about in her wildest dreams, you really need to see the whole picture at Hot Sex and What She Wants.

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