10 Things Women Love In Bed

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To a lot of guys, women are mysterious creatures. Making love to a woman can be intimidating to some of them, let alone in knowing how to please a woman in bed or getting her in the mood for sex.


If you are aiming to satisfy a woman sexually, the following 10 tips can help you to get her fully aroused in intercourse.


(1)   Not every woman is the same


This is the most important tip for every guy to take note. You can go about reading all the lovemaking technique in self-help sex guide. But before you unleash all your newly acquired knowledge on her, you better have a good understanding of her sexuality. This is because not all women respond in the same way to certain kinds of sexual stimulation. You have to tailor or customize your intercourse technique for your woman. This requires you to pay attention to her body language and the subtle signals (such as rapid breathing, reddish hot skin, moaning, the way she positions her body to react to your touch, etc.), observe her closely in order to find out what turns her on and what does not work on her.


(2)   Give her time to get into the mood


A woman’s body does not behave like a tap which you can quickly turn on and off. Most of the time her body is just like an old car parking under freezing condition that needs time to heat up. Unless she is in a highly aroused state, you cannot skip foreplay. Most women like to be warmed up a bit in order to bring her slowly into the mood for sex. You start by kissing her passionately, touching her hands, arms, face, neck, back, inner thighs and belly button before going to the more erotic areas of her body. You can incorporate dirty talking during the foreplay process. Making love to a woman is not the same as cooking instant noodle; it is more like cooking porridge.


(3)   Love her and earn her trust


For most women, sex and love is not separable. Women see sex as an expression of love and if they do not feel loved by their men, even how good you are in your love making skill, they will not get hot in bed. If she feels treasured as a woman and spouse and earn her trust, she will be able to reach orgasm easily.


(4)   Setting the mood for sex


If you want your partner to feel a certain mood, you have to create an atmosphere that is conducive to lovemaking starting first from the bedroom. Do not treat your bedroom like a storeroom to allow it to be crammed with too many things. Get rid off all the dirty laundry. When you are lighting the room for sex, installing dimmers on any overhead lights is good. Avoid using fluorescent lights because they contain mercury which is toxic. Fluorescent lights are not stable as they can rapidly flicker on and off which may cause headaches and fatigues for the eyes. You can foster the intimacy mood with sensual music, sex toys and soft fabrics. You can stretch your imagination a bit by creating the mood in the living room, kitchen or anywhere you can think of.


(5)   Get yourself familiar with a woman’s hot spots


If you want to get her to reach orgasm, you have to know where to locate her clitoris, her G-Spot and her other “pleasure buttons”. For the benefit of some guys let me elaborate briefly here her hot spots. The clitoris is the woman’s penis which is located where the top of the inner vaginal lips meet. The G-Spot is located on the top front wall of the vagina just above the pubic bone, about 2 to 3 inches deep from her opening; it is the biological equivalent of the prostate gland. Before you try to reach these 2 erotic spots, there are other hot spots that you should not neglect – her ears, neck, breasts, lower back, buttocks, inner thighs, back of her knees, toes.


(6)  2-way communication is important


Couples who can communicate well with one another and share activities together are often more active in sex. For various reasons, couples are embarrassed to talk openly about sex. This is especially for women who are afraid of being ridiculed if they are too frank to say about the things she loves in bed. They are also concerned that being upfront can hurt men’s egos. Though couples can be together for many years, this does not mean both are able to know each other so well that each side can read each other’s mind thoroughly even without saying a word. 2-way communication should therefore be encouraged and you should adopt a positive attitude to view this as her attempts in trying to help you please her. Sexual intimacy is a continual process of discovery. True intimacy through communication is what makes sex great.


(7)   Women do not orgasm all the time


Men often pride themselves on their ability to give a woman an orgasm during intercourse. A woman’s ability to orgasm depends mostly on her state of mind and this requires that she be at ease mentally. At times, not due to the fault of her partner, she does not experience orgasm. However, many women can still feel physically and emotionally satisfied even when they do not have an orgasm.


If you try to focus too much on trying to make her reach climax, you may end up giving her too much pressure and kills the mood for making love. Sex is best when there is no expectation of anything in particular happening, when there is no actual goal. Instead, you focus on your partner and how her body connects with your own. You let your mind to be totally tuned into the moment, to react instinctively to the sensations and movements of your bodies. The more you are able to maintain this state of action and reaction and simply enjoy the pleasure of lovemaking, the better sex will become.


(8)   Emotional intimacy is important too


This is different from sexual intimacy and requires both to understand each other better and to accept each other for who you are, not what you can become. Maintain eye contact during talking. Touch her non-sexually which can help a woman feels treasured for more than just sex. Do show appreciation for all the things she done for the relationship. Give her encouragement to explore and try out the things or the lovemaking positions that can pleasure her emotionally and sexually.


(9)   Most women love oral sex


Start oral sex by giving the inner thighs tender and light touches using your lips. Move upwards to the vagina and allow your tongue to gently stroke the external area using an up-and-down motion for few moments. Use your hands to explore the rest of her.


(10) Cuddle when it is over


If you have ejaculated before she reaches orgasm, have no worries. You can always use your hands and mouth to pleasure her if she is still in the mood. You should not abruptly get out of the bed after you finish your business and behave just as if nothing has ever happened. Do not let her feel your only interest in her is sex. Remember what I said earlier, her body does not behave like a tap which can be turned on and off quickly. At least you can snuggle in and stick around with her for a while.


These are the 10 tips you can start trying now to pleasure and satisfy her in bed. If you are eager to explore further for additional tips to make your sex life a bit more exciting, you can click on Hot Sex and What She Wants.

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