How To Attract Women – 2 Things Every Guy Must Have



Make Every Woman Want And Compete For Your Attention And Love

I want to share with you two things that any guy can do to help him be more sexually attractive to any woman. If you have these two things, you will get more dates (if you are single), your relationship will improve because you know how to trigger your wife’s sexual attraction to you.


First, let me ask you a question – What are the things that women feel sexy about men?


Handsome guys? Rich guys? Talented guys? Bad guys? Guys with great sense of humor? Guys who resemble popular Korean actors like Lee Min Ho?


Indeed women do find some of these characteristics very sexy. But there is something that all women find it very sexy. Something that can automatically push every woman’s hot-button. In fact, there are two essential characteristics that every guy should possess before he can attract any woman. This means if any man can exhibit these qualities, he will be sexually attractive to a woman irrespective of whether he looks like Brad Pitt or Danny DeVito.


Women are more driven by emotion whereas men are more interested on facts and results. When comes to sexual relationships, men’s need for facts and results are translated into what is her phone number and when can he get into her pants. For a woman, being more emotionally driven, she will only move on with a guy when she feels right.


Emotions and feelings are what that motivates every woman and your ability to make her feel positively about you (your “emotional power” over her), is the key to her feelings of sexual attraction.


Passion is the driving force behind emotional power. For a woman, passion is the best indicator of a man’s ability to feel strongly about certain things. The stronger the man’s ability to display passion, the more contagious this will be having on a woman, which is what that drives her crazy.


Passion is therefore the first of the two key qualities that every woman find sexually attractive from a man. For a man, you need to have passion in things and to be proud and enthusiastic in showing this feeling, to get a woman turn on. In the process, the guy must be able to let a woman “enter into his world”, which is to let her share in his passion. The problem is there are many guys who are too timid to express their passions on the things they like. To a woman, this can be interpreted as he is likely to be shy about showing his passion in bed. He is also less likely to impress her in bed.


Let’s say if you have the passion for numbers and you are a shy mathematician, what does it take for you to impress a girl about your particular passion? First of all you need to have some guts if you are used to hiding your own passion.


What does it take for you to be yourself and to be so comfortable with what you are doing that you are not at all concerned with what other people think?


You need lots of confidence and that is the second quality that all women find sexy. A woman can never completely let go and trust a man if he does not show any confidence. It helps a great deal that you know what you are doing. Most important, you must have the attitude and the strong belief that you know your stuff.


Most women will feel highly sexually attracted to such a guy. You will often hear her saying, “There is something about him.” To really rock a woman’s world in the bedroom, you must have confidence about your own sexual ability and identity. This combination of sexual confidence and passion during the lovemaking process is the greatest turn on for most women. It will allow her to let go of herself to be more opened and receptive to experience the pleasure that she probably has never ever dreamt of.


Since the ability for a man to express his passion comes down to having lots of confidence, it will be fair to say that of the two important qualities, confidence is the more essential one for a man to be sexually attractive to women.


So, how can you become the sexually confident guy that women fantasize about?


The good news is sexual confidence can be learned by acquiring the necessary skills, techniques (a combination of teasing and anticipation) and “competence” in the bedroom that breeds confidence. Sexual confidence has nothing to do with body image or whether or not you are rich, young and handsome, because it is more to do with attitude – the thinking that you have the right and the ability to arouse your partner. Sexual confidence comes from inside – the ability to understand and determine what is right for you. This also requires you to be attentive and able to read a woman’s actions correctly.


For a guy who wants to be sexually confident, first you must know how to get in touch with your inner animal. You must learn how to let go of yourself and avoid being overly logical, analytical and guarded. When you can do this, you will be able to let your inner animal out and adopt a relaxed attitude towards women and sex. You will not need to be too anxious in trying to impress and please women.


So, do you want to be the rare man who can display the kind of massive confidence that has his woman crawling all over him all the time?  Do you want to be the special guy that can get women to have strong feeling for you and arouse the sexual emotions inside her? To find out more, you can click on Hot Sex and Best Lover.

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