The Naughty Things A Naked Girl Would Like To Get From You


She is in her birthday suit. This could be the 1st time or the 100th time you are with her. What are you going to do to please her in bed for the next one hour or so? In most situations, whether it is the 1st encounter or not, she would love very much that you could do the following things.


(1)   Pamper the back part of her body


The back part of her body is also very responsive to any sensual stimulation. You stand behind her to start with kissing the nape of her neck and then slowly give her a cat bath down her spine. This position allows you to simultaneously massage her breasts and other possible erotic areas at the front part of the body. To help you in doing a better job, you can get her a special massager.


(2)   Give her an unusual clitoral stimulation


You gently pin her against the wall and spread her legs using your knee. Then you brush your thigh against the area between her legs to warm her up. You can also use the tip of your “little brother” to rub against her clitoris. Take her hand and place it on your shaft so she can control how she wants to be stimulated.


(3)   Be naughty with your hands


You use one hand to massage her buttocks and the other hand reaching to cup her face. By doing this you are letting her feel she is so beautiful that you cannot stop looking at her and you find her so seductive that you cannot wait to do her.


(4)   Lubricate her


Before you enter her, apply some flavored lubricant around the opening to her vagina. The amount of lubricant should be just enough to enter her smoothly but not too much that there is no friction at all.


(5)   Give her some love bites


When people are in a state of being highly aroused they have a slightly higher tolerance for pain. You can take advantage of this by giving some love bites on her thighs before doing oral on her.


(6)   Apply pressure on this little known hot spot


Put your thumbs on either side of her vagina and rub the area in small circles. The nerves that link to her clitoris actually extend to this area so your massage prepares her body for oral sex.


(7)   Keep her guessing


You can do this by blindfolding her and planting kisses on any part of her body. Because she is not sure where your cheeky lips are going to land next, this will put her body in a state of constant anticipation. You can also give her oral sex when she is being blindfolded. This will be good for women who have problem in letting go because they are self-conscious about how they look down there.


(8)   Give her some visual stimulation


Put some mirrors at strategic locations in the bedroom so that she can see reflections of you doing her. Women can also get turned on by what they see.


(9)   Give her a clitoral and g-spot orgasm


Use 2 fingers (the 3rd and 4th fingers) to lightly stroke her clitoris in circles. Apply some lubricant on the 2nd finger of your other hand (with the palm facing up) and go about 1 to 2 inches inside her along the front wall to reach for the g-spot (which feels spongy) to press on.


(10)  Try this improved version of missionary sex position


Tie her ankles together before you enter her. In this way her vaginal wall will give your “little brother” a tighter squeeze making her you feel bigger. This position also allows for better clitoral stimulation. You can also put her in the best position to orgasm in the fastest way by getting her a love cushion.


(11)  Pamper her joints


Those parts of her body which can be bent such as neck, elbow, waist, etc are very sensitive to sensual stimulation. Kiss any of these spots during the lovemaking session to heighten her sensation. It will be better if you can leave out her usual sensual spot first so that by the time she gets highly aroused she will be dying for you to go for the “final assault”.


(12)  Give her oral sex at right angle


Position yourself perpendicularly to her body so that you can move your tongue back and forth sideways across her clitoris. This change from the usual up and down movement of your tongue on her clitoris will enrich her sensual sensation.


(13)   Blow hot and cold


Suck on her nipples until they become hard. Alternate blowing and breathing hot air on them. You can also put ice-cubes in your mouth to provide the cooling sensation. You can also use the hot and cold sensation when you give her oral sex. Hide one or two ice-cubes in your mouth, alternate having the ice-cubes touch her while you give her oral sex and then hiding it in your cheek. This change in temperature is extra sensual to her.


(14)   Talk dirty to her


Go and whisper to her ear that you are going to make her wet without touching her. Proceed to tell her in great details all the naughty things you are going to do to her later in the evening.


(15)  Add in some sex toys


Slip in one of those rings that have a mini-vibrator attached to it over your “little brother”. This should give her a kind of pleasure that she would not normally get before.


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