The Things Women Love A Guy To Try In Bed

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Sex will be mutually enjoyable if men can have a pair of bionic eyes that allow them to read a woman’s brain like an open book. They can then easily know how to please her in bed. However this can only happen in fiction. So, what do women want in bed that they do not dare to ask for?


(1)   She loves oral sex


Most women love getting oral sex but are afraid to ask. Some of them get this message about the area between their legs been dirty or smelly. Some are quite embarrassed that their area down there resembles a “black forest”.


To put her at ease with her desires, you can reassure her by saying her place down there tastes, looks and smells good, or you let her know you love hearing her moaning when you lick her. However, if she is not so comfortable, do not push her on this for the time being. You can build up the mood by massaging her inner thighs and external area of her vagina and keep praising how great she looks down there, until she gets aroused. If there is not much response, probably she is not into oral sex.

(2)   She likes to be “naughty” in public


This does not mean something like making love in the middle of the road with people forming a circle around her. But this does not exclude having sex at the backseat of a car, a quiet staircase, a quiet spot at the beach in late night, or even at the changing room of a clothing store. The risk of being caught can be very sexually stimulating and exciting to some women.


(3)   She likes you to take charge in bed


Most women get turn on if men exude sexual confidence, knowing what is supposed to be done in bed. Though she likes to be dominated, you have to be careful not to behave in ways that make her feel humiliated such as barking orders at her. When you are going to play this domination game, you have to take a gradual approach, gauging her response before you make the next move. You can ask, “Is it okay if I blindfold you next time when I go down on you?” If she is agreeable, the next time you can ask, “Will it be alright if I pin your arms against the bed when I lick your breasts?” It will be best if beforehand you both can agree on the meaning of certain words to prevent misunderstanding. For example, it will be better to use the word “stop” because sometimes “no” may have a different meaning for certain men and women. You can find out from here about Soft Bondage Ideas.


(4)   She wants to take charge in bed


Some women like to dominate in bed but afraid to let their men know for fear of making them feel “less manly”. If your woman can unleash the sex goddess inside her when she is in charge, it is worthwhile letting her to dominate the lovemaking session. To gauge if she is the dominating type, you can ask her if she wants to adopt the woman-on-top sex position, which is a hint to let her know you love her in control. After this, you can suggest her to give you a blow job while you are being blindfolded and tied up. If she is able to let her inner vixen out, it should be a sexually enriching experience for you.


(5)   She likes you to spank her


Not too hard, of course! Light spanking can send lots of tingling feelings to her vaginal and anal areas. Same as what you are going to do when you take charge, approach this gradually and take care not to make her feel hurt or insulted. During lovemaking, you can spend a lot of time squeezing and rubbing her buttocks to show you like her behind. After a while you whisper in her ear, “Can I give you a little spanking?” If she is agreeable, do it once, softly and ask her how she feels about it. If she responds positively or is not sure, ask her if you can do it a few more times while you kiss her and grope her buttocks. Act accordingly to her response. During the next time when you get physical with her, tell her how much you enjoy giving her those little spanking and ask her if she wants you to do this again. If she is receptive, ask her if she wants you to do it harder or if she likes to lie on your lap while you spank her.


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