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Find Out More About The Sexy Ways To Please A Woman In Bed


Most guys like to brag about their sexual prowess. But sex is not rocket science which means you can be as good as any self-proclaimed sex experts. There are many factors that can affect a woman’s sex drive. Some of which are obvious, while others are definitely not. What can you do to drive her wild?


(1)   Do not rush


Women on average take 8 minutes longer than men to reach orgasm. Therefore if you want to impress a woman in bed, you have to slow down and give her sufficient time to get aroused. What better way to achieve this than to spend some time and put in more effort on foreplay. A woman needs foreplay to get her wet and ready for penetration. Without sufficient time for foreplay and trying to rush things up, sex can be painful.


(2)   Stimulate her brain


Great sex is not limited to what you do in the bedroom. Most women need their partner to make them feel loved and appreciated. Most guys may not realize this. A woman’s major sexual organ is not located at the lower part of her body, but at her upper body, which is her brain. Emotional intimacy is equally important to turn a woman on. Share your desires and fantasies and be honest about the things that turn both of you on and off.


Most important, do listen to her. If you listen more, you will have better chances of understanding what is important to her. If you know what she wants, you will know how to please her in bed. Take time to hear her story.


(3)   Paying attention


Great sex is not just about mastering sexual techniques or about the size of your sexual organ. The only way you will ever know what is and what is not working when you are in bed with a woman is by using this best sexual technique – paying attention! You need to pay attention to build intimacy with a woman. You have to learn to “tune in” to her body by listening to her breath, feeling the change in the temperature of her skin and the way her muscle tone changes. By really tuning in, you will know exactly what she needs to have orgasm.


(4)   Make it fun for her


Contrary to what most men are led to believe in, orgasm is not essential to a woman’s sexual satisfaction. If you want to be a master lover, do not regard orgasm as the ultimate goal for sex. Aim to pleasure your partner and she is more likely to respond in kind. You focus on your partner and how her body connects with yours. You let your mind to be attuned to the sensations and movements of both of your bodies. Your goal should be to react instinctively without planning anything. If you can stay in this state of action and reaction and simply enjoy the entire lovemaking process, the better the sexual experience will be for both of you.


(5)    Give Her An Orgasm


Though a woman does not need to have orgasm to be sexually satisfied, this does not mean she does not want to have one. For a woman, achieving orgasm is a process and is supposed to be a fun experience. This means you do not miss out all the kissing, licking and caressing which are also essential in getting her to climax before you stimulate her clitoris by touching, rubbing and kissing it.


(6)   Practice sensual sex


Men can easily get aroused by watching porn and staring at women’s breasts. However, women are multi-sensory. They can get aroused by all of their senses of sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste.


(a)   Sight


Make your surroundings look more romantic with soft lighting or candles or change the curtains into those with bright colors that can get both of you in the mood. Both of you can put on some sexy underwear or outfits to seduce each other. You can use blindfold to sharpen her other senses.


(b)   Hearing


Women get turn on when men show the desire to please them. Talk dirty to her. Tell her what you are going to do and that your sole purpose is to get her feel and believe she is a sex goddess. Choose music with horny themes or any types that have a special meaning to both of you and play that music when you are making love.


(c)    Smell


Fill the room with warm, relaxing scent. Apply on yourself small amount of aftershave or perfume. Spray some perfume on the bed sheets too. Massage her using scented oils or lotions. But be careful not to let oil-based products to come into contact with condoms.


(d)   Touch


Spend some time in touching each part of her body from head to toe by way of tickling, stroking, circling, grabbing, massaging, licking and changing the rhythm and speed of your touching. To enrich the sensation you can tickle her with a feather or you can touch or rub against her skin using a cloth that can be made of cotton, silk, satin, fake fur or anything that captures your imagination.


(e)    Taste


Cook her favorite dishes or go out to eat something special as a prelude. But be careful not to overeat as this can make you lethargic. You can also blindfold her and feed her some passion fruits or chocolates. Paint her body with edible cream or syrup and lick her like an ice-cream cone.


The above are some of the things you can do to pleasure a woman, which is critical in maintaining a great sexual relationship. You can always be the perfect lover every woman wants. Do you want to learn some more tricks to rock her world? Click on Hot Sex and Great Lover.

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