How You Can Help A Woman To Reach Orgasm


When it comes to female orgasm, a lot of guys are still quite confused. How does female orgasm happen? What does it feel like for her? Are there different types of orgasm? What can you do to help her reach orgasm? Below you will find the answer to all of those questions and more.


What happens when she reaches orgasm?


Unlike the male orgasm which can occur very easily, the path to female orgasm is rather complicated and usually happens only under the right conditions. A woman can even experience multiple orgasms if she is able to have one. She can also achieve climax through masturbation.


What happens in a woman’s body when she reaches orgasm is very like what happens when a guy ejaculates. There is a feeling of excitement building up to a point where everything “explodes” in a great blast of ecstasy. This “orgasmic moment” is characterized by surges of rhythmic muscle contractions in the vagina and other parts of her body, occurring almost every 0.8 seconds. Her body may become rigid; the skin on her face and chest may flush red. Her face may take on a pained expression as she moans, pants or screams in enjoyment. A few women may emit a silky fluid which is often referred to as female ejaculation.


Types of female orgasms


There are 3 ways to get a woman to reach orgasm. This can happen when her clitoris, G-spot and brain is being stimulated. She can achieve clitoral orgasm on her own by masturbation. Her brain can be stimulated either by her partner or by herself as a result of her feeling horny with sensual thoughts or fantasies as claimed by some women (such as Lady Gaga). This implies a woman does not need penetration to achieve orgasm.


One big difference between male and female orgasm is the capacity of a woman to have the 2nd, 3rd or 4th orgasm after getting her 1st one. But this ability to achieve multiple orgasms has to be learned.


There are 2 types of multiple orgasms. The 1st type is the sequential orgasm which is (the more common type) a series of orgasms that come about 2 to 10 minutes apart. There is brief interruption in arousal between each orgasm. A climax during oral sex is followed by a climax during penetration.


The 2nd type is the serial orgasm that happens with a series of orgasms following one after another closely by only seconds apart. So rapid is the pace of orgasms that she remains in a high state of arousal. This occurs when her clitoris and G-spot are stimulated, which is sometimes called blended orgasm.


Under what conditions can she reach climax?


For men, it is a very mechanical thing. All he needs to do is to “molest” his “little brother” and normally he should be able to come off quite easily. For women, they demand a “package deal” consisting of the following:


(a)    pleasant and comfortable surroundings

(b)   a guy who turns her on

(c)    she feels wanted and appreciated as a woman

(d)   she is sufficiently lubricated in a natural way preferably

(e)    her clitoris is properly stimulated


How should you help her to get orgasm?


You cannot hurry her, you must be gentle, give her tender loving care and not to give her any pressure but lots of pleasure. You need effective communication skills to find out what she wants. If she is not so sexually experienced and unclear of what she needs, you have to learn how to “read” her body signals when you touch her from head to toes.


You can get her to hold your hand to guide you on where and how she likes to be touched. If there is a particular area she likes you to spend more time on, she can hold your hand to keep you from wandering to somewhere else. If she likes you to give you a little more pressure on a particular spot, she can squeeze your hand a little harder to signal you. It will be better if you can get her to masturbate in front of you so you can observe how she likes to be stimulated.


You need to keep her comfortable and the environment should be conducive for sex. The place for having sex should not smell and look more like a storeroom. What I mean by giving her tender loving care is you need to be patient in your time and effort on foreplay. Do not act desperate by immediately aiming for her love canal. Instead start with the non-sexual areas to create some anticipation and suspense so that when you finally reach for the final objective, she will be begging for you to proceed.


To distract her from any possible anxieties, encourage her to fantasize. You can start the ball rolling by reading her an erotic story to let her mind wander. One area which you cannot miss if you want her to reach orgasm is to stimulate her clitoris using your fingers, mouth, tongue, the tip of your “little brother”, or even a vibrator. If she is over 40, she probably needs extra help from lubricants.


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