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You can do anything but do not get caught. The same applies to having sex in public places. You know you should not be doing this, but the joy of not being caught, can be very arousing to you and her. This is like eating a forbidden fruit. Here a few places you can consider to add some thrill to your sex life


(1)   Multi-storey car park


Go and look for a multi-storey car park and then station your car as high up and further away from the exit as you can. Next, you recline the passenger seat to give both of you a lot of space and comfort. If your car uses leather seats, do lay a blanket on the seat so that your skin and hers do not stick to the seat. The woman-on-top sex position should be quite fun under this situation.


(2)   Storeroom


This should be quite an unusual place to have sex with a little privacy. You usually do not get to have many visitors coming to the storeroom. The best sex position for making love in the storeroom is the standing doggie.


(3)   Conference room


It is usually quite spacious with great views. The tables are usually of perfect height for her to bend over and allow you to penetrate her from behind. Or, you can get her to lie on the table facing you with her buttocks near to the edge of the table and her 2 legs resting on your shoulders and you enter her. A perfect time will be after office hours so you can avoid the cleaning personnel or other colleagues who may barge in. Just be careful of the security cameras too.


(4)   Fitting room in the department store


Next time when you accompany her to the department store, go and look for a fitting room that has door. You follow her into the fitting room when she picks/chooses some clothes to try on. It will be ideal if you can choose a department store on higher floors so that there is lesser human traffic than the one locating at the ground floor.


(5)   Public toilet


Choose one at higher floors. Avoid the early morning (near to the starting of office hours) and early afternoon (just 1-2 hours after lunch time) periods so that you will not be disturbed by the hardworking cleaning lady.


(6)   Beach


How about making love under the moon and the stars and the sky? Does this sound romantic to you? Best time will be after midnight till 2 am when most people should be sleeping.


(7)   Tent


Your girl may not be too comfortable having sex with you in the open. To put her at ease, you can pitch a tent and in this case, your choices of places will be more. It will be better not to pitch a tent too close to others if you do not want others to hear the moans of pleasure. But if there is no choice, but to pitch a tent near to someone else, switch on the radio when you are making love with her.


(8)   Elevator


It will be better if you can choose elevators which are used for delivering goods. Such elevators are likely to be spacious and seldom use as compared to those passenger elevators. The most ideal ones are those old and slow-moving ones and you can press the elevator to the highest floor to give you ample time to zip up your trousers after you are done. Avoid those time that you are likely to bump into delivery personnel. The best time should be after office hours or lunch time.


The above are the possible places (that I can think of at the moment) to consider if you want to add a little bit of fun and excitement to your sex life. If you can think of any, do write to me in the commentary box, so that other readers can have more naughty options to ponder on. Which places you eventually choose, do remember this is only for quickie sex. Want some additional ideas to spice up your sex life? Click on Hot Sex and Great Lover

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