How To Have Climax Together With Your Partner


Can a male and a female reach orgasm at the same time? If this is possible, how can you achieve simultaneous orgasm? In the following paragraphs, I will talk about the facts of simultaneous orgasm and how this can be possible.


Facts of Simultaneous Orgasm


A lot of people, especially younger women think that couples should generally ‘come together’. When their love lives do not work out to expectations, you will hear them saying things like, “Something must be wrong with me because I cannot come at the same time as my boyfriend and he is quite upset about this.”


The truth is while having simultaneous orgasm is nice, they are difficult to achieve, especially when you are young. Having orgasm at the same time is unlikely to happen for a ‘one night stand’ or a short-term fling, unless both are experts in sexual stimulation. Quite a lot of younger men have problems in controlling their own ejaculation, which is another reason for the not so ‘harmonious’ sexual relationship among younger couples.


So, is simultaneous orgasm possible? Of course it is. But this is more likely to occur in a close and loving relationship, where the partners have been together for years and both know each other’s sexual responses well.


Why is simultaneous orgasm so difficult?


When people talk about having orgasm at the same time, they actually think this is supposed to happen during intercourse. The truth is a woman can achieve orgasm with/without a man. For many women, getting orgasm is a lot easier without men because it is less or not stressful at all. A woman can easily bring herself to orgasm when she masturbates by stimulating her clitoris. For a woman to get orgasm during intercourse is not impossible. But it is a little bit more difficult for a lot of women. This is the first reason behind the difficulty in getting simultaneous orgasm.


Even if a woman can reach climax during intercourse, there is this problem of her partner not able to time his ejaculation with her orgasm. This is especially so for guys with premature ejaculation problem. This is the second reason behind the difficulty in getting simultaneous orgasm.


How to increase your chance of getting simultaneous orgasm?


(1)   Learn how to make her orgasm


This requires you in learning how to stimulate her clitoris effectively using your fingers and adopting sexual positions to increase the chances of rubbing against her clitoris. You use your fingers to stroke the areas around her clitoris before moving directly to it when she is near to climax. When you are both ready to ‘come’, you can ask her to go on top of you. Or, you can adopt this improved missionary position by getting her legs clamped tightly together against her stomach and you enter her. To make her more comfortable in this position, you can get her a love cushion to be placed under her pelvis region.


(2)   Help her to get multiple orgasms


The wonderful thing about female orgasm is a woman’s ability to have more than one orgasm during each lovemaking session. Moreover, a woman’s orgasm threshold drops after her first one, so it is often easier to bring her to climax through penetration after she already had one. In other words, the chances of getting simultaneous orgasms are higher when she orgasms for the 2nd, 3rd or 4th time.


What you can do here is to make her orgasm during oral sex and bring her to climax during penetration. Or, you can stimulate her clitoris and G-spot to reach multiple orgasms. A woman’s ability to reach multiple orgasms increases with age usually after when she hit 40. This underlies the fact that simultaneous orgasms are a lot easier for couples who have been together for a long time in a loving relationship and who know each other’s erogenous zones well.


(3)   Learn how to control male ejaculation time


If a man has premature ejaculation problem, he can train the timing of his orgasm by way of practicing the start-and-stop masturbation. He masturbates himself to the point of reaching ejaculation, and then stops for 5 seconds to ‘cool down’ before he resumes stimulating himself. He gradually increases the number of times he does the start-and-stop action to 6 during each subsequent masturbation practice. There is also a greater tendency for men to have better control over their ejaculation as they get older.


For many couples, simultaneous orgasm is not going to happen on a regular basis. But if you and your partner want to enjoy simultaneous orgasm, it can be done. All it requires is a lot of patience and determination. Your love life can always get better with the right knowledge and the correct attitude. If you need more tips to spice your sex life, you can click on Hot Sex and Great Lover

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